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Ohhh……I was lying there in bed with you, naked wrapped in bed sheet and you sleeping in my arms. I could make out, we just had a wonderful sex session. I could see that peace on your face.  

What I saw next was, you sitting beside me, I looked tensed and you were giving me courage holding my arms. I could make out, I was still struggling professionally. There were some problems, I don’t know what and then I saw myself going out of the house. I couldn’t recognize the house too, it was neither yours neither mine. A new place, it was. I then saw myself walking away waving hands at you, You with a smile wishing me all the best. I didn’t understand why that all the best was for. May be I was out in search of a job.
I then saw you in a red colored saree, it looked like it was made of silk. You were looking gorgeous as always, we were having a talk together. As usual I was teasing you and you were hurling abuses at me….i couldn’t say what the whole conversation was about…I don’t remember much.…

WRITER'S BLOC-when I am finished…I take re-birth in Christ

When I go through this phenomenon called the Writer’s block, where thoughts cease to form in your mind.  Where you try to think hard but nothing forms in your mind. Head starts to ache, the more you try to think, the more you feel disappointed, I then try to calm myself. Lye around idly, watch movies, read books, still nothing comes in mind. I lye idly looking at the ceiling fan as it rotates with speed, cooling the hot air around. Suddenly like a thunder bolt, a thought strikes me and I realize, oh!!!!! Yes I haven’t read the bible for so long, I need to read it right now.

I take the bible, clean the dust on it and read it where I had ended it last time. As I read it, understand it, meditate on it and my mind is filled with peace. It calms down ready to give birth to new ideas………….when I am finished…I take re-birth in Christ…oh yes I do….

Scrapbook Moments



A hearty Good Afternoon Fr Thomas, Fr George, Sisters and to all my dear uncle, aunties and my dear friends.;…I Issac thomas president of Bhopal mcym is here before you all to speak on behalf of Pithruvedi, mathruvvedi, Sunday school and mcym…….. I remember last Sunday when the committee members handed me this responsibility of giving a farewell speech, Once the meeting was over Tency aunty came to me and said…in your speech do say that Fr Thomas is an encourager, a promoter who promotes talent…if he had been not there…the church would not have known that I can sing so well……This small incident itself speaks volumes about Fr Thomas. He Is an enthusiast…someone who promotes new ideas, good work and fresh talent. Fr you were an hardworker who worked hard for the betterment of this church. It was under your leadership that the verandah of our church was developed. The calvary was made.The church was renovated and paneling was done. There were  so many other things that made our church look…


Like everyday I finished my jogging session and was walking back where I had parked my bike. I was sweating profusely and was enjoying the fruit of my hard work. I am so much in love with my sweat. I was walking back exhausted but with a smile on my face when suddenly I heard someone walking in the near by woods. Someone was walking on those deal leaves and the leaves were screaming enough to witness the presence of the intruder. I got alert and walked towards the direction of the voice. The voices became more clear. Fear gripped me again.

I prayed that it ain’t a leopard. As I walked near I saw a small four footed creature walking, a body full of hairs. I tried to recognize it, what was that….o Jesus…it’s a mongoose….wowwww…that was a rare sight to be seen. I took my mobile and turned on the flash, the mongoose noticed me. we stared at each other for a while and before I could take a click, it took a sudden right turn and vanished into the woods and all I could hear was screeching of…


I was a regular jogger and practiced yoga on regular basis until last year I met with two successive accidents. Both the time, my right leg was hit and that too at the same spot, my right joint. Jogging became a painful experience after that and I couldn’t perform forward bend asana and other poses that stressed too much on my right leg, for it pained a lot. I gave up jogging and yoga altogether.
I took up meditation for time being and started meditating a lot. Reading the bible is one of my best hobbies, I also started reading other spiritual books, books written by Osho, Deepak chopra and Dr Joseph Murphy. I don’t know what was happening within me or my mind but I started getting weird dreams in the night, dreams that drained me of all the energy within me, everytime I woke up, I woke up really tired as if I was fighting with someone.  I started talking and screaming in the night.
My parents got worried and advised me to keep a bible beneath the pillow before I went to sleep. I shar…


To me sex was the more pressing need than love or companionship. For too long have we been fooled into believing that the basis of a happy man-woman relationship is love. Love is an elusive concept and means different things to different people. There is nothing elusive about lust because it means the same thing to all people.
“It is the physical expression of liking a person of the opposite sex. cuddling, kissing and fondling leading to sexual intercourse. Love cannot last very long without lust. Lust has no time limit and is true foundation of love and affection”.

Taken from Memoirs of Mohan kumar……


Marriages are not made in heaven, they are made on earth by earthlings for earthly reasons. The first priority is money, it may be a property, well paid job or a profitable business. The couple concerned fall into line without bothering  to find out whether or not the person they are committing themselves to will make a good lifelong companion. At the time they are asked to give the consent they are adolescents, their sex urges are of explosive dimensions and they are eagerly looking forward to exploring each other’s bodies. So pass the first few months. In that time, the bride of yesterday finds that she is pregnant. Then the sex urge begins to abate. Even if they use contraceptives, sex-when-you-want-it begins losing its urgency. It becomes a routine affair. People they ignored during their frenetic physical involvement with each other  start becoming subject of sexual fantasies. No matter how close and intimately involved a married couple may be, the possibility of a pleasant diver…


Dear bro,
I know it’s a tough time for you and I can understand what you must be going through. Breakups are hard really hard to face. To realize suddenly that the person who was so special to you becomes an unknown entity, a stranger who doesn’t recognizes you anymore. Those moments spend with them, those beautiful memories of those beautiful times come to haunt you. You have no idea what to do, in vain, in despair you keep calling her, you keep texting her but you get no reply. From a special someone in her life, you turn into a intruder whom she just wants to run away from.
The lover in her has died and she hates you from the bottom of her heart. She ignores you, she avoids you and does every possible thing to stay away from you.  You really have no clue what’s going on, why is she doing all this? how could she forget all those moments she spent with you, how could she forget those beautiful memories. Doesn’t that beautiful past haunt her like it does to you. Why is she not missing y…