The greatest gift that a man can give his bride on their wedding night is his purity. It says to her, “You are so special and our marriage is so special that I kept myself for you.” Any girl would be thrilled with a husband like that!

The greatest gift a bride can give to her husband on her wedding night is her purity. Keep it for the right person and the right time. The right person is the one you marry, and the right time is your wedding night.
Well the above two para say it all. Virginity is important, Its our character certificate. Not only WOMEN but MEN TOO.....Every young person is given a priceless gifthis or her virginity. You can give this gift to only one person and you can give it only one time....Lets put it in this way...
Suppose a wealthy relative gave you a very expensive jewel.It was the most beautiful diamond you had ever seen! It was priceless! This exceedingly valuable gift was given to you with the understanding that sometime in your life, you would have the privilege of giving it to someone very special to you. You could give it to only one person and only one time. When you gave it away, it was given away for good. How would you handle this gift?
Would you give it to the first person who saw it and admired it? Would you give it to a casual friend whom you had just met and might not be seeing again? Would you give it to someone who demanded that you prove your love for him by giving it to him?
Would you give it away carelessly because others were pressuring you or making fun of you for wanting to keep this gift until you met the right person?
You would say, “Of course not! I would keep it until I met the right person—someone who was worthy of my priceless gift.”
If you give away your virginity carelessly, you will one day regret it. Giving your virginity away is like giving someone your priceless diamond and discovering later that you gave it to the wrong person. Now that person is gone…and so is your diamond.
Every romantic relationship you are involved in will some day come to an end—except for one. The only one that will last is the one that leads to marriage. If you give away your priceless virginity in one of those other relationships, you will regret it.
(This paras have been taken from the Youth world, Lesson 9: The priceless gift)
i am sharing this with you all because i like it and i respect the views of the author....and here are my thoughts
I don't know i will abide by it or not but till date i have stayed firm and i can proudly say I am a 23 year old now and i am still virgin.  You can say may be its my misfortune or may be my good luck, that i am still pure. 
On Indispire, the question asked was, should Virginity be regarded as a character certificate for girls ? . My answer is of course, it should be and it is. Not only for women but men too.  Many who would be reading this, would label me as  a hypocrite that common IZZY, You are saying this, your blog itself contains erotic poems and stories..but see the point is i am still virgin....and why i write all this...i would tell this to youi some other day....People will say, common dude, we are living in the 21st century, this things don't matter. Ok then, shall we start fucking each other just for the sake that its 21st century.
What would you call a girl who gets herself banged every time she gets into a relation ? won't you call her characterless, a girl who makes herself accessible to every other guy who approaches him.... what would you call a guy who in the name of relationships, has several sexual relations..of course a  jerk. Now her some girls would object by saying common, a guy with so many girlfriends is considered as cool. but think for a  while, if at all while having sex, he is caught by his parents or his relatives or media...what would the world actually call him, won't his parents despise him. They would of course, if they actually Love their son. He is considered cool only in his friend circle which actually consists of immoral fools.
Pre-marital sex rides high on guilt, you are actually disrespecting your own body. You are disrespecting your ownself. And someday you will regret that you were used by someone who never respected you.....
Hebrews 13:4: Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.
I wish to write more.........hence end it up be continued....

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