Sometimes the worst years of our lives are our teen years, those years that we spend while growing up facing the internal changes in our mind, body and soul. The bad part of our teen life is that those things which would pass with time seem permanent; it can be a casual affair or troubles that you have to face in those days. Teens are vulnerable to problems that come their way; they get depressed very soon and lose hope quickly.

This is the story of 16 year old Leena who was yet another example of being a victim of a failed relationship during her teenage. She was madly in love with a guy and their relation was in existence for two years. In those two years they had shared so many roses, teddy bears, promises, moments of love, moments of intimacy, kisses and hugs.  They were so happy together, Leena was happy with him dreaming about a future together.  Only to realize that her high hopes will come crashing down one day & her dreams would be shattered one day.
The guy who gave her so many promises left her, rejected her for he was finally bored of her and needed new flesh. His promises were false, his love was fake. She broke down, depressed and rejected, she hated herself, hated her body, her soul. She felt as if the whole world is laughing at her, she felt she was worthless and no one loved her. Her Father and Mother were busy in their own lives, either fighting with each other or working day and night to secure her future. She had no one to talk to. She felt terribly lonely until one day she decided to step out, kill herself rather than live a life of loneliness and misery. She climbed over the railing of a pedestrian bridge, she prepared herself to take the leap towards death and finish the ordeal for once. At that point, a 25 year old guy named Anoop who was passing by decided to get involved.

Even though he had never seen the girl before, even though he had no idea about her problems, he followed her to the railing and did the only thing he could: He listened. He listened while this random 16 year old girl described her life, how her life had fallen into the grave before time, he listened as she listed those endless troubles tearing her life, her failed relationship, her constantly fighting parents, she lamented about how no one loved her, she cried, cried and cried a lot until Anoop showed his wrists to her, wrists with deep bruises, wrists filled with cuts and wounds. As they stood they were surrounded by the cops and crowd.
Anoop told her the story, behind his own attempted suicide, as he described his ordeals, Leena listened with tears. Once he was done, he leaned forward, hugged her and consoled her saying, don’t worry things will be ok, just hold on in this testing times. Keep moving, life has a lot of beautiful moments in store for you. At that very moment, he raised her chin, brushed her hair and planted a kiss on her lips wet with tears. They kissed as the crowd cheered and whistled.
And Leena suddenly decided, she was not dying, she will live again, for she understood life was worth living after all. She just wanted to be listened, to be consoled, and to be loved and that is what Anoop did. And that little slice of kindness was all it took to save her life.

(This story was written for and was published on 9th April, 2015)

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