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I am
weird and broken

I wonder
if I have real friends

I hear
the insults that make me want run

I see
my friends leaving me one by one

I want
to smile more naturally

I am
weird and broken

I pretend
to be okay

I feel
lonely as I see everyone pass by

I touch
the scars on my heart that never seem to fade away

I worry
that I'll be alone in the end

I cry
when I feel lonely and i feel as no one cares

I am
weird and broken

I understand
that you're worried

I say
"I'm fine"but in reality,I'm not

I dream
that I can finally get friends that will be my side,and not leave me in the end

I try
to make friends but they all slip away

I hope
that people who aren't on the internet will finally see through this facade

I am
weird and broken....


Yesterday she uploaded a pic of hers on face book in her office dress. I saw it and pressed the like button. I thought of pulling her leg. So I commented,” ha ha ha ha ha….woww..for a change you looking like my neighbour aunty. After around 10 minutes. My phone screen glowed. I checked it, she texted me on whatsapp, “ Acha so according to you, I am looking like an aunty and with this she added 3 angry look vaala smileys. I laughed aloud and texted her,”see you know na, I never lie so of course, if I am saying you look like an aunty..then of course you do babe. Then for a while there was silence. No reply….after a while I texted,”hey you had dinner”. No reply. I texted,”hey felt bad kya”. No reply…tension grew…I guess you slept..i texted again…no reply…her chat box was showing her online. I understood the joke had gone out of proportion. I panicked…but then I thought may be by morning she would be alright. So I just went and slept texting her good night.
When I woke up in the morning, I…


People say,
Good beats bad,
On and on again,
But Darkness always truly wins,
For the laws of order still apply,
Even after billions of years..
Murder and deceit occur,
Every second,
Every hour,
Every week,
And every year,
You Would think,
That man would go ahead,
Rather than rely on primitive creations like sin,
Humanity has fallen, into a bottomless black void....


Their eyes met, for a while they kept staring at each other.......Cherry didn't knew what to say...Newti was too excited to say something....Newti broke this uneasiness and said "Hiii". Cherry gave a smile and said Hii in return.

Can i sit here ? he asked.
of course you can, she said.
He said, hello baby, to the child sitting next to her, her facial features resembled to that of Cherry. She must be her child, he thought....same eyes, same smile and that same naughtiness...she is cute like her mother...he thought...
"So"...he said
"so what" she asked....
"Is she your child ?" He asked
No, child of Queen dumbo of course she is my child", she said

and they both laughed. The un easiness between them was slowly vaporising away. So you are a mother now, i should call you an Aunty right, ha ha ha ha ha. 

"Shut up.....that was a bad one, so tell me how's life ? what are you doing this days and i am surprised to find you here, so…


The Devil steps out of the darkness he created.
He checks his clock, looks around says,
"Someone will be hated."
He calls upon the ones he taught
to fill this world with hate.
He tells them to spread the word.
For this is the world's fate.

They pick a target, maybe someone like you.
Instill fear and guilt, that someone will do.
Their rage and hatred, will take your soul.
Above all the haters, will break your goal.

They target the weak and strong, it’s their game.
They twist up your life cause your not the same.
They mock and laugh, calling you names.
It’s time to get back at their messed up games.

First thing you do, is assess the situation.
Determine if you think there could be a confrontation.
Pull that inner strength, from deep inside.
There is no reason to run from pride.

Let them say what they will
One thing I will demand
Don’t stoop to their level
Or you’ll be under their command.

Ignore their digs and pokes, they think are funny.
Always remember The Land of Milk and Honey,
is not a place …


Cherry was totally heart broken. She realized the value of true love, true emotions. She understood how it feels when someone breaks your heart. How it feels when the person you trust more than yourselves betrays you. She cried, cried and cried but she was helpless. Her heart was filled with pain and eyes with tears but somehow she gathered courage and with her 2 year old baby girl  went back to her hometown to live with her parents. She took a job at a near by school as an english teacher. She knew Life had to move on...........

In this 5 years Newti's life was totally transformed from a middle class college boy to being a rich Man.he now had both money and fame. In this 5 years he had worked hard, really hard. The pain that life gave him made him work hard and harder. He was now a successful man...He was now a scientist working at CSIR....A job which is highly payed with other benefits and which earned him a lot of respect among people . At the age of 27, he was awarded the young…


There was guy called Newti. During his college days he loved a gal called Cherry. He loved her a lot and somewhere in his heart he had faith,he believed that someday he will get her. Someday she will be his own, only his. He dreamed that he will propose her with a rose in his hand and with a smile she will say yes. There will be hugs and kisses. He dreamed that like other lucky ones he will have his own love story and as for Cherry she was dangerously beautiful, having perfect features. She was the dream gal of many guys and Cherry knew it. She knew that how beautiful she was, she loved to flirt, she was a flirt.,and she had a long list of love relations, a long list of boyfriends and Newti was one of them but Cherry had a special place for Newti. Somewhere in her big heart Newti had found a place to stay in but she was a flirt and  she never saw the true emotions of Newti. As time passed there relation went on and a time came when Cherry's parents started finding a guy for there …


Well another hot topic posted on Indispire and that too in  a haan...

so topic is live in or marriage- which one is better.....i would say neither.....if you are living in with the wrong will just beat your head on the walls...and till the time, you are living with her..the only advantage you will have is that you can have sex with her...but you will regret that time spend with her...

if you get married to a wrong girl...then its a disaster....better commit suicide than dragging your life...or else divorce her....the wrong girl will kill you with her constant nagging...with her frequent complains and tantrums she will destroy the peace in your life....

so if you are hooked up with the wrong girl...then i would say a live in relationship is better than least getting rid of her would be much easier....ha ha ha ha..after you dump her there is high risk involved that she may charge you of raping her...of betraying you better don't have se…


A guy promised to love a girl for entire life. He gets married with her. He loved his wife truly for his entire life till the day she died. She was killed by a gangster. That gangster then becomes a good guy because of falling in true love. He gets busy in his happy life. But the man who's wife got murdered by that gangster gets mental and decides to ruin gangster's life. He kidnaps the gangster's girlfriend and then he kills her. The man who got mental is a Ritesh Deshmukh and the gangster and his girlfriend are Sidharth Malhotra and Shradha kapoor from Ek Villain....

Hope this imagination is true....:-D


She was heartbroken, going through a post break-up phase. It was easy for me to seduce her, easy for me to make her fall in love with me and after little bit of wooing and chasing her. She was finally mine. We came close...very close. We were in a relation now, dating each other with intensity, crossing levels of intimacy with each passing day. But somewhere i knew, i had to leave her, i had to betray her. I was just using her for my physical and emotional needs. I was determined to leave her one day.....but then what i never expected happened.....she stopped receiving my calls....she had left me....leaving me was quite painful because she had hurt my male ego....and when ego gets feel low..very low.....

I then came to know, the Love of her life came back....Her boyfriend...her hero came back in her life and she was glad to accept him....kicking me out of her was not me but it was she who was using me as an emotional support....she was the one w…


Yesterday i was reading the very famous book, "The adventures of Tom sawyer" written by the very famous writer Mark twain. Though i had read that book several times in my school days but still to read again gave me great pleasure . Yesterday my sister had issued that book from her school library, so i got a golden chance to turn the pages of it once again. 

What i liked the most apart from those adventures.....was the relationship of Tom sawyer and Becky Thatcher. Their relationship had that fresh essence of school romance...that innocence in those early teen days when a boy and girl played together with attraction towards each other hidden in their hearts, when having sex didn't matter, when physical attraction never existed....just smiling and blushing worked wonders...those were cute days....days of making promises that could never be fulfilled...

Tom sawyer and becky thatcher reminded me, of how innocent people could be...

here is the timeline of what happens between To…


I don't call myself an angel,
nor judge others in my path,
I am a child of God
and very proud of that.
I write what's in my heart
never to hurt anyone,
only to share who I am
and celebrate who I've
I've stumbled just like you,
perfection may never be mine,
a mortal soul born to this life,
I'll follow God's will till
the end of time........


I have a crush on him for seven long years and i am still waiting for him. I don't know if its true love or not but still i cherish to be with him but i understand his situation....time is not right for us to fall in love.....

His Dad died, he is the only left in the family. He has to achieve something big in his life. He has a sister to look after, so his life is more complicated than me. So i don't really want his mind to go off somewhere else...especially into something like love. So i hide my feelings. I just love to look at him and smile like a baby and it makes me happy.

But it hurts because i don't get to hear words like baby...sweetheart. No one to care for like a husband share my feelings with...complexities of his life will never end and i don't want to make it any more. So i just wish to see him everyday......i will wait for him..he is worth it....because in midst, i made a mistake, i fell for a wrong guy and i regret every moment spend with him…


“Be careful if you make a women cry, because God counts her tears. The woman came out of a man’s ribs. Not from his feet to be walked on, not from his head to be superior, but from his side to be equal, under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved.” 
― Matthew Henry


Galliyan......mujhko tadpaave teri galliyan...what a wonderful track it that touches your soul....specially the flute that is played in the background.....i must have listened to it a thousand times..i keep rehearsing the song everytime i get a lonely place and some free time.....when i am riding my bike...when i am having a shower..i keep singing it....and my voice shivers singing it.... Hats off to Ankit tiwari to sing this song so beautifully....he exercises great control over his vocal chords and his style of singing.....really too good. I loved his voice in Aashiqui 2 when he sung the song, "SUNN RAHA HAI NA TU". But what came as a shock was when in the news i saw him getting arrested for rape charges....a shocker it was....A man so exceptional could he commit such a grave crime....

It kept me thinking and triggered a chain of thoughts in my mind.....does many persons live in a same person...are there many minds ruling a…


Well two days ago it was Happy Father's day...a day dedicated to all Fathers  who play a big role in bringing up their children by paying up all their expenses...Fathers who protect them and secure them from every trouble that comes in the path of their children. Father's may not be hyped like Mothers are but they are equally important to bring up a child.

My relation with my Dad has seen lot many ups and downs. From my childhood days, i have feared him. I still do. I feared him may be because of the thrashing i used to get for every mistake i used to do or may be because i had immense respect for him. As i grew up, there used to be heated arguments between us...our thoughts never matched on anything......and with time the gap between us we rarely talk..but still he pays all my bills...loves me..even though he cannot express but i know he cares.....and i respect him for that...he is just a bit over possessive...

My Mother and my relatives always used to tell me,…


Well what i wrote in my first post is what i was taught in my moral science classes in school and what the The Holy BIBLE says about virginity and i had included my personal views too...because the post was getting too long...i had to cut it short....well here is the follow-up of my previous post...the thoughts i left i go...

Well suppose, i am in love with a girl.....i am talking about love not marriage because i don't believe in the concept of arrange getting back to the point..ok i am madly in love with her....crazy for her and then one day i come to know, "THAT SHE IS NOT A VIRGIN".Oh my God,  she is impure...she has betrayed me....what will i do then, 
should i shoot her, 
stab her to death,
throw her out of my life. 

NOT at all....i cannot and i will not do anything that i mentioned above....why so ? simply because of the fact that i love her and that reason is enough for me to hold her hands. I never fell for her checking her virginity…


The greatest gift that a man can give his bride on their wedding night is his purity. It says to her, “You are so special and our marriage is so special that I kept myself for you.” Any girl would be thrilled with a husband like that!
The greatest gift a bride can give to her husband on her wedding night is her purity. Keep it for the right person and the right time. The right person is the one you marry, and the right time is your wedding night. Well the above two para say it all. Virginity is important, Its our character certificate. Not only WOMEN but MEN TOO.....Every young person is given a priceless gift—his or her virginity. You can give this gift to only one person and you can give it only one time....Lets put it in this way... Suppose a wealthy relative gave you a very expensive jewel.It was the most beautiful diamond you had ever seen! It was priceless! This exceedingly valuable gift was given to you with the understanding that sometime in your life, you would have the privileg…


Against all odds here I am
a whisper of hope
part of God's plan.
Each day he grants me,
I've learned to give praise,
in joy or sorrow as he
lights my way.
Tomorrow I'll never claim
as mine,
but today I'll cherish till
the end of time..............


Staring in the dark blue sky
Letting the silent tears fall as I fly.
you teared my heart apart
but I still wish for you...

No matter what I do
The pain never seems to stop
The more I try to forget you,
the more my heart regrets...

Everything you said
I wish to forget just by staring in the eyes of the moon.....


At times one listens with a mind both paranoid and wary
Loud, obnoxious sounds unkind; a burdened load to carry
Practicality will scream with rational discord
Scattered are the timid dreams which softly strike a chord

"No way, no how, it could not be. Your thinking is all wrong"
The blinded mind will lie so you can't hear the purest song
One listens with a mind content to tear a dream apart
Be still in trust; you'll hear the quiet whispers of the heart.....


There are somethings in life..
we can all do without.
Like a frustrating day..
and people who shout.

There are many times..
we can pass things by.
Not even notice..
the beauty inside.

There are blessings
that aren't counted.
There are dreams
that are forgotten.
Like a heart's soft beat..
enveloped in cotton.

I try to take notice..
didn't mean to imply..
but there are many things in life..
that simply pass us by.

..but there are things that stand out..
that God make's us see.
Like a light bulb moment..
the sway of a tree.

I have traveled this road.
I try to pay attention.
There's just one last thing..
I forgot to mention.

The touch of his hand.
Her eyes opened wide.
Love in your heart.
A feeling of pride.

..But YOU'RE the first thing that I notice..
It isn't hard to construe..
..because I simply LOVE the way..
You too!