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It was an easy day at work, quite unusual though. My whole body was paining in the morning, may be it was because of less hours of sleep for all these days. I was just not able to get up, sensation of extreme tiredness, i simply wanted to lay there and take rest, i didn't had the guts to ignore myself and go to work. i checked my phone, it was already 9.20 AM, i was already late and i now knew, i needed a half day. I texted my HR requesting a half day from her, though got some flare from her but i managed to get an half day and i was happy about it. I somehow stood up, dragged myself into the kitchen and checked, what was there for breakfast. Maid had made parathas and puree of egg plant(Baigan bharta), without wasting time in brushing my teeth. I took a plate out, put five parathas, two schoops of puree and began munching. I must say, maid had made a yummy breakfast, i relished every bite. As i finised eating, i dumped the plate  in the sink, washed my face and went to sleep agai…


Rahul Dravid never attended classes regularly. He was always seen practising in the nets. One day he came to class and started writing notes with his  gloves on.We were feeling uncomfortable seeing him writing with the gloves. I don't know how he might have felt. Everyone was  laughing, talking, whispering, Rahul Dravid continued writing for that full hour.
After one hour was over, I and Rahul Dravid had a common friend ,Adarsh,
so he came up to Adarsh and said,
''Adarsh, Can I borrow your accounts notes because exams are  nearing and I haven't written many notes. So can I borrow it and xerox it and give it to you back''
Adarsh replied  ''Rahul ,I'll give you the notes but could you tell me why were you wearing gloves on? You came to class wearing gloves and you continued wearing it, you were wearing the gloves even when the teacher was  dictating notes, Is it to impress Anupama?(Anupama was the most beautiful girl in their class!).
Rahul Dravid said …


Many of my friends have told me at some point of my time, that I inspire them and have asked me this question that how am I so hopeful about life. And in all those times, I never had an answer because how do I describe it in words, I was clueless about it. Maybe it’s the books I read, that keep me high always, it’s the spirituality I get immersed in at times and many times it’s the people around me. 

There is an aunt who comes to our flat, to cook food for me and my roommates. I would rarely get time to talk to her, I would be sleeping in the morning and in the evening, I would be busy in my own world, listening to music, talking to my friends, engrossed in my own thoughts. There were scars on her face, memories of domestic violence I guess, of all the pain she had gone through. The lady works really hard to support her life and feed her children. She would go around different houses cooking food and washing utensils, in the morning and evenings, her daytime would be spent rendering se…


As usual, it was saturday, the week had ended and it was time for a visit to my library. It was quite a rountine for me, to date a book for two weeks and then live in her memories for days to come. I was too late this time, as i had some pending work in office. It was raining heavily that evening, as i entered the library, i took off my raincoat and went staright inside keeping my bag at the counter. The library was scarcely populated as usual and this time, i just saw a girl and it seemed she was lost in this vast universe. She looked awesome and i fell in awe of her and boom, the lights went off, as the rains hit hard. The power went was just the two us, alone in darkness in midst of books........
She (Sighing): "Oh no!"
(The state of alertness which darkness engenders, brought out the
spontaneous guy in me.)

Me (Curious): "Are you afraid of ghosts?"
She: "What? No......I mean..... I don't believe in such stuff!"

Me: "Me too. But, I don…


I liked a girl. When I passed my class 12th , She was in class12th at that time. We were studying in thesame tuition. But as i passed my 12th, I had left the tuition. I was roaming here and there on the streets feeling bored. As i was passing by my Ex-tuition , I saw her scooty. It was standing unlocked with the keys on it. I thought of telling this to her and impressing her. I went inside the tuition, pulling the door of the class , I uttered “Sunayna” . As soon as i uttered she spoke, "Sir meri chabi lagi reh gyi hai scooty pe, le aau” . Sir said yes. She left the class to get the keys and locked the scooty. As soon as she left , Sir asked ”Aur bhai raasta kaise bhul gya aaj , koi kaam tha kya”. I told “Mai sunayana ko yahi batane aaya tha ki scooty pe chabi lagi hui hai”. Sir saying “itni fikar kabhi hamari bhi kar lia karo”. Everybody in class started laughing and all stared at me like i was the biggest pervert to have ever existed on earth . That was the most embarrassing m…


He was at his grandparent's  place in Kerala for a few  days. His cell phone with 3G was his only companion whenever he felt bored. He would go to the terrace before dusk and it became a regular timepass for him. One particular day, he spotted a beautiful girl 3-4 terraces away, his terrace visits became more regular. There was no direct possible way to approach her. He thought of every possible way to somehow start a conversation with her but all in vain, until one day an idea struck him and what he did next, i would consider it a smart move, he observed that the girl after coming to her terrace would take out her mobile and stick to it. He also figured that she was using some wifi to access internet. That auspicious day, she was wearing a red top. His naughty mind, came up with this idea, he created a wifi hotspot with the name, "hello red top". It took her some time but the girl soon noticed the encrypted message and realised what her neighbour was upto. She looked at…


Well in my family, we rarely celebrate our birthdays, birthdays are just like normal days. Many a times i would forget the birthday of my mother and the day would pass by like any other day. It was during my post graduation days, when i made a girlfriend, that i realized the importance of birthdays. Now i would always try to make my girl feel special by occasionally giving her rose buds and chocolates when she least expects it. I would surprise her by stealing a kiss on her cheeks when she would be busy in her thoughts. She would hit me back at times, at times revert back with a kiss. She would care for me always, like if i had my food or not, if i had a spoiled mood, she would make sure that she cheers me up up. In all this, i realized, i don’t how but yeah i realized that what she is has been doing, the way she cares for me, my mother has been doing this for me for almost 22 years, from the time i was in her womb and i never made an effort to make her feel special. I decided that, y…