Dear bro,

I know it’s a tough time for you and I can understand what you must be going through. Breakups are hard really hard to face. To realize suddenly that the person who was so special to you becomes an unknown entity, a stranger who doesn’t recognizes you anymore. Those moments spend with them, those beautiful memories of those beautiful times come to haunt you. You have no idea what to do, in vain, in despair you keep calling her, you keep texting her but you get no reply. From a special someone in her life, you turn into a intruder whom she just wants to run away from.

The lover in her has died and she hates you from the bottom of her heart. She ignores you, she avoids you and does every possible thing to stay away from you.  You really have no clue what’s going on, why is she doing all this? how could she forget all those moments she spent with you, how could she forget those beautiful memories. Doesn’t that beautiful past haunt her like it does to you. Why is she not missing you like you do. Everything looks easy for her, why is it so hard for you. May be because she was well prepared for it, may be she took the decision of parting ways some days ago but she was thinking about for it for the past few months. May be the decision of her walking from your life took you off guard but she knew what she was doing and was rehearsing her move for the past many months. She planned it and executed it to perfection. She will never feel weird about it, she will never miss you because she had already mentally cut you off from her life months ago.

She has become busy in her own world. Her friends, her life and you are no where around. She was your world but now she is no more near you. You feel so lonely in this whole universe. Life seems to have ended for you. Life seems to have stopped for you. You are still living in the past, in those beautiful moments with her. when reality hits you, you come back into the present only to see tears in your eyes and screams in your heart.

You are living the pain that many have experienced before you and many will experience after you. Love and hate, patch up and breakup are all sides of one and the same coin. We all have to go through the pain of separation from our dear ones some day or the other, no one comes with a guarantee that he will stay with us forever. Each and every single soul who comes in your life comes with a purpose, they do their part and leave the stage of your life. You will surely miss them but definitely life is about moving on, either someone will come and take their place or you will learn to live without them.  Life never ends because of a failed relationship, look around and you will find a 1000 reasons to live.

Well she may owe you an explanation, there might be several questions in your mind that needs to be answered, trust me buddy, you are never going to get any. Even if you get one, that won’t be an honest one. So stop searching for answers that you will never get. She left you for a reason, reasons better know to her.  Respect her decision, for you have no choice. Respect it because she didn’t cheat you on your back, she remained truthful to you always. At the time when she was with you, at the time when she left you, she never faked it.  Be happy about all the good times you spent and move on, life has a lot to offer you. She didn’t try to stretch out your relationship, she didn’t try to act fake. Even if she cheated on you, its good that she left you. Respect her that she spared you your life.  She left you because she didn’t want to stay with you anymore. There is no point in forcing someone to stay with us who doesn’t wants to be with us anymore. Chasing her would only lead you to despair and hopelessness.  Learn to live alone, be your own friend for a while. This loneliness will take you closer to God. It will help you to understand your own self in a better way. 

And please stop using cigarette and alcohol as tools to escape reality. No amount of weed will reduce your pain. No matter how much you smoke, how much you drink, that void in you will continue to stay unless you fill it. face the problem rather than running away from it. 

She was a beautiful encounter,
A part of your journey called life,
May she had to choose a different path, may be her goals are different… she had to leave…
You too need to find your path…..your goals…..for your dreams are waiting for you….
Cherish her as a beautiful memory…for there are many more beautiful memories to be made…many more encounters to happen….

even after reading all this if you don't mend your ways then tomorrow people would say, look there he goes....he spoiled his whole life for a girl....would you like to hear that...i leave this upto you....

God bless you and Jesus loves you….

Yours loving Brother


  1. Nice one Issac, the post plays the role of a sympathetic brother and it plays the role very very well. If I may add, people will always do what they want to do. Sure I can understand him missing her, but the more he tries to go behind her, the farther he is pushing her away. It might make more sense to accept what has happened and reorganize the priorities of life. For life is way more important than anything else that appears to be at the moment.

    1. Vinay simply loved ur comment....wowww..........thank you for ur meaningful words....


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