LG V20

What a wrecked life i was living with my blackberry bolt, A phone that was way past it prime, i felt weird taking it out during my hangouts with friends, i had to depend on my friend for better selfies, great pictures of mine so that i could upload them on facebook and get some likes. I don't have an instagram account as well, just for the sole reason, my mobile disappointed me big time, the picture clarity wasn't good, taking selfies was a distant dream, infact i missed those moments which were worth capturing that happened right before my eyes, the miracles of daily life, like the musicians singing in a live concert, like a dew drop that fell on a leaf shining in the sunshine, like that wild flower growing in my backyard, like my friends smearing cake on each other, i could never capture this moments. In the blissful morning hours, when i would be getting ready for office, preparing my breakfast at times, i would wish to hear some music to soothe my soul, how about playing it on my mobile and going on with my morning job, how cool was that, but it was not the case with me, for me if i had to play music and hear it, i needed to sit with it, a bit closer. The songs won't be audible if i would be showering or if i were in the kitchen. Dancing while bathing, dancing while cooking became unfulfilled desires. My phone would start hanging at times, the processing system would get slow, chatting on whatsapp would become a hellish experience because my phone would run out of memory, pissing me off at times, i felt, i was really missing out something in life, Though i was a great guy in my personal life, my friends appeared cooler because they had better phones.

But times do change and they changed, when i got my hands on LG V20, a handset that i made my own a few days ago. It came like a breathe of fresh air in my life, With an 8 MP front camera, i would keep taking selfies adoring my looks at times, deleting my bad pics and saving the better ones. With a powerful 16 MP camera, this phone is a magician in capturing the miracles happening around, those beautiful moments i cannot give a miss. I now don't miss the roses around me and the morning sunshine and water droplets look more stunning when turned into images. The audio quality is simply awesome, its mics can record the loudest rock concert with perfect clarity and its give a stunning performance when you play it back. With snapdragon 820 chip, Adreno 530 GPU and 4GB ram, The phone works smoothly, your fingers move fast and chatting is fun, playing games on it is heaven, LG V20 is the new ANGEL in my life, An angel who is strong and durable built with high quality aluminium. 

#LGV20 You have empowered my life, thank you....


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