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O friend of mine u were with me; in my good times; o friend of mine u became my brother; in my bad times; u delivered ur strongest punches, when i was surrounded, wid devils fighting; u emptied ur pocket, when i was hungry; o friend of mine, will remember you; till the last breath, of my life;


O girl in the colloidal solution;
of my heart; 
your love is dispersed;
 in the dispersion medium; 
of my love;
 particles of your love; 
show brownian motion; 
they like strong bullets,
 hit the walls of my heart; 
o girl in the colloidal solution;
 of my heart; 
your love is dispersed;
 in the dispersion medium; 
of my love....


O girl we saw each other;
during school days;
you never spoke; 
i never talked; 
destined to meet,
we met again;
i saw a beauty in you; 
you saw a writer in me; 
your faith in me;
your words of love;
kissed my heart;
i fell for u; 
to marry u became; 
my fantasy; 
your words of love;
encouraged my soul;
3 years it took; 
when you called me; 
your voice thrilled me; 
my heart oozed with love;
 you desired my friendship;
 for a lifetime;
 i desire your love; 
for a lifetime.....


I love it My Gal when you cry, u become so sensitive to even the mildest of emotions, ur heart is filled wid d purest feelings, ur tears wash away ur ego, ur fake self... N dats d best time i love, talking to u, dats d best time i love loving u....:)


I was on my way, one day, i saw ten gals , standing by the Road, all so beautiful, i waved my hand, to the ten damsels, they smiled, i said to each one, you look beautiful, you are so pretty, i gave a rose, to each angel, so happy were they, they giggled i smiled, the sound of giggling, spread around, suddenly the people around, shouted and said, he is a flirt, he is a flirt, he is a flirt, the ten beauties, in sudden anger, threw those precious roses, onto my face, so astonshed was i, shocked with their, act so cruel and cruel, i took those roses, threw them into, the lake of anger, i went back on my way, thinking about those, illiterate people, who defined my decency, as flirting, i thought about those, gals who lacked a heart, to feel my feelings, a brain to judge my behaviour, i laughed and went, my way, i reached the garden, my girl was waiting, eager to meet me, i went towards her she asked "dear, why so late " ?, she saw my eyes, wet with pain, may be she understood,…


There was a Lover, very lonely, filled with love in his heart, in search of Love, he went to places around, but he found none, in midst of so many beauties, he became lonely, very lonely, he saw all around, there was cries, betrayals, backstabbing all around, unfaithfulness was the new faith, the tale of Devdas so, commonly heard, the Noise of breaking Hearts, tortured his ears, on the Map of every Heart, were hurt sentiments, the pain of rejection, and the Trauma of being Cheated, the Lover feared Love he restricted himself and Protected his Heart, this went on for days, till one day a Virgin Diva, came in his Life. Full of Life, was she, so joyful and happy, the queen of so many hearts, she was the heartbeat of so many. But she never bothered, she had a heart of Gold, a heart full of emotions, her talks witnessed her Innocence, but each day she broke a heart, strange it was, even Good People break hearts, the Lover did'nt understand, while meditating in his thoughts, he met her…


A year ends, A year begins, Happy new year... The end of the Last day, to begin a New day, Happy New year, the sweet sorrow of the past, gone by, of moments which, became memories, Happy new year, the Hope of a better future, the bright moments hidden, in the womb of 2013, Happy New year... The end of a tale, to begin a new story, Happy New year, the sorrow of parting, nullified by the Joy of, Happy New year, the Joy of people who walk away, the Joy of People who come in, Happy New year, the sorrow of parting, nullified by the Joy of, Happy New year...;) Issac

Attitude like my Lord

He who had the Nature Of God, never thought by force he should, remain equal to God, instead of his own free will, he gave up all he had, took the Nature of Servant, became like a Human Being, in Human Likeness, so humble and obedient, like a Lamb He walked, bearing the Cross of our Sins, and Died, For this Reason, God raised him, to the highest place above, and gave him a Name greater than any other Name, In Honour Of Name of Jesus, all beings in Heaven, on Earth, and The World below, will Fall on their knees and will, proclaim that, " Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father " Philipippians(2:6-11)

Heart shall we live or die

We can stand apart, heart dispensed, with heart, in the sun with flowers unipped, oh the world, hanging ripped we were both in a bare wall crypt, each in the crypt would cry, but one freezes here and why ? When a heart as chill, at my own would thrill, back to life and its fire out fly ? Heart, shall we live or die ?

Condition of my heart

The Condition of My Heart, at the time of embracing, is worth Seeing, Every Tip of your Hair has become a Friendly Glance for me, unsatisfied Longing for her sight, are the Cruel thorns of grief, if desire could not pluck flowers of consolation, it does'nt Matter.....

longing for Love

Longing for love urges, me to lament incessently, but the state of my Heart, is such that even breathing, fills it with agitation, look at my fate, i feel envy, even of myself and although, i glance at her sometimes, how can i gaze at her, the drop of dew on the tulip Petal, is not without significance, a scar on an unfeeling heart, is a shameful sight worth seeing....

love reigns supreme

Love reigns supreme, where guilt and Sin, the theological wrangles of Gods and Devils and the fictious gates of Hells and Heavens, are Barricaded by the innocence of spontaneous truth, that atleast occasionally shimmers, in the Hearts of Simple People....

i know you did'nt realise

I know u don’t remember it baby I know u dint realized it baby I know u forget sometimes That I love u baby Those early days of our meet, Those loving ways of smile n greet, The way u had attention for me, Your everlasting care for me......... The way u surprised me often, Cheesy nick names more than ten, Now everything faded in sands of time……...