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Spread the word… it is CHRISTmas

CHRISTmas is in air. Wishes… carols and articles relating to CHRISTmas are continuously dropping in. But in this joyful and merry making time I end up arguing with people for the usage of Xmas instead of “CHRISTmas”. I hear so many clarifications defending their point. No that’s not wrong… Early Christians used… X is a Greek word which means Christ… it’s a shortcut… easy to type… and so much of blah..blah I have something to ask all who argue on this issue… Did your CHRIST use shortcuts to come down to Earth ?
Know that… like you… He could have used a shortcut.
Did your CHRIST use shortcuts when His parents knocked every single door for little space for His birth ?
Know that… like you… He could have used a shortcut.
Did your CHRIST use shortcuts while He walked to the Calvary ?
Know that… like you… He could have used a shortcut.
Did your CHRIST use shortcuts as He was been crucified in order to save you and me from our sins ?
Know that… like you… He could have used a shortcut.
What constructive th…


This year has been a learning year for me, a lot of lessons learnt, here are the top 12 for you :-
1) Time goes by like a puff of smoke - 

This year went like a flash, it seems like just yesterday, The new year celebrations were just over and now its almost 15 december, 10 days away from christmas and 16 days away from new year.

2) Life is hard and cruel once you step out of college - 

You have to earn your bread and butter, go through a lot of rejections, politics, selfishness, egos and still survive. No one will give you a single penny for free, that's when you realize your true self, the arrogant you is defeated and a humble persona is born.

3) School was much better, College is useless - 

School prepared you to take the big leap, to fly high, but time spent in college made me mediocre and strictly average. Even today what i studied in school comes handy but nevertheless the bachelors i did in microbiology, the masters i did in applied chemistry is no use to me, i believe the bachelo…


Last night she what sapped me a Pic, a picture of a deserted road covered with heavy fog, along with it she texted, so much fog here in Delhi, my goodness, early morning when i leave for work, not even a single thing is visible, its fog all around. Even the cab driver drives at 20kms on some roads.

I texted her, "huhhh, only if i were in Delhi, i would have made full use of the situation."
She texted, "full advantage of the situation, i mean how"
i answered,"being invisible in the fog, i would have touched you here and there, lol, ha ha ha ha"
She replied back, "ha ha ha ha, There was a reason, Why God destined you to take birth in Bhopal"

LG V20

What a wrecked life i was living with my blackberry bolt, A phone that was way past it prime, i felt weird taking it out during my hangouts with friends, i had to depend on my friend for better selfies, great pictures of mine so that i could upload them on facebook and get some likes. I don't have an instagram account as well, just for the sole reason, my mobile disappointed me big time, the picture clarity wasn't good, taking selfies was a distant dream, infact i missed those moments which were worth capturing that happened right before my eyes, the miracles of daily life, like the musicians singing in a live concert, like a dew drop that fell on a leaf shining in the sunshine, like that wild flower growing in my backyard, like my friends smearing cake on each other, i could never capture this moments. In the blissful morning hours, when i would be getting ready for office, preparing my breakfast at times, i would wish to hear some music to soothe my soul, how about playing i…

Love not your past nor your Future but your Present

Living in the memories of your beautiful ex is a waste, why are you still into her, why do you even think of her, the one who came like a fresh breeze in your life has gone away like a puff of wind, she is no more in your life, accept the truth.

Why do you worry o boy, why does marriage even bother you, that's OK you are not well settled, its perfectly fine you don't earn much. Its OK if your future looks dull, why does thinking about your future makes you sad.

Why be obsessed with your past, why fantasize about your future, masturbating in your present, wasting your time.....

Live in the present, the present moment, look around your office, look around your surroundings, observe carefully and you fill find a girl yearning for love, date her, make memories, have sex, plenty of it.....

Don't waste your youth brooding over your past or worrying about your future, be real, be present in the present moment and life will get a meaning....

This Post exclusively written for the Curren…

She needs more time to decide, means its a NO....

I proposed her yesterday after being friends with her for almost a year, She needs more time to decide she said, what does she mean?

It means no.

It means she does not want to be with you—certainly not now, and possibly never.

Try an experiment: When you are out and about in the world, listen to the people around you. Listen closely when you ask people questions. Notice anything funny?

People rarely say the word “no.” If you ask someone something, and they don’t want to do it, it’s extremely uncommon that they will say “no.” Instead, they will say other things that still communicate that the answer is no.

“Can I borrow your bike?” “Well, I’d love to let you, but I need it tomorrow.” That means no.

“Can I use your car?” “I don’t think my insurance covers other drivers.” That means no.

“Want to go to the new Avengers movie with me?” “I have to work tomorrow.” That means no.

“Would you like to date me?” “I need more time.” That means no.

The thing that’s weird is, on any subject except romance, w…


She loves her boyfriend but talks to me too, she says i am also important to her, what does she mean ?

What happens to the 4 GB pen drive when you buy a 32 GB one? Do you throw it away? Nope. It goes into back-up mode. See where I am getting at?

Don't be a 4 GB pen drive for somebody when you can be a 1 TB hard drive for someone else.