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Once upon a time there lived Alcohol in a big bottle. Sparkling in all its glory, it gleamed and shined in the night. A broken heart destroyed by the charms of a beautiful ladycame one day and opened the bottle. He poured the sparkling liquid into a shining glass. The glass and wine looked beautiful together but their love story was short lived as he gulped it down slowly slowly, peg by peg down his throat. He felt sober, he felt weird, he felt nausea tic. There was a cocktail of emotions forming inside him. His feelings came to brim and he puked them all out onto the three bottles that he emptied. Paintings emerged, on one the image of the girl he loved, on second the storms he was facing within and on third emerged the dark nights, he was going through. His friend captured them all and it became an art, a story, a memory, a masterpiece.


Seeing her Profile picture, I texted her, "My goodness, waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam".

She texted back,"haan sab kuch waqt hi karta hai"

I said," Kaash waqt ke saath hame ek dusre se pyaar ho jaaye".

She replied, "ha ha ha ha....Halwa hai kya..pyaar hona"

I said, " Nai, Besan ka ladoo hai pyaar, aadha tod ke, aadha ladoo tumhara, aadha mera ".

She said, "Hahaha ha, Good one...par mujhe ladoo nai pasand".

I asked, "dairy milk khaayegi"

She said, " Main meetha nai khaati".

I said, " edi ahankaari, Love chaiyaan tarilla, alledi".

She said, "Illa taratilla"

I said," ohho, wait and watch, love will break all barriers and seep into your heart".

She said," Achawww, dekhenge...poda".


I was planning a weekend party with a friend and during that conversation, he asked, Maal(Weed) maar skta hai. I was like, ya sure, why not. Smoking maal(weed) makes you high, ain't it. That's when something struck me, everytime we see a beautiful girl, we say, yaar maal lag rai hai. Why do we say so, may be because she makes you high at that particular moment, her beauty charms you at that particular moment and your mind gets obsessed with her for some minutes. Like weed controls your mind, a beautiful girl too controls you for may be some seconds, some minutes, some hours, some months, some years. It varies from person to person...... That was indeed a weird thought.....


When i first read about Captain America, i was like shit, what kinda hero is this. A weird costume and a shield, a shield!!!!!!!! a shield, is he a super hero from the times when Kings and queens ruled the world. Ok he is old some one from the world war era but he is not that old, to carry a shield, a special machine gun or something like a Thor's hammer would have looked much better. Even his powers seemed so ordinary and he seemed so out of place. I was like, abey ye bhi koi hero hai.

All this changed when i saw Avengers, seeing Chris evans portray Captain America. I was like, oh he isn't that bad. Infact he is quite cool in his own way. I liked Captain America for the first time and then i watched Avengers- AGE OF ULTRON, i liked him even more. He became more cooler, more stylish. His entry with that stylish bike leaved a lasting impression on me. Though, like everyone else, Iron man is my favorite but here comes a man who could challenge Tony Stark, who would always voice h…


I was clothed and happy
and you called it naked.
Everything I am,
you turned out
and called it clothing,
beautiful clothing.
I am not who I am.
I am us now, I am we.
I call you my destroyer,
you want me to call you love;
we settle in between


He said, i am sensitive to the degree of being unhealthy. Being so sensitive isn't good as it puts you at the mercy of big bad world, i am an extremist and my feelings are also extreme. i have this need to be liked, i hide my intelligence because i feel it alienates people. Most times, i play the fool because the FOOL is more likeable and relatable.-Ranveer Singh


It was my birthday a few days ago and I was celebrating it lying on my bed. High with fever and surviving all the body pain. I felt so weak from within as if I have been drained of all my energy. The temperature within rose at times, at times I used to shiver. It was a strange cacophony of miseries that I was going through, away from my home all alone. There was no mother to shower love on me, there was no sister to get medicines for me, there was no turmeric milk, no papa ka kaadha. I was all alone somehow barely managing to walk at times, even sitting for a few minutes seemed like an herculean task. All I could do was just lie, lie down and allowing my body to heal itself. I had no strength to consult a doctor. I just lay there constantly watching the whatsapp wishes flooding my phone. I attended the calls of my best friends as they wished me the best in life on my 25th birthday. Though I tried to sit up and check my facebook timeline, I collapsed as my back screamed with pain. I la…




I was going through the rack of books in one of the oldest libraries of the city, there was dust all around and the smell of surroundings gone old. I took book after book, read the first two pages and kept them back in the rack. Nothing was keeping me hooked until I met a book quite old in appearance, its pages had turned yellow and it seemed quite worn out. It seemed no one had read it for years, as I turned the pages, I discovered some of the most beautiful poetry I read in my whole life. It was divine, it was melodious, it was mesmerizing. I typed a few lines from one of those poems on my facebook timeline and posted it as my status and all this happened two years ago. Yesterday I was going through my facebook news feed, as I was going through the memories of the day, I again stumbled upon those beautiful lines, I copied it and posted those lines again. I had got four likes back then, now this time it was four times more than the last time….


There should be some poetry in life, conversing in those romantic couplets. There should be some music in life, singing those old melodious songs for each other. With a guitar in hand and love in heart There should be some coffee in life, some beautiful times sitting side by side, Talking to each other about nothing but something till eternity.....