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As i continue to grow up, every moment, each hour, every day, each month and  every year, i have seen my perception of marriages changing from a unification of two souls to mere business transactions. Ok he is rich, perfect, marry him, he can feed me for the rest of my lives. Financial security is important but is it so important ?. I have seen relatives boasting about the rich amount of dowry they get, about the quantity of gold their daughter in law has brought from her house. Even i used to think, cool man, get married and be rich, life is set. You grow mature with age though and realize that life is just not about materialistic comforts, its sometimes much more than that, even the richest men and women have lived their life in misery and loneliness. Marriage has bought misery to many rather than happiness and the lives of many have been screwed. Companionship for name sake and loneliness for the rest of your lives along with a dose of mental abuse and sometimes physical as well. A…


No more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand
abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty. A
great poet has correctly stated this universal truth through these lines: 
"I bargained with Life for a penny, 
And Life would pay no more, 
However I begged at evening 
When I counted my scanty store. .
"For Life is a.just employer,
He gives you what you ask, 
But once you have set the wages, 
Why, you must bear the task. 
"I worked for a menial's hire,
Only to learn, dismayed, 
That any wage I had asked of Life, 
Life would have willingly paid."

TLC - Tender Loving Care

Behind every person you meet, there could be a bleeding heart. Many of those hearts are looking for a shoulder to cry on, and a hand to wipe their tears. They are not looking for handouts. they are NOT looking for sympathy. They just want some to listen to their stories, without interrupting or making JUDGEMENTS. What they badly need is TLC --- Tender Loving Care. It is very easy to judge, without knowing what is behind the tears we just witnessed. There are people out there who for one reason or the other, are sad, alone, and spend many nights in their homes, behind locked doors, and in need of comfort. Once again, they are NOT looking for FREE STUFF.... they just need someone to say...... something like ..." Please do not cry....God will take care of U."

Someday the Flirting would go real and you shall know, its Love

She is poetic, so majestic with her words and every time I talk to her, the conversation always gets romantically intellectual.
A beautiful soul she is, she does know how to express the beautiful mess that keeps going within her.
She is a natural flirt and during one of our conversations,
She asked me, I flirt good, don’t I but I am still single, why so. Ain’t this a grave injustice to me.
I said, yes correct what you say but there is a twist.
She said, yes what.
I said, its great, you are still single, you haven’t been into casual relationships, they are more harmful than beneficial to you.
She said, well that’s true.
I then said, but there is another twist I said.
She said, and what’s that.
There was curiosity in her tone.
I said, one day shall come a guy, whose flirts would be filled with true feelings, his words would be heavy weighing with true emotions.
Like those heavy clouds during monsoons and rains would happen.
And you both would be wet.

My Half Girlfriend

I was there sitting at her house, talking to her.  We were good friends, very good friends, and just to confirm that we are friends and not lovers, let me tell you two things, so that you have no doubt about our relation :-
1)She was standing at her gate waiting for me, wearing a t-shirt and pajama and no makeup. And above that she was wearing a weird sweater. If I had been her boyfriend, she would have wore something sexy isn’t it.
2)Her hairs were shabby, even though she had made a pony and looking at her, I could make out, she hadn’t taken a shower . I also thought, shit why did I take a bath in this cold weather. If she had been my girlfriend, at least she should have cared to take a shower.
Ok, coming back to the story, so she was sweet, simple and cute. Her smile was her best asset that reflected her innocence, I liked her. even though she was a bit weird, did things that were beyond my understandings but she was a good human being and cared for people around her. couple of days ag…


In the night as I was sprawling back home, I met a dog. I asked him, hey dude, chilling out today. The dog replied, what it has to do with you, go home. I asked, this days, in the night hours, you don’t roam around in our neighborhood. Don’t you bark this days, every time you see a man with questionable intentions, someone who is suspicious in his actions, don’t you know the cases of stealth and robbery have increased in our neighborhood. People will question your credibility now buddy, the image of dogs is at stake. Dog whispered within, look at this piece of ass, doesn’t do his work properly and advising others to be aware of their responsibilities. The dog said, you seem to be so full of knowledge and your tongue is not a bit tired shooting all those hypocritic words of wisdom. Seven days ago, I had come to your house, I saw your wife smiling outside the house. I felt happy looking happy at her and thought to myself, today I will surely get some bread to eat. Thirty minutes passed …


As I was chanting the rosary last night, I had a vision, a strange vision, I saw a man lying in darkness, and heaps of depression, he was there in a room and there was darkness, the atmosphere was sadistic it seemed like he was frustrated, he seemed dull and his shadow looked weak, as I saw him from a different world, I could get the vibes, he no longer wished to live, he wished to kill himself. I really didn’t quite understand what was going in my mind, why was I seeing all this, I stood where I was and with confusions, in my mind I saw him getting broken mentally, the mental turmoil was taking a toll on him. I could go through the thoughts in his mind, it read, you don’t deserve to live, you are a waste, you have disappointed everyone, you have got no hope left, you are such a scum, kill yourself, at least your dear ones would be happy after that, they will be free of at least a problem from their lives. I was like no dude, just hold on and so seriously wanted to help him. Here I wa…

As the cold wind blew, We embraced each other

I was sitting on a terrace of mood swings and terrible loneliness, depression was their in the clouds and everything around looked dull. Those shots of alcohol last night and a night devoid of sleep had drained my energy. My friends had left, my parents were far away and the feeling of emptiness was terrible, my mood was swirling into depressive imaginations, my eyes would have burst into tears but my mind was dumb, I sat there motionless thinking about the troubles that lied in the womb of future, that moment I was living my fears. What if I failed, I had failed so many times, I had fallen so many times, there were scars all over my heart, body and soul. The terrace was cold and I shivered every time, a cold wind blew through those wounds. I felt weak, I felt guilty, I felt troubled, my mind was burdened with mistakes and sins. I raised my eyes and I saw the moon and piercing through the clouds, moonlight came and sat beside me. I felt a bit good and wished to hold her hands, but res…