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It was the last over of the match, the opposition needed 9 runs of 6 balls. The first ball I bowled went swiftly past the batsman into the hands of the keeper. I was quite exhausted and tired, sweat was oozing out of my body and my t-shirt was clogged. The last match was equally tiring, though I had gone wicket less but had a good economy rate. We had lost the match and we needed to win this one, to save some honour. Exhausted and tired physically and pressure mounted on my head, I kept reminding myself, I needed to bowl five more balls, fast and swift, that would chuck the batsman. I took another run up and bowled a fast low full toss, the batsman played it towards leg side and took two runs. Now the equation was 7 runs needed out of 4 balls. Quite possible for them and quite possible for me to pull a victory, the dangerous batsman who had made 24 runs in the last match was fielding at mid on, he had hit us for 3 long sixes in the previous match. Even in this match, he wreaked havoc …


I live in a world,
where things get loved 
and people get slayed.
I live in a place where
blood is all I see,
and nobody cares.
Were we born to be played with and hurt?
Were we born to see Just Pain?
Where have those days gone when
hugs and love meant what they were
and not just some casual courtesy?
the time when families would sit down and pray
and talk at dinner tables and say-
“oh! You know how John said his word?”
or “You know miss Lissy is engaged?”
Do we even know who our family is?
or are they just there for name sake!
Laughter and talking no longer seen
as all shut away in their busy screens.
the grass overgrown and swings all bare,
what have we done in the prospect of gain.
Progressed have we?
or have simply lost the meaning of living?
why is it that doing my homework is more useful
than spending some time with my troop?
have we stooped so low in life,
that some stranger helps someone 
and it becomes breaking news?
where are those values that we swear by
and took pride in fo…


Stop and think about it for a second. What makes a man attractive?

It’s not his looks or money, as much as the “weak” man would like to blame. It’s not even his conversational skills. Those dry out after a certain moment and a smart woman can see beyond the fa├žade if there is nothing else of greater substance behind the man than just words.

An attractive man is someone that’s on his path and purpose in life. He is confident in himself and he has a clear mission which he sticks to with great dedication. He enjoys the presence of feminine energy in his life because he values the benefits that it brings to his wellbeing, but he is not dependent on it for fulfillment or enlightenment.

Every man knows that his highest purpose in life cannot be reduced to any particular relationship. If a man prioritizes his relationship over his highest purpose, he weakens himself, he does a disservice to the universe and cheats his woman of an authentic man who can offer his full, undivided presence. Because…


I am married to this wonderful woman who has had a couple of relationships in the past, lost her virginity at the age of 17, also aborted her first child at the age of 22 while being in a relationship with a different person. Anonymous due to obvious reasons. If you read it till the end, it might clear up your mind. Sorry for writing such a long one, while pouring my heart out, got carried away.

I was 28 once upon a time. Not to brag, but I was a top of the class student, went to best grad and post grad schools in the country, am moderately handsome, earn a decent amount of money, have a very lovely family too. I was always busy with studies and career was so damn important, so like you might have guessed it, I had been single all my life.

Parents asked if I would like to get married and I shyly accepted. The hunt for a suitable prospect began. My mother asked what kind of a girl would I like to get married to, and I had no clue. I wanted someone to be fairly educated, highly intelligen…