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For me this 2015 Christmas was the best Christmas in all this years. Because of the fact that I pushed myself to the extremes to enjoy it, to live every moment of it,  midnight,from morning to evening I would test my patience in office and then from evening to midnight, I would be with my friends visiting different houses dancing singing Christmas carols all along. We danced without inhibitions and sang at the top of our voices. There was togetherness, there was fun and there were joyous moments all the way. And then there were night drives in this cold chilly winters, I had to face the harsh cold winds until I reached my home where I could hide myself in warm blankets. My body faced a lot and the inner me grew weaker with each passing day. My body still danced, my vocals still sang. I still drove and it was during one of those midnight drives, my bike got into a pot hole, I lost balance and fell from my bike. It was late night, no one came, no one saw and by God’s grace, it wasn’t an…