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I Asked her," SHALL WE GET NAKED", She said,"PODA CHERKA"

We were sitting together with her arms around mine, and my arms around her. She was talking about something about her argument with her best friend and as usual like an ideal boyfriend i had to listen to that stupid stuff. But with each passing moment i was getting horny...i was getting those erotic feelings... because she was with me…so close…so near and her body odour………her smell……..damn was so seductive...that i could not resist myself. I was caressing her hair, kissing her forehead, i was trying my best to console her but she was going on like a tape recorder. She was un stoppable and here I was getting an erection. The torture was getting unbearable for me but she was like lost in her own world carrying on with her story that how her best friend is acting like a bitch and how mean she is and all that stupid stuff…useless talks…………I couldn’t even dare to say,” will you please shut up” because after saying that she won’t even allow me to touch her. So I couldn't take that huge …


Oh my Lord my christ in the holy bible verse MATTHEW(5:44) you said"But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. 

Now how is this actually possible when every time you forgive, your enemy comes back just to destroy break you into insult you. You keep forgiving but they are adamant to destroy you....Lord what should i do...should i wait for them to destroy me...every time they make a mockery of me should i stay mumb....should i stay quiet when they insult me.......

Lord in Luke 6:29 you say, If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them.

If someone slaps me, and rather than hitting him back if i show him my cheek, he would think i am weak. He would punch me hard...he would kick me....beat me till i am half dead just to show that he is so powerful than me. He will vent all his anger...his frustration on me....would you like that injured me who …


Dr. William jones was a great surgeon. One of the best In his fields. He was a life saver and had saved many lives from going into the mouth of DEATH but he was an atheist and never believed that there was an all powerful being called God. He never left any opportunity to ridicule God, to make fun of people who believed that there is God above.

Every time Dr. William Jones did a successful operation, he used to write on a black board, " God is dead " and he used to put his signature below it.  He did it consistently to show off that he is the Saviour not God.

One Night he was travelling back Home, he met with accident. An unknown entity came in front of him and to avoid a clash, he turned the car towards the right only to be crashed into a nearby tree. He kept bleeding...he kept shouting for help...but on that lonely road there was no one. Blood was flowing profusely out of his body. So was his life......He died on the spot. The saviour of many Lives could not save his own lif…


The very first time i saw the trailer of Ek Villain, i knew i am definately not going to miss this one. It was a must watch for me. I Don't know why but something was attracting me towards this movie. The curiosity of what is the story,who is the villain and its melodious songs made me crazy for this movie. And after reading the review of Mohar basu from, i knew that i cannot afford to miss this one. I finally Got some free time and went with a friend of mine to watch it this monday .

The movie even though was not upto my expectations. It was the same case like if i say i expected 80% in my exams but just got 75%  but still you are happy with your marks. I liked the movie infact i loved it. Brooding anger, depression, pain of being insulted, violence, darkness, love, romance, the urge to do something for your dear one, Ek villain had it all especially those deep dark emotions that we all have deep within ourselves. There is a beast in all of us. There is a killer in all …


Well first of all, i really don't understand this debate of traditions and modernity because neither am i a strong supporter of  age old traditions neither am i an activist who boasts loudly of modern life style. 

I just want to say one thing and that is live life in your own way, in your own unique style. God has made you different from others, so follow what your heart says. Why discriminate habits or customs of being old or traditional. If you like something, do it. Why think about what people would say. Your life and you are the boss buddy. Wear what you want to, Value things that you like.

Its not about traditions, its not about being modern. Its about you, your life. Ask yourself "THAT WHAT I AM GOING TO DO, DO I ACTUALLY LIKE IT". If the answer is positive, go ahead and do it. Never try to copy others, bring out your own style.

Like sometimes i feel is it necessary to cut a cake every time when we celebrate a birthday of someone. We can try something different like c…


She came in my dream when I was asleep, when I was at rest with my eyes closed. When I woke up in the morning, she was not there, I searched her, I searched for the dream in the sheets of bed, under the bed but she was not there. I cannot believe it- Just a moment before she was here, so beautiful, so real and suddenly she is not found at all and there is no way to find her.

She only appeared, she was not a reality, she was just a dream. I got awake and she disappeared. Nothing happens to the dream, nothing happened. It was never there in the first place. I was asleep that’s why she was there. I woke up and couldn’t find her. Simply the girl disappeared and there seems to be no possibility to find her. There is only one possibility, If I fall asleep again only then only I could meet her….May be in my dreams…..Because months have passed by after we broke up.....but i am not able to get over meet her again is not love her again is not possible...