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I dedicate this poem to the girl who got butchered in Delhi

O dear gal whenever i think, my soul cries, o girl the pain you got, can never be treated, by any medicine, hugs and kisses will, never make a difference, neither 1000 years of eternal love, the six devils who devoured you, who burned your soul, may they never rest in peace, let the doors of hell, welcome them, o dear gal the pain you got, only you can understand, every tear that falls, from your eyes is a CURSE to this world, let this nation burn, let delhi burn in your pain, may no one get peace, those six lame psychos, should be butchered to death, devils who showed no mercy, let them die a merciless death, o sweet heart how your heart, got pierced, let no girl have a fate like you, i don't know you, ther is no relation, but there is a bond, sages call it humanity, you are a human, i am a human, your soul got destroyed, my soul cried for you, and it will cry for you, i don't know what's the cure, for a destroyed soul, let there be hope, may your soul …

You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.

All days are never equal. There would be days when, you would be happy. Your lips would be smiling.And your eyes shining with Pride. There would be days when you would be sad, when you would be depressed. And tears falling from your Eyes. In those sad and teary days, you just have to hold on, Have patience and you should keep your work going. you should not stop, you should keep walking on the path of life. You should keep flowing like a river.

Life has its ups and downs. You will surely get over each and every trouble. No problem is big. No problem is bigger than your courage. Believe in your abilities and have faith in God almighty. From the womb of bad days, good days are born. You just have to fight, you just have to rise after every time you fall.

THE GOOD THING ABOUT BAD  DAYS IS THEY ALSO END SOON......Live your life no matter whether the day is Good or bad.

My name is Issac and my friends call me Izzy (WHATS THEIR IN A NAME)

My Name means a lot to me. It was my first Identity. ISSAC THOMAS, my name. doesn't it sound nice. According to the Holy bible Issac was the only son of Abraham " The father of Faith" and Sarah. And when God describes himself in the old testament, he does it by saying " I AM THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, I AM THE GOD OF ISSAC AND I AM THE GOD OF JACOB". and The name ISSAC according to the Holy bible means " THE LAUGHING ONE ".

Even in The holy Q UR'AN , Issac is revered by Muslims to be a Prophet and a patriach of Islam. So in Religions my name is quite famous. Now let us explore the world of science, You all must have  heard the name of Issac newton, the man who gave the three laws of gravity. so my name in itself is great. A brand in itself.

Even in my school, i was quite famous because of my name. in the whole class, in fact in the whole school, i was the only one with the name Issac. My friends used to call me Newton, Newti and now they call me Izzy. I am…


My Dreams, some big, some small,
Dreams my Mother dreams about me,
Dreams my Father dreams about me,
Dreams my sister dreams about me,
So many dreams, scattered in my mind,
some lying there, some lying here,
scattered all around, occupying my mind,
i wish to live my dreams,
each and every single dream, i dream't about,
and that's why i am trying to gather,
all my scattered dreams,
some lying there, some lying here,
To build a life that i love...............
a life worth living...............................


Sex is a part of love, of a greater whole. Love gives it beauty, otherwise it is one of the most ugliest actions. That's why people move into sex in darkness, even they themselves don't like to see the act being performed in the night. You see all animals make love in the day except MAN. No animals bothers in the night- night is for rest. All animals love in the day. Only Man loves in the night. a certain fear that act of love is a little ugly. 

And no woman ever makes love with open eyes because they have a more aesthetic sense than man. They always love with closed eyes, so nothing is seen. WOMEN ARE NOT PORNOGRAPHIC, ONLY MAN IS. That's why so many nude pictures, paintings of women exist. Only man is interested to see the body, not women.  

Love is so sexy because its not all about sex

First, Love has the quality of sex. If it is shallow, it will be reduced to sex, infact it won't be love. if love becomes deeper, then it will have the quality of spirituality, the quality of divineness. From,sex to super consciousness. Love is just a bridge. If you don't move on the bridge sex will be your life, your whole life-very ordinary, very ugly. Sex can be beautiful but only with love and as a part of love. Alone in itself its ugly. It is just like this: your eyes are beautiful, but if the eyes are taken out of the sockets they will become ugly. Even the most beautiful eyes will become ugly if they are taken out of the body.


My Granny had a huge collections of stories stored in her mind for me. She always used to recite those stories to me whenever i got time to sit on her lap. One of those stories is still fresh in my mind and influences me to this day. And that story is quite famous among children and you all must have heard or read it during your childhood days. The story of THE RABBIT AND THE TORTOISE. Its the story about a Tortoise who defeats a Fast and athletic Rabbit with his strong determination and constant slow steps which led him successfully towards his destination. Even though the Rabbit was fast and for him to win the race was so easy. But his laziness and overconfidence led to his defeat from a slow walking tortoise.
In our life too we at times due to our laziness and over confidence we lose some important races and fall short of our expectations. The moral of the story is " SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE". and its true People who are slow but are steady in their efforts, who const…

How to deal with Smelly people ?

To deal with smelly people is always a problem. i would rather gift them a Deodorant and would politely tell them, " YOU NEED IT BUDDY" and they will surely understand what i meant. Making fun of them in their friend circles would surely make them realize that to smell bad is bad manners. And they surely need to change themselves so that the noses of their dear ones don't go through a bad experience because of them.  


Early next morning, as they walked along the road, they saw the fig tree. It was dead all the way down to its roots. Peter remembered what had happened and said to Jesus, "Look teacher, the fig tree you cursed has died."
Jesus answered them,"Have faith in God. I assure you that whoever tells this hill to get up and throw itself in the sea and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. For this reason i tell you. when you pray and ask for something, believe that you have received it, and you will be given whatever you have asked for. And when you stand and pray, forgive anything, you may have against anyone, so that your FATHER in heaven will forgive the wrongs you have done."
(Mark 11:20:25)

Silence is power

Silence is power. "where were you this morning?" followed by dead silence will eventually elicit a response. Most people find silence extremely uncomfortable. The mouth starts leaking to break the tension, or the body may adjust in dramatic ways.
         From Goldfinger : 
Bond says absolutely nothing to the man guarding his tiny cell. He waves through the bars and then walks away. He comes back to the door and waves again, and then walks away. The third time he winks at the guard and walks away. The guard looks confused, goes to the door with his gun drawn, doesn't see bond, and opens the door. Bond jumps down from above the door and escapes.


Every single day you make a choice. Choice to be happy, choice to be sad. Choice to be good, choice to be bad. Choice to brush your teeth or not, Choice to bath or to stay unclean. Choice to stay positive or being negative of yourself and others. Life is all about choices we make and ultimately its the choices we make that shapes our future. its upon you what do you choose for yourself. Circumstances can only force us at times and people can only influence us at times but ultimately we are the KING of our life and all is upto us. because there is no one whom we can put the blame upon for our failures. Our life is all ours and we are the master of our fate. THINK GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF, DO GOOD FOR YOURSELF and DO WHAT YOU LIKE. and rest everything will fall in place.


If you have food on your plate to eat, you are blessed. if you get to have three meals a day, you are being blessed and God has been kind with you. Hunger is a curse and you are certainly not cursed. There are millions of children on this earth who starve to death. They die of hunger, for them food is a rare entity. for them it is "Manna from heaven" and for them God has stopped providing Manna. they keep starving, dying of hunger and thirst and no one bothers.
The world is developing, we have moved ahead. We now have advanced technology and new gadgets. The number of millionaires are increasing with each day, we are earning fortunes each day. but what are we doing as humans for this poor souls. is it not a big shame for all of us. that we have turned a blind eye to their cries and pain. Food is something which i think and i feel should be accessible to all. ages have gone by, and still their is malnutrition, hunger in this world. this epidemic called malnutrition should be w…

Conflicts of Love (Woman)

A woman has her own problems. The problem is that if she comes closer to the man,the closer she comes the man starts escaping. because closer the woman comes, the man becomes more and more afraid. The closer a woman comes, the man starts escaping her, finding a thousand and one excuses to be away. so a woman has to wait and if she waits then again there is a problem. if she takes no initiative, that looks like indifference and indifference can kill love. Nothing is more dangerous to love than indifference. Even hatred is good, because atleast you have a certain type of relation with the person you hate. Love can survive hate but love cannot survive indifference. And the woman is always in a difficulty. if she takes an initiative, the man simply escapes. No man can tolerate a woman who takes initiative. That means the abyss is coming on her own, near you. before it is too late you escape......

Conflicts in love (MAN)

This is the conflict in every love. So one has to make a compromise. you don't go very far away , you don't come very close. you stand just in middle somewhere, balancing yourself. but then love cannot go deep. Depth is attained only when you drop all fears and you jump headlong. The danger is there and the danger is true, THAT LOVE WILL KILL YOUR EGO.
Love is poison to ego- Life to you, but death to the ego. One has to take the jump. if you allow intimacy to grow, if you come closer and closer and dissolve into the being of a woman, now she will not only be extraordinary, she will become divine because she will become a door to eternity. The closer you come to a woman, the more you feel she is a door of something beyond.


During the night hours when everyone was asleep. I was roaming through the graveyard where the girl i loved was buried. i stood before her grave and i wept for her. on her grave was written " she loved, she was loved and she died". My mind was in heavy grief. Suddenly the atmosphere around me changed i could see graves around me open up. I saw her grave too. It opened she came out of it.I stood their numb,speechless. She came out of her grave and i saw her writing something on her grave. i saw the words which were written on her grave had vanished. Instead it was written" i double crossed my lover, i slept with many, i was a liar and i died a shameful death" after writing this she looked at me with tears. Seeing all this i just fainted and fell unconscious to the ground. when i woke up i found myself in my bedroom and her pic was lying beside me............


Alas O Girl of my dreams..... 
I tried so hard... 
As i plucked my veins... 

Making them a set of strings... 
Just for a little while.... 
a desire to borrow your mind.... 
I sung a song... 
As the blood of love oozed out... 
The death of my own self came in... 
With every drop of life... 
That was wasted.... 
The desire to meet you grew ..... 
In me with leaps n bounds..... 
The desire, that sinful desire, 
made me kill myself... 
I could never meet you... 
But met death instead.... 
O girl of my dreams... 
.i tried so hard..... 

Chemistry hallucinations

I sometimes get dreams of molecules reacting with each other.  i keep thinking of common connections between Thermodynamics, photo chemistry, surface chemistry, colloids and chemical kinetics. i sometimes find them quite interesting. when you start understanding things, they become interesting for you. Chemistry is a headache but still i get obsessed with it at times because i have to spent so much of time with it. Like when you constantly keep thinking about a Girl, you get obsessed with her thoughts.
you have to keep reading, you have to keep writing. you have to explore the world of chemical reactions. it generates curiosity in me. Every time i mix something new, when i make new compositions. the thought of what the final outcome would be always thrills me. when i study for my exams its chemical formulas and theories that i dream off, things i used to hate, i have started loving them little bit. may be because i have no other option. the only thing that turns me off is my dipping ma…

Moments we spent

. Moments spent are always ordinary, until i spend those moments with you. you made them special. the presence of you itself makes a moment special and memorable. Its fun when you are around. The bench we sat upon, for hours kissing and cuddling each other, still reminds me of you. That lovely park where we walked together, with your hand in mine. i now walk alone, just to remind myself about you. i stare at that bench, where we used to sit, you used to keep your head on my shoulders,and i used to play with your hairs. your dense black hairs. and we used to sit like that for hours. in between stealing kissing and smooching each other. there was peace. so much of peace. there was love. there was lust. and that smell of strawberry that came from your lips.
BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL moments they were and they would always be.

A troubled heart

Baby, how do you expect me to talk to you, to pour my heart before you, when its filled with pain you gave me, you expect me to be decent, you expect me to bear your tantrums, you want to me to hear your constant nags, never sweetheart, everything should be done in its limit, and your antiques have crossed their limits.........i am just preparing myself to leave go away from your search of new love..........

Main online huuuuuuu...:-D

Main online hu, 
tu bhi online hai,
 ye coincidence nahi,
main mobile pe all the time hu
Main online hu,
tu bhi online hai,
tu agar fine hai,
to main bhi yaar fine hu

A funny video watch...its portrays the feelings of all Virtual world addicts in a funny manner....he he he...i did'nt laugh but certainly this video bought a smile on my face.

My Facebook Movie

Life is so lonely without friends. Friends fill the voids in our life and make it full. We are a sketch drawn by God almighty and he adds colours in our life by painting us with some awesome beautiful colours called FRIENDS. From an ordinary sketch we become a beautiful landscape, when friends are added in our lives. see this video, and you will understand what do i mean when i say this.
This video looks beautiful because i am with my friends, happy and content. there is feeling of togetherness and that is what makes this video a must watch. A lovely video weaved with Special beautiful memories. Its my Facebook Movie.


Why do people make promises when they don't have the courage to fulfill them. Promises are made in vain and they should never be taken seriously. Promises are born out of expectations. false expectations. In moments when you are drowned in happiness; in moments when you are boiling with anger; in moments when you are quite upset; we make promises. when we are drunk; when we are in the arms of a Woman we love, we make promises. A stable mind never makes promises, its the job of weak minds. Promises are pleasing  impressive words giving pleasure to ears but it gives a hard time to you, your ownself . A man is no one, he does'nt knows what is awaiting in future. Life changes in moments. Life keeps on changing, and so do people. so promises made between two people simply turn into bitter memories living scars on the mind of a person. Promising someone that you will stay forever in their life and then leaving them without giving a reason is really a sinful thing to do. Hope some he…

Love being single

Every time i see a beautiful girl, i just look up to the heaven and sigh "Thank God i am still single". there are no barriers and you dont feel guilty when you stare, gaze and oggle at a woman. you are free to flirt without being answerable to anyone. there are no barriers no limits, you have end number of chances. you dont have to sin. you dont have to hurt anyone by cheating them. you can be completely selfish. because when you are single, you just have to think of yourselves, your family, your friends, your life, your dreams. there is no sharing and you are the incharge of your life.  you dont have an additional load of making someone feel special or hurting their ever increasing expectations. you can be alone and spend time with yourself. 
A person who enjoys his singlehood will certainly enjoy his relationship status when he enters into a relation. a person should learn to be happy with himself. he should learn to love himself and thats the first step towards entering in…

My Thoughts on R&D

In Research no one teaches you , you just discuss and gain knowledge from each other. i found it quite boring to read a research journal, but to write and publish a research journal of 12 pages. Years of studies and hard work must have been invested. how much pain the person must have beared. how much time it must have consumed. To extract every bit of information written in it, it must have taken months and years. such things need passion. to do research on a particular topic in a particular field, you should be passionate about that subject. Research needs hours of studying, deep involment into the matter and sharp observtion. its a kind of modern meditation. A penance done by research scholars to earn fame and money. Mankind needs Good research scholars wo can invest their blood and sweat into doing research in a subject which would benefit the whole world. The world today has major concerns today due to pollution all over the globe. Suistanable development is the need of the hour.…

Random thoughts of the day

A tiring day comes to an end. i am feeling  drowsy. and sleep will engulf me in a few moments. till then let me write some random thoughts and find peace for myself. how a day ends at times in a flash. you keep running here and there chasing your dreams. Authorities superior to you will keep you waiting testing your patience because thats the easiest way to convey that Yes we are important and we command respect. You have no other option but to tolerate them. You have to be humble. Life becomes tougher when situations are not under your control and thats the way it is. Life is life, you have to live it. you have no other choice. because to end your life is a grave sin. have faith, restore hope in your mind filled with despair. because tomorrow will be another morning. a new day. Stars will surely favour us and The Almighty will surely bestow his blessing on his people. by the end of the day positive things happened and they came as fresh breeze on a face wet with sweat. my card reache…