I Asked her," SHALL WE GET NAKED", She said,"PODA CHERKA"

We were sitting together with her arms around mine, and my arms around her. She was talking about something about her argument with her best friend and as usual like an ideal boyfriend i had to listen to that stupid stuff. But with each passing moment i was getting horny...i was getting those erotic feelings... because she was with me…so close…so near and her body odour………her smell……..damn was so seductive...that i could not resist myself. I was caressing her hair, kissing her forehead, i was trying my best to console her but she was going on like a tape recorder. She was un stoppable and here I was getting an erection. The torture was getting unbearable for me but she was like lost in her own world carrying on with her story that how her best friend is acting like a bitch and how mean she is and all that stupid stuff…useless talks…………I couldn’t even dare to say,” will you please shut up” because after saying that she won’t even allow me to touch her. So I couldn't take that huge risk. Suddenly at that very moment, came an idea, a great idea that could save me this torture.

As soon as she finished her Ramayana, she asked me,” baby what I did was right naa”. I said,” ya baby, of course…and chill dear, everything will be alright, she will understand you one day, don’t worry, she will understand, stop worrying…I am always with you”. She said,” Thank you….so much and hugged me tightly”. I thought of kissing her and took forward my lips. She stopped me midway and said “hmmmm no, not today…I am in no mood”. I was like,” shit man”. I felt like killing her best friend .

I then said,” ohh mood is off..hmmmm”.
She said,” yup”.
I said,” you know the story of adam and eve naa,”
She said, “of course I do”
I said,” you know why were they thrown out from the garden of eden”
She said,” ya because they ate the forbidden fruit”
I said,” No,baby… the fruit was just an excuse…the reason was something else..”
She raised her eye brows,” ohh really, so would you kindly update me with the info”
I said,” see before eating the forbidden fruit, Adam and eve were naked and after eating the fruit, they wore clothes, it angered God and they were thrown out of the garden of eden”
By now, she was staring at me giving me a startled look and her lips were getting broadened ready to smile.
I continued,” so baby, I was thinking….shall we get naked and fulfill God’s wish…like…I mean if you wish so….i promise…..we can make a paradise together…..”

She said,” poda cherka” 

and burst out laughing….and I joined her…..we laughed, laughed and laughed…until we got tired….until our lungs gave up…..

It was then I realized more than kissing her, it was her laughter, her happiness that gave me more pleasure…….

But then i realised, Kiss is also equally important so i lifted her face, brushed her hairs aside, i was feeling her breath, those heavy breaths of lust...i could feel that, i took my lips forward and she closed her eyes and we kissed......and a beautiful moment happened.....

Well poda cherka is a malayalam word and it means get lost boy....he he he he

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