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Someday the Flirting would go real and you shall know, its Love

She is poetic, so majestic with her words and every time I talk to her, the conversation always gets romantically intellectual.
A beautiful soul she is, she does know how to express the beautiful mess that keeps going within her.
She is a natural flirt and during one of our conversations,
She asked me, I flirt good, don’t I but I am still single, why so. Ain’t this a grave injustice to me.
I said, yes correct what you say but there is a twist.
She said, yes what.
I said, its great, you are still single, you haven’t been into casual relationships, they are more harmful than beneficial to you.
She said, well that’s true.
I then said, but there is another twist I said.
She said, and what’s that.
There was curiosity in her tone.
I said, one day shall come a guy, whose flirts would be filled with true feelings, his words would be heavy weighing with true emotions.
Like those heavy clouds during monsoons and rains would happen.
And you both would be wet.

My Half Girlfriend

I was there sitting at her house, talking to her.  We were good friends, very good friends, and just to confirm that we are friends and not lovers, let me tell you two things, so that you have no doubt about our relation :-
1)She was standing at her gate waiting for me, wearing a t-shirt and pajama and no makeup. And above that she was wearing a weird sweater. If I had been her boyfriend, she would have wore something sexy isn’t it.
2)Her hairs were shabby, even though she had made a pony and looking at her, I could make out, she hadn’t taken a shower . I also thought, shit why did I take a bath in this cold weather. If she had been my girlfriend, at least she should have cared to take a shower.
Ok, coming back to the story, so she was sweet, simple and cute. Her smile was her best asset that reflected her innocence, I liked her. even though she was a bit weird, did things that were beyond my understandings but she was a good human being and cared for people around her. couple of days ag…