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There was a girl in our class and her name was Sonam gupta, a guy in
our class had a secret crush on her. He used to stalk her every day
until one day he found out that she had a boyfriend who was our senior
in school. He was heartbroken and depressed, the crook he was, he
wrote on one of the desks of our classroom, that “Sonam gupta bewafa
hai”, no one knew when did he write this, probably in the lunch time
may be. After lunch, it was our Maths period, the message was by then
spread to the whole class and it became a talking point, Sonam gupta
was enraged and was very embarrassed seeing her name being taken in
such a filthy manner, Our Maths sir was briefed about the whole matter
and he felt embarrassed too, Sir looked towards the whole class and
asked “Who did this”. The culprit got up and accepted the crime. We
lived happily ever after.

As you all guessed, that is not true, the boy refused to owe up. Our
Maths sir came up with a brilliant strategy to find the culprit. He
decided to beat us all as…