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As i guided my bike through busy roads, i had a smile on my face and happiness in my heart, my mind was filled with bliss such that even the traffic around seemed like a beautiful cacophony. Everything around was so calm, so slow, so blurred and i could imagine you. The night went by was beautiful, may be it was the moonlight or it were you, both seem same. I was smiling, i know that.

As i reached my office, i scribbled something thinking of you. 

You texted me, what is love.I thought for a while and said, i don't know exactly but may be its something like this and i texted you the scribble i wrote for you, 

"I keep thinking of you whole day, but last night was something different, even in my sleep, i was awake with you, even with my closed eyes, i could see your smiling face, my heart rejoiced with love, i felt so good, so wonderful and even in deep slumber i smiled, yes i think so thinking of you "

May be its something like this i said.......

Those 10 rs made all the difference

Many a times out of nowhere  in our troubled hours, someone comes to our rescue and saves us. In those dire hours, when we are all lost, about to lose, deep rooted in despair, someone comes from nowhere and blesses you that very moment when you needed a blessing the most. No one is immune to problems, we all go through it, but like problems are unexpected, so are people who suddenly come into our lives as the good samaritan, give a guest appearance and go. We all somewhere in our lives must have came across a situation, when a good samaritan came to your rescue and saved the day. It can be anyone, that unknown stranger who lifted you up during an accident, that someone who gave you left a lift when the journey was too far, that someone who complimented you when you were going through a bad day, that someone who gave seat to your mother when she was standing in the bus sweating in pain. Sometimes those moments transform your whole life, you were on the verge of destruction but somtimes…


Jai was a good boy, Priya was a good girl. Jai and Priya became friends. Jai was busy fetching water for Priyadoing her assignments.laughing at her every silly joke.Then Rocky the bad guy came along. He was charming. Apart from Priya, he was friends with Ria, Dia, Kia, Piya and Tia. Rocky played Hockey. He was a Player. Rocky was busy: driving fastdancing fasterbeing the dudePriya fell for Rocky’s charm. Jai was not just friend-zoned, he was slave-zoned, ignore-zoned, timepass-zoned. Rocky enjoyed Priya’s attention until he was ready to move on to Jiya. Heartbroken Priya asks this question to Jai: “Where have all the good guys gone?” Jai smiled. Jai was invisible. Don’t Be Jai. Don’t be Rocky. Don’t be Priya. Be Yourself.
- Jitender s bhatia

Because when you be yourself, you will find your partner for sure as life moves on. You just have to be patient and give life a chance, gie destiny a chance to prove itself. Keep your self esteem high always, fall for priya if she respects you, fall for rocky if…


As i continue to grow up, every moment, each hour, every day, each month and  every year, i have seen my perception of marriages changing from a unification of two souls to mere business transactions. Ok he is rich, perfect, marry him, he can feed me for the rest of my lives. Financial security is important but is it so important ?. I have seen relatives boasting about the rich amount of dowry they get, about the quantity of gold their daughter in law has brought from her house. Even i used to think, cool man, get married and be rich, life is set. You grow mature with age though and realize that life is just not about materialistic comforts, its sometimes much more than that, even the richest men and women have lived their life in misery and loneliness. Marriage has bought misery to many rather than happiness and the lives of many have been screwed. Companionship for name sake and loneliness for the rest of your lives along with a dose of mental abuse and sometimes physical as well. A…


The clock showed 3 pm and i was feeling quite tired, lethargic you can say. I felt a strong urge from within to have tea, now tea is something like a magic potion for me. Everytime my mind gets stuck in a mess of thoughts, i go down to the basement, to our canteen, have a glass of tea and i come back. Tea has a soothing effect, its meditation, you can call it "THE CAFFEINE MEDITATION". I say this because as i take sips of this hot, sweet, creamy magic potion, i sort out those cobwebs formed in my mind, mind gets calmer as thoughts that were formed like clouds in the sky, they pour down and water trickles through the valleys of my soul. Once i empty few cups, i see a clear sky within, the sun is shining and i can see a rainbow in the sky, o yes that was something i was looking for. This was the idea i was looking for.

O Yes i forgot, its 3 o clock, time to have some hot cups of tea.  I walk down through the stair case and see my boss coming up, he sees me and with a smiling fa…


Someone who works really hard every day to earn his bread and butter, those greasy hands tell you a tale of a day full of labour. He is a mechanic who toils hard every day for a living. No formal education, no parties, no hangouts, no girl chasing,  he has every reason to be unhappy, he has so many things to nag about, about not so cool life. But he is smiling, just see the joy on his face, ain't it mesmerizing.

A dog who was starving and was hungry came to him, he didn't shooe it away instead took some time and bought a packet of biscuit for the poor soul. Feeding it gave him a sense of joy and we all call it the joy of giving. His smile says its all, one selfless act will always give you a sense of joy, a sense of fulfillment. Everytime you feed a hungry, you are nourishing your starving soul. Let's spread happiness, let's spread joy and make this world a better place to live in.


There was a post on facebook “Since sex got easier to get, love got harder to find”, a quote that drew my attention. I kept thinking about it and felt curious about it, I forwarded this quote to my friends and got a good collection of thoughts, opinions, and perceptions. Here are some of them:-
1) Maybe, I think people find no difference between love, infatuation, attraction or whatever they call it.
2)Hmmm, its all bullshit, sex is not the only need between sincere lovers.
3)People do so much sex this days that sex has lost its importance like it was making love isn’t it, now its just sex, the love part is gone. All are lust driven and there ain’t any love. After being physical throughout their relationship, when they get married. What is left to explore and it’s after marriage they realize the real face of their better half, for before marriage they were too busy into each other to look at each other.
4)No, I don’t think so you always have a choice to choose. If you want sex, you get it…


It was a hot evening, City was going through the trauma of hot summer. The evening breeze was still hot and we could feel the heat. Me and my roomies were sitting in our hall. They were busy in their laptops doing their work, I was busy on my phone chatting with a friend. After a while, I went to the kitchen, in the kitchen was kept a half filled bottle of rum. I took it in my hands and stared at it. I gave it a shake and the liquid in it sparkled giving me a childish joy within. I took the bottle and went into the hall and sat before my friends, they looked at me quite amazed. They stared at me for some seconds till I asked them, what happened never seen a liquor bottle in your life? They were taken aback. With widened eyes and exclamation on their face, they asked me, you are making a peg now, dude see the time, can’t you wait for some couple of hours. I smirked and said, such narrow minded people, such small thinking.
I took the bottle and poured some ml of liquid in the lid as my r…


She was coming after a hard day in school, the day was quite tiring. She took six periods today and children as usual were at their annoying best. To control a class of fifty odd small kids was a tough job and she did that everyday. Though her job demanded a lot of patience, a lot of perseverance. Teaching this tiny souls was something she loved to do, this kids were her life, there endless energy kept her alive and made her life a bliss. So she never complained. It was awesome with them.

it was almost 2.45 in the afternoon as she reached the main gate of her colony, everyday she had to change three autos to get back home and it was quite tiring. She had already planned an afternoon nap in the back of her mind, as she entered her house, it was around 3 in the afternoon. As she unlocked the door and went in, something fell on her. It was some paper strips kept on the curtain. She thought it must be her sister, she must have been doing something, might be cleaning the house. She switched…