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The Mother and the daughter

Once upon a time lived a girl with her parents, As she grew up, she fell in love with a man and eloped away with him. Her parents disowned her as she brought shame to her family. She started her new life with her hubby and lived happily, she became pregnant and bore a girl child. Her husband dumped her and left for he never wished to be faithful to her as he was done with her. He had enjoyed her to the fullest and now that it was time to take up responsibilities, he ran away.
At the other end, her parents were living a distraught life. Her father died after two years since the day she left. Her mother after living alone for a year thought of her daughter and thought of living the rest of her life with her. After continuous searching for months, she found her in the slums of a big metropolitan city, living with her few months old daughter. Her daughter was glad to meet her and welcomed her. As days went by the mother realized something has gone wrong with her daughter, as during the la…