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Raj received a WhatsApp - “Sorry, can’t talk in working hours.”

He walked into a cafe bar. To feel better he ordered coffee twice.

By the end of his second coffee, he walked at the counter and stood there.

“Yes, sir!” A beautiful girl acknowledged him with a smile on her face.

“A cappuccino, please.” Raj ordered.

“Sir. That’s your third coffee in the last one hour. Are you sure?” Meera the counter girl asked.

“Of course, I’m. After all, that’s the only way, I can communicate with my girlfriend in her working hours.” Raj answered.

A smile acknowledged from the other side of the counter. Meera chose, low sugar cappuccino and handed it to Raj saying, “Bill on me!”

That day, love was served in a coffee mug.




Its been four years since we became friends, four years of poetry, four years of talking philosophy, four years of beautiful conversations. Though with passing times, we do talk less for there is work to be done, as all are engaged in earning their bread and butter, we both are no different but even for those short duration's we talk, its beautifully rhyming. Though she is a thousand miles away and oceans keep us apart, we are somehow mentally connected, like memories that never fade away and stay immortal in our minds. Yesterday she called and we talked at a stretch, I realized we both were in search of a soulmate, a partner, there were talks on romance and it gradually shifted to marriage, she said, I always felt finding the right partner was easy, but its difficult, quite difficult. I said, ok, you don’t have to worry so much, if you don’t find anyone I am also there for you, we can always date and spend a great time. She giggled for a while and said, I am really poor with dati…