It was an easy day at work, quite unusual though. My whole body was paining in the morning, may be it was because of less hours of sleep for all these days. I was just not able to get up, sensation of extreme tiredness, i simply wanted to lay there and take rest, i didn't had the guts to ignore myself and go to work. i checked my phone, it was already 9.20 AM, i was already late and i now knew, i needed a half day. I texted my HR requesting a half day from her, though got some flare from her but i managed to get an half day and i was happy about it. I somehow stood up, dragged myself into the kitchen and checked, what was there for breakfast. Maid had made parathas and puree of egg plant(Baigan bharta), without wasting time in brushing my teeth. I took a plate out, put five parathas, two schoops of puree and began munching. I must say, maid had made a yummy breakfast, i relished every bite. As i finised eating, i dumped the plate  in the sink, washed my face and went to sleep again. I set an alarm for 1 o clock and slept for two hours straight, the sleep felt good and i felt better, i was still yawning though, i brushed my teeth, loosened my bowels and took a shower. As i moved naked in my flat searching for clothes, i found out either the jeans were dirty or were wet, damn the cons of unending showers. I simply popped a tshirt, wore a pyjama beneath, applied some deo, took my bag, locked the house and drove my way to office. I must say, i never felt more comfortable in any other attire than this, My office mates were giving me weird looks, my head was heavy, so i didn't care. I completed my tasks yawning and drinking coffee, but i did being a sincere employee. Office hours had ended. It was time to leave, as i came out of the building, there were droplets of rains falling from the sky, not enough to make you wet, not less to keep you dry. It was like those whispers of your loved one in your ears, as i drove myself back home. Raindrops were falling all over my body and it felt good. I was moving on with good pace until i saw the colour turn red on the signal which brought me to a halt. The clouds were still pouring and as i waited for the light to go green, droplets fell on me here and there. After around two minutes, i saw the light turn green, i kicked my bike and it roared back to action, i was in a hurry as i raised my acclerator, the bike took speed and soon we got busy driving through the roads making its way amidst heavy traffic. Everything seemed to be in such a hurry, as if the city was running from a dog caught with rabies. In those rush hour moments, came a droplet and it hit my left nipple, i felt a shiver all over my body. It was cold and chilly, i felt those shivers, a tingling effect all over my body. I who was dead all day, was alive that very moment and everything appeared slow, very slow. The pace of  the bike dropped and i whose body consists of 70 % water started appreciating the water around me. I just thought, why was it that all the droplets that touched me before didn't had such a miraculous effect on me as much as this droplet did, perhaps because this droplet touched me at a place that was sensitive, a point that was too sensitive to touch. In life too, when we make love, we need to touch those sensitive parts of our lover, places that were hidden from us, those hidden wounds were waiting for our touch to get healed. There would be pain, there would be shivers but it takes just a kiss, a hug, some words and one lovely intimate session to feel good and leave all the demons behind. Life will rise again from all its ugliness to become beautiful and we would smile again after shedding all those tears........

As i entered my home sweet home, i faced myself in the mirror and looked into my eyes and said, "Thou shall never say, rain rain go away "

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