As usual, it was saturday, the week had ended and it was time for a visit to my library. It was quite a rountine for me, to date a book for two weeks and then live in her memories for days to come. I was too late this time, as i had some pending work in office. It was raining heavily that evening, as i entered the library, i took off my raincoat and went staright inside keeping my bag at the counter. The library was scarcely populated as usual and this time, i just saw a girl and it seemed she was lost in this vast universe. She looked awesome and i fell in awe of her and boom, the lights went off, as the rains hit hard. The power went was just the two us, alone in darkness in midst of books........

She (Sighing): "Oh no!"
(The state of alertness which darkness engenders, brought out the
spontaneous guy in me.)

Me (Curious): "Are you afraid of ghosts?"
She: "What? No......I mean..... I don't believe in such stuff!"

Me: "Me too. But, I don't know why, whenever I am in an old, large,
spooky, dark place like this and it's raining outside, the probability
of existence of ghosts seems very high."

She: "Spooky, large, old, dark." (She emphasized on each word.)
Me (Clueless): "Huh? Yeah, that's what I just said."

She: "No! Your order of adjectives was wrong."
Me (Digesting slowly): "Order... of.... adjectives. Hmm. Is that what
this place does to you?"

(She chuckled.)

She: "Hi! I am Rose."
Me: "Rose. The noun or the verb?"

(She chortled again.)

She: "Look, my parents were not that grammar conscious!"
Me: "And look how you turned out!"

(We both laughed.)

Me: "I am Aditya."

(The librarian brought a candle. By the look on his face, he seemed as
freaked out as me; watching two people talk in complete darkness. As
opposed to ghosts, crazy people were very much real!)

Me: "Well, I have heard about candlelight dinners, but candlelight
reading sessions are new to me."

She: "Don't get any ideas, mister."
Me: "But I thought people came to libraries for ideas, for enlightenment!"

She: "Funny of you to say 'enlightenment' during a blackout."
Me: "Hey! Let's not undermine the efforts of the candle. These babies
have been very useful to people, you know; to help them bond, have
romantic conversations."

She (mischievously): "Are you flirting with me?"
Me: "Yeah. Rule No.1 of Professional Flirting: When you want to flirt
with a girl, praise a candle instead!"

(She giggled.)

She: "What are you reading?"
Me: "Your eyes! The most beautiful pair I have ever seen. Now, I can
see the flickering of the flame in them. Those glittering pearls have
the power to make time stand still!"

She (overwhelmed): "Wow! That is the most wonderful thing anyone has
ever said to me. Now you are definitely flirting with me!"
Me: "Well. I took the last line from the Sci-Fi book I am reading."

(She laughed really hard.)

She: "You plagiarist!"
Me: "Hey! I just gave credit to the source!"

She: "But you used it to try to impress me before mentioning that!"
Me: "So you are impressed by me now?"

She: "Didn't you hear the word 'try' ?"
Me: "Okay, let's see, I am in this candle lit room alone, with a
beautiful, intelligent girl who has a good sense of humor and it is
raining outside.You can't blame me for trying. I am not a wuss!"

She: "So what are you?"
Me: "I am not a self-pompous person either. People are free to judge."

She: "Good. I like modest people. Especially, if they are smart and funny."
Me: "Were those compliments in disguise?"

She: "Why do you need to convert my generalizations to attributions ?"
Me: "Don't know. Why do you need to play games?"

(She giggled again and made a deep eye contact.)

She: "I don't remember the last time I laughed so much."
Me: "Well, I hope you shall remember this time."

(The power was back. The rain had also significantly receded.)

She: "Okay. Time to go."

(We prepared to leave. I went to the shelf to collect my bag.)

She: "Hey! You dropped your bookmark here."

I went back to the table and picked up the bookmark. I looked around.
She was gone. I couldn't understand. Why had she gone away so
abruptly? There was no mention of whether we could meet again. Not
even a proper goodbye. I became morose.

I looked at the bookmark again.
There was something scribbled on it in a cute handwriting:

Tina :99224188*#
Looking forward to that candle light dinner with you...:*

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