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oh dear Nidhi.......

Nidhi oh my dear i faced a bitter truth dat ur dead n r no more...i realized dat death is sumthng unavoidable n go's along wid us everywhere searching a way to struck us.. O God death has struck u n u have closed ur eyes frm ur dear ones..the one's who loved u so much.. I can understand dat how ur dear ones r feeling ur absence... U may not had been one of my very gud frends but u were a frend indeed of mine...ur death has injected a dose of pain in my heart n i em feeling ur absense... Em thinking about u n my memories associated with u...i remember when i was in 6th std i used to sit with u in the classroom...u used to tease me ...i really used to get irritated n in dat anger..i used to hit u...u kept quiet for a while n then the same story was repeated... When v were in our 9th std how me, Pramod, Sonam n u...used to had long talks after schul hours...i remember dat innocent talks.. Then after a gap of 1 year...i met u again on facebook...v talked n talked u s…

a strange world

Our world is a world where there are different worlds co-existing with each other...there is world where there is atrocities,chaos,crime,poverty,despair,hunger,sickness...the poor man's world...where even the basic food requirements food,clothing and shelter r not fulfilled...they r born to be oppressed...a world where people r lyk worms...a world where crime is born...where to get 2 meals in a day is the top most priority...where food is eaten not 4 the taste of tongue but to fill the stomach burning with hunger...where body works n toils for hours in the scorching sun but just 2 get a wage of 20rs per day...the people living here have nothing 2 do wid the growing economy...where womans becomes sluts to satisfy their support their family...where children r not admited in schools but admited in shops or r made to beg 2 get sum extra money....a world where daughters r sold just 4 a few pennies...where human relations have no importance...where knowledge does'nt cou…

when INDIA won the World cup.......

2nd April,2011; A day i will never forget the rest of my life till i breathe my last. A night full of glory; ha ha ha The moment when Dhoni hit a six straight onto the ground.The hopes of 121 crore peoples of India was fulfilled. A dream was accomplished. It was a feeling as if We had conquered the world. The heroes wrote the name India in the sky of glory and they registered their names in the books of history. Its so lovely, so amazing to see my country my dear country win. I Am proud to be indian. its a moment i will cherish for the rest of my life and would share it with my kids and children. The whole country bleeded blue; The color of blood turned blue as cricket,the passion of cricket was flowing in the veins of each and every indian. i always believed that this world cup is ours from the very begining itself.

The atmosphere is filled with joy. The joy of winning the world cup.All around i can listen people screaming and shouting vande mataram. This 45 days cricket festival unit…


Let my wounds be my teachers,
 let my pain be my guide, 
let my monsters be my companions, 
to the loneliness inside. 
 I stopped making choices,
 turned my back to the truth, 
let it all happen to me lost the best of my youth, 
 I learned to be loyal,
 to things which would betray, 
My heart, my mind, my spirit, my right to clean, clear away 
 let my bruises be my advisors, 
let my scars be my guides, 
let my pain teach me fully,

a cute love story

A 12 week old monkey was abandoned by his mother and was close to death...but he was lucky n was rescued by locals who lived on the island...he was taken to an animal hospital...slowly his health began to improve...but he appeared spiritless...showed no emotions...until he developed friendship with a White sweet so cute...he got a loving partner...soon dis friendship had a positive effect on his health...his heartbeats showed a rapid came back in his this unlikely duo r never far from each other....they play together..and sleep together...isn't dis TRUE LOVE?


I don't love u as if u were,
The salt rose topaz or arrows of carnation 
that propagate fire I love u as,
certain dark things that are loved secretly,
between the shadow and the soul,
I love u as the plant that doesn't bloom, 
and carries hidden within itself, 
the light of those flowers and thanks to your love, 
Darkly in my body lives the dense fragrance, 
that rises from the earth,   
I love you without knowing how, 
Or when or from where,   
I love You simply without problems or pride,   
I love you in this way because,
i don't know any other way of loving,
But in this in which there is no me or you,
So intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand,
So INTIMATE that when I fall asleep,

- Pablo Neruda

o gal lyk a stroke of bad luck.......

O girl lyk a stroke of bad luck; u came in my life; the tym i spent wid u; was a waste; the reason for my low marks; were you you n only you; now dat u have left n went; u have nothing to bother about; its me who has to suffer; dis harsh world alone;