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Well as the needles of clock hit 12, I will turn 24 today. My age would be 24 years, wow…isn’t that amazing like times goes by so fast and I seldom realize it. I mainly remain lost most of the time in my own thoughts still figuring out what my life is all about and what do I want to do, what is that I want to achieve. My parents are confused that what their son is upto, like all my friends have started working somewhere, have reached a certain destination and here I am typing my feelings, walking around, changing buses, changing trains but I do not know where to go. It’s as if I am lost completely, as if path to my dreams has disappeared from my eye sight.    When I was born, my parents were so happy, they must have been on cloud 9 but as I grew up I gave them several reasons to be unhappy. I am like that, I make a lot of mistakes and at times fail people who expect a lot from me. At times I really don’t care, at times I feel like shit. There is so much pressure to be successful in l…


Once upon a time there was a hero, tall, dark and handsome. He was a master in all martial art forms, an expert in singing and strumming the guitar, he was a great scholar of science and literature. A man who knew all trades, a man perfect in every sense, his parents were so proud of him, his teachers loved him and his friends adored him until one day he got a miscall from a beautiful damsel, he called her back and on the other end, he heard a voice as sweet as honey. His heart melt with every word she spoke, that miscall triggered a chain of calls and messages, with every call, with every message. Our hero came closer to the girl. His feelings for her grew deeper and deeper. Every time he asked her to send a pic of hers, she would refuse and tease him by saying, dream me in your imaginations, paint a sketch of me in your mind. Months had passed between them and in this months things had become really serious between them, our hero was addicted to her now, she had become an addiction,…


Everything was going so normal in life, joys were there, sorrows were there, dreams were there, aspirations were there until people experienced tremors and found the earth beneath them shaking. All of a sudden there was panic and terror all around. All the plans made for a great future, all the investments done for a secure life seemed to go in waste as people realized how mortal they were, vulnerable every moment, for they never know when they will fall victim to the wrath of nature. Earthquake never discriminates between the rich and the poor, palace or a hut, it never matters both will be destroyed.
The earthquake whose epicenter was in Nepal, its tremors were felt in several states of India. Even me who was sitting in his house in Bhopal felt the tremors. Some of my friends saw their sofa shaking, some saw their flower vase shaking. It was an experience no one would ever want to forget. It was as if a powerful cyclone went past me without touching me, without engulfing me into its…


GOD has gifted Mothers a boon that even if she gets wounded, she could still feed her hungry children.

In the outskirts of an old city, three people seated on a bike were going somewhere. Ajay, Ashok and Lakshmi, in the lap of Lakshmi was her one year old son. As they were speeding to their destination, their journey came to a miserable halt as an over speeding car hit them. All four of them Ajay, Ashok, Lakshmi and her child all four of them fell far apart from each other. Ajay and Ashok died on the spot, Lakshmi and her child fell at a nearby terrain. Her child started crying and hugged his mother tightly. Lakshmi was hurt badly, her head was bleeding and her back was injured, making her impossible to get up. Before her eyes she felt as if the whole sky was about to fall on her, she could hear her child crying.  Even though she was badly injured she opened the buttons of her blouse and fed her hungry child to quench his thirst and hunger. She felt unconscious after that but her son s…


I’m voting for Arunima Sinha, Bhakti sharma, Rufus d souza, Manju devi, Satender sharma, Geeta phogat #WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help him/her get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.
In April 2011, Arunima Sinha, a national level volleyball player, was thrown out of a running train by robbers who were after her gold chain. Her left leg crushed by the passing trains had to be amputated. This did not stop her from dreaming the impossible, on May 21, 2013, she became one of the few to climb Mount Everest.
Bhakti is the youngest female swimmer in the world to swim in 5 oceans (Indian, Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic and Antarctic) and 7 seas. Coming from the desert state, Rajasthan (India), pursuing the audacious dream of open water swimming has never been a cake walk. She has practiced in lakes, rivers and swimming tubs in her bid to be the best in the world. Today she has proven her Will of Steel by doing what very few others have m…


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Life is a journey not a destination where you keep travelling seeing different places, experiencing the beauty and ugliness of life. Sometimes your life comes to a halt at various stations where you have to stop, get down and wait for the next train. Every station has a waiting room where people wait for till their concerned train arrives on a platform. A place where you are stuck ready to get out of it as soon as possible, a place where you are never at peace with yourself for the thought of reaching the destination keeps haunting you.

The journey of my life has reached a halt, I sit here in a waiting room as I wait for my next train. Hours have turned into days, days have turned into months but my wait is not over yet. I sit here tired of waiting, but still hopeful. Waiting is the most tiring thing to do, it kills you every moment with hope and despair. Every time I hear the whistling of a tr…


Ayan was studying in class 5 in a convent school. As always, Ayan was getting ready to go to school, as always his mother had forced him to wake up and he always hated it as he never got enough sleep. But he loved it as he got to meet his friends every day, studies never interested him but the fact that he got to meet his friends, sit with them , play with them always excited him. It was so much fun.
He got ready and stepped out of the house, bidding good bye to his mom, he started walking to the bus stop. The bus stop was quite near to his house, he had to cross the road in front of his house and walk  a mere 100 metres. His bus would come in around 5 minutes, till the time he left house and got into the bus, his mother would stand at the door step of their house watching him, once he got into the house, she would close the door and began her daily chores.
Ayan was about to reach the bus stop when some stray dogs started following him, ayan  feared they may bite him and started walkin…


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It was 11.50 showing on the clock and I was really tired as I had a busy day,  my whole body was aching and I needed some rest. I wanted to sleep, I just wanted to lie down.  I finished my work and switched off my laptop, put my mobile aside and jumped on my bed.  My eyes were closing and my mind had opened the doors for dreams to come in. 10 minutes had gone by when I heard the ringtone of my phone, I ignored it, it was a long miscall, who would call me at this time, I wondered. I ignored it and decided to sleep, that’s when my dad came to my room asking me who had called me at this time of the night. He was reading the bible in the hall and asked me to keep the phone in silent mode as it disturbs him. My sleep was gone by now, I cursed the person who called me at this time of the night, I took my phone and checked the name of the devil, it was Ribin. My dear bro, my friend why would he …


“I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdealactivity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.”

My Mother is a shy woman like very shy to express her desires, very timid to say what she exactly wants.  She would wake up early in the morning and wake us all up, there would be morning tea ready for us, she would then prepare breakfast for all of us, that is for herself , me, my sister and my father  and then  would leave for office. From 8 am to 5 pm she would be at her office working for us,  sitting in front of the computer continuously for hours. Then she would come back home, rest for a while and get busy with the household chores. Once she enters into the kitchen, she wouldn't come out unless the dinner is made.  She would be free by around 9 to 10 pm and once she is done, she would ask all of us to gather for the family prayer. Then we all would have dinner together watching TV. From the time when I was 5 years old, I have seen my mother follow the same routine , working har…


Sometimes the worst years of our lives are our teen years, those years that we spend while growing up facing the internal changes in our mind, body and soul. The bad part of our teen life is that those things which would pass with time seem permanent; it can be a casual affair or troubles that you have to face in those days. Teens are vulnerable to problems that come their way; they get depressed very soon and lose hope quickly.This is the story of 16 year old Leena who was yet another example of being a victim of a failed relationship during her teenage. She was madly in love with a guy and their relation was in existence for two years. In those two years they had shared so many roses, teddy bears, promises, moments of love, moments of intimacy, kisses and hugs.  They were so happy together, Leena was happy with him dreaming about a future together.  Only to realize that her high hopes will come crashing down one day & her dreams would be shattered one day. The guy who gave her so…


Who should be blamed when a leaf falls from the tree, Is it the wind that blew it away, Or the tree that let it go, Or the leaf itself who grew tired holding on? Who should be blamed when our relationship fell from The glory of intimacy to the weirdness of being strangers again, Is it you who pushed me away from your life, Or is it me who let you go away with ease, Or was our relationship itself tired of holding grudges in the heart, Life unfolds so many misunderstandings each day, It is up to us to, Solve it, Leave it, Or Live with it

Issac writes who should be blamed


Yes I am afraid of the dark, yes darkness scares me. Yes it does, a lot for in the dark I fear someone following me.  I fear those creepy shadows as I walk through those dark lanes. That whistle of the wind, that whisper of the breeze, That blows in the night, make me alert in the night. That howling of the dogs and those footsteps of some one walking by, Scares my soul, Yes I am afraid of the dark, yes darkness scares me. For in darkness, I fear to fall down, I fear of stumbling down. For I can’t see the ghosts around me, For I can’t see the devils around me, Darkness depresses me, Darkness scares me.
For my past comes haunting me, for the sins i did come troubling me, Yes i am afraid of the dark, yes darkness scares me
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We all have faced rejection in our lives at some point of time, even the greatest men and women ever to be born on earth have faced rejections at some stage of their lives. Rejection is something we cannot avoid, we have to face it someday, sometime at some point of our life. Well so what if a rejection comes our way, what to do, how do we face it. for we have seen rejections destroying the life of many, we have seen rejections shattering the life of many, we have seen rejections leading to suicides. So how do we face rejections,  what should be done before a rejection conquers our mind and we are left moaning and crying.
Here are 7 do’s to do when you get rejected:-
1. Be ready to work hard
Right here, right now start something new. Begin a new beginning, a lot of chances will come your way, they surely will. Have faith in yourself. Try to forget what happened and focus on what you have now.
2.The future has a lot for you
Forget the loss that you had and prepare yourself for greater vict…


For my Lord has risen from Death,rejoice in his grace. For my Lord has defeated Death. He has purified our sins with his blood on the cross, he gave his life for us and God made him rise to Glory. The son of David will sit at the right hand side of God almighty, he will be our Ruler and we will be his people. For his Kingdom will be forever and ever till eternity. 

For now Sadness has changed into happiness,
for now tears have changed into smiles,
for now sorrows have changed into everlasting joy,
for now death has turned into everlasting life.

May the Risen Lord, May Jesus Christ bless you all with eternal life.
For all things were created by him, and all things exist through him and for him. To God be the glory forever!