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As i continue to grow up, every moment, each hour, every day, each month and  every year, i have seen my perception of marriages changing from a unification of two souls to mere business transactions. Ok he is rich, perfect, marry him, he can feed me for the rest of my lives. Financial security is important but is it so important ?. I have seen relatives boasting about the rich amount of dowry they get, about the quantity of gold their daughter in law has brought from her house. Even i used to think, cool man, get married and be rich, life is set. You grow mature with age though and realize that life is just not about materialistic comforts, its sometimes much more than that, even the richest men and women have lived their life in misery and loneliness. Marriage has bought misery to many rather than happiness and the lives of many have been screwed. Companionship for name sake and loneliness for the rest of your lives along with a dose of mental abuse and sometimes physical as well. A…


In the night as I was sprawling back home, I met a dog. I asked him, hey dude, chilling out today. The dog replied, what it has to do with you, go home. I asked, this days, in the night hours, you don’t roam around in our neighborhood. Don’t you bark this days, every time you see a man with questionable intentions, someone who is suspicious in his actions, don’t you know the cases of stealth and robbery have increased in our neighborhood. People will question your credibility now buddy, the image of dogs is at stake. Dog whispered within, look at this piece of ass, doesn’t do his work properly and advising others to be aware of their responsibilities. The dog said, you seem to be so full of knowledge and your tongue is not a bit tired shooting all those hypocritic words of wisdom. Seven days ago, I had come to your house, I saw your wife smiling outside the house. I felt happy looking happy at her and thought to myself, today I will surely get some bread to eat. Thirty minutes passed …


As I was chanting the rosary last night, I had a vision, a strange vision, I saw a man lying in darkness, and heaps of depression, he was there in a room and there was darkness, the atmosphere was sadistic it seemed like he was frustrated, he seemed dull and his shadow looked weak, as I saw him from a different world, I could get the vibes, he no longer wished to live, he wished to kill himself. I really didn’t quite understand what was going in my mind, why was I seeing all this, I stood where I was and with confusions, in my mind I saw him getting broken mentally, the mental turmoil was taking a toll on him. I could go through the thoughts in his mind, it read, you don’t deserve to live, you are a waste, you have disappointed everyone, you have got no hope left, you are such a scum, kill yourself, at least your dear ones would be happy after that, they will be free of at least a problem from their lives. I was like no dude, just hold on and so seriously wanted to help him. Here I wa…

As the cold wind blew, We embraced each other

I was sitting on a terrace of mood swings and terrible loneliness, depression was their in the clouds and everything around looked dull. Those shots of alcohol last night and a night devoid of sleep had drained my energy. My friends had left, my parents were far away and the feeling of emptiness was terrible, my mood was swirling into depressive imaginations, my eyes would have burst into tears but my mind was dumb, I sat there motionless thinking about the troubles that lied in the womb of future, that moment I was living my fears. What if I failed, I had failed so many times, I had fallen so many times, there were scars all over my heart, body and soul. The terrace was cold and I shivered every time, a cold wind blew through those wounds. I felt weak, I felt guilty, I felt troubled, my mind was burdened with mistakes and sins. I raised my eyes and I saw the moon and piercing through the clouds, moonlight came and sat beside me. I felt a bit good and wished to hold her hands, but res…


In the beginning was Word and the word was with God and the word was God. – St John 1:1

This verse from the gospel of St John is enough to prove the power of word. Words are powerful because the words you write, the words you say express your thoughts within. They affect the people around you, they inspire your very own surroundings. Words have the power to inspire; they have the power to motivate the weakest souls, to break the strongest hearts, to heal the broken wounds. Words are double edge swords, they can make you fall in love, They can make you fall out of love. They are soothing, so are they hurting. I do wish to spread love, a lot of love but I am a mortal man, I may fall down at times, I have my mood swings, I do go into depressions, I do feel weak and lonely at times, so rather than spreading love I would say, Issac would write his heart out, writing out those strong emotions that bombard his heart. 

As this Day is the first day of the year 2017, I wish to start the year on a…

Spread the word… it is CHRISTmas

CHRISTmas is in air. Wishes… carols and articles relating to CHRISTmas are continuously dropping in. But in this joyful and merry making time I end up arguing with people for the usage of Xmas instead of “CHRISTmas”. I hear so many clarifications defending their point. No that’s not wrong… Early Christians used… X is a Greek word which means Christ… it’s a shortcut… easy to type… and so much of blah..blah I have something to ask all who argue on this issue… Did your CHRIST use shortcuts to come down to Earth ?
Know that… like you… He could have used a shortcut. Did your CHRIST use shortcuts when His parents knocked every single door for little space for His birth ?
Know that… like you… He could have used a shortcut. Did your CHRIST use shortcuts while He walked to the Calvary ?
Know that… like you… He could have used a shortcut. Did your CHRIST use shortcuts as He was been crucified in order to save you and me from our sins ?
Know that… like you… He could have used a shortcut. What constructive th…


This year has been a learning year for me, a lot of lessons learnt, here are the top 12 for you :-
1) Time goes by like a puff of smoke - 

This year went like a flash, it seems like just yesterday, The new year celebrations were just over and now its almost 15 december, 10 days away from christmas and 16 days away from new year.

2) Life is hard and cruel once you step out of college - 

You have to earn your bread and butter, go through a lot of rejections, politics, selfishness, egos and still survive. No one will give you a single penny for free, that's when you realize your true self, the arrogant you is defeated and a humble persona is born.

3) School was much better, College is useless - 

School prepared you to take the big leap, to fly high, but time spent in college made me mediocre and strictly average. Even today what i studied in school comes handy but nevertheless the bachelors i did in microbiology, the masters i did in applied chemistry is no use to me, i believe the bachelo…


Last night she what sapped me a Pic, a picture of a deserted road covered with heavy fog, along with it she texted, so much fog here in Delhi, my goodness, early morning when i leave for work, not even a single thing is visible, its fog all around. Even the cab driver drives at 20kms on some roads.

I texted her, "huhhh, only if i were in Delhi, i would have made full use of the situation."
She texted, "full advantage of the situation, i mean how"
i answered,"being invisible in the fog, i would have touched you here and there, lol, ha ha ha ha"
She replied back, "ha ha ha ha, There was a reason, Why God destined you to take birth in Bhopal"