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Oh! Girl born on valentine's day

Oh Girl born on valentine's day
your beauty fascinates me,
Your brownish-black hairs so silky,
tingles my imagination,
Oh girl born on valentine's day,
your beauty fascinates me,
Oh Girl born on valentine's day
Your eyes filled with cunning innocence,
shine with love,
Your lips so very wet
dipped in a mixture of red and pink,
Oh girl born on valentine's day,
Your beauty is a reason to adore, 
And in the aftermath of these days,
We stay friends, I will make sure
Oh girl born on valentine's day
In my school days, I became a poet
And you were my first muse


Once upon a time in Bhopal the city of lakes...a guy from Xaviers...a gal from carmel met each other...bcame frends...n fooled themselves...d story goes lyk dis Anoop was randomly sending friend requests to all d beautiful gals dat came his way on Fb n one request went to evening a message came into his inbox hey do v know each other:/?. D guy replied na yaar, v don't know each other but we can know each other. There talks began..they discussed n shared info about each other.within three days they exchanged their numbers. After two days they talked about love n about der love interests. Both enquired about der previous life. Tina had two bfs in d past n Anoop was yet to open his account. The gal had witnessed a fresh breakup n shared her loneliness wid dis guy. Friendship flourished between both of dem. The guy was good in academics n d gal took keen interst in music n loved to take part in extra curricular activities. Flirting was der hobby. The only differe…