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It was 11.50 showing on the clock and I was really tired as I had a busy day,  my whole body was aching and I needed some rest. I wanted to sleep, I just wanted to lie down.  I finished my work and switched off my laptop, put my mobile aside and jumped on my bed.  My eyes were closing and my mind had opened the doors for dreams to come in. 10 minutes had gone by when I heard the ringtone of my phone, I ignored it, it was a long miscall, who would call me at this time, I wondered. I ignored it and decided to sleep, that’s when my dad came to my room asking me who had called me at this time of the night. He was reading the bible in the hall and asked me to keep the phone in silent mode as it disturbs him. My sleep was gone by now, I cursed the person who called me at this time of the night, I took my phone and checked the name of the devil, it was Ribin. My dear bro, my friend why would he call me at this time of the night ?. I checked my whatsapp and I saw 4 unread messages from him.

It said,
Need help…
U der..
Its urgent…
I replied back,” you ass, what is it that you want at this time of the night, go and sleep and let me sleep too, will talk in the morning”.
He replied back and said, bro its urgent , I need to talk”
I sensed something was serious, so agreed and said, “ yes man what’s the matter”.
He said,” Riya broke up with me”.
I was shocked and the ground below had a minor earthquake, I texted him back, “ what are you saying bro, how did this happen”.
He said,” I don’t know bro, for past 4 months she was behaving weirdly, avoiding me, ignoring my texts, making excuses of not meeting me , I confronted her today and we had a big fight, she called me a loser bro, she said I had no future and she cannot get committed with such a person, her words bro….her words still echo …she asked me to get lost from her life…i just walked away from their ashamed and broken, I had nothing to say to her. I am lost..i am destroyed. Tell me bro what should I do”.
I was disturbed by what he said and felt angry and sad, as my heart was giving mixed reactions. I didn’t know what to say to him, as the wound was still fresh and no amount of ointment could ease the pain.
So I consoled him,” calm down bro, we will surely find  a way, I can understand how you are feeling right now but then you have to face it man”.
He texted me back, “ bro I need a job, I need a job …you have so many links…can you get a job for me”
I said,” yeah man, I will do that for you..i will try..will talk to people..will let you know”.
He said,” ok bro…then good night”
His talks depressed me, I felt really sad  for him, I knew there were hard times ahead.
My mind was quite exhausted by now, so keeping this depressive thoughts aside, I went to sleep, a good sleep would make me feel better.
In the morning I woke up, did my daily chores, got ready for college , once I was free, I texted Ribin, “ hey bro, good morning…how’s you now, ok”.
He texted me back in no time, “ bro, did you talk to someone for my job”.
I got irritated on his stupidity and replied him,” I told you, I need some time, you don’t get a job overnight”.
He said,” ok, but please do it as soon as possible”.
I said, “ yeah ok, well listen, I am coming to meet you, get ready”.
He texted back,” no bro, sorry, I am in no mood to meet anyone,  no offense but I am not in a mood to meet anyone”.
I felt bad for him, really bad and understood that how he must be feeling.
He then texted further, “ I am destroyed bro, I feel like why am I living this shitty life”.
When I read this text, I sensed something was wrong and my heart said I should go and meet him but then my brain said, live him at his will, he will be fine and he has told you to stay away, why bother?”.
I started my bike and was on the way to college, when again my heart said, that go, meet him, he needs you, don’t be a selfish brat”.
As I was moving ahead, there came a point where the road was divided into two, the left one lead to my college, the right one lead to my friend’s house.
I took the right turn and speeded my way to Ribin’s house.
I reached there and rang the bell, he came out after I had pressed the bell the third time.
He was quite surprised to see me at his door.
He taunted me, so bro, you would never listen na”.
I said, “ I just wished to see you”
He said, “ ok come in”.

As I went into his room, his room was filled with the strong smell of burning cigarette, an ash tray was lying on his desk and I saw numerous pieces of burned cigarette. It was a painful sight to see him smoking, for he had left smoking a year ago. Now he was back to his old ways. I asked him, “ I thought you had left smoking”. He said,” ya I had, but now that she is gone, I just want to burn her memories and blow them in the sky. I felt pity for him, I had nothing to say, I know it was of no use. I sat there silently, he sat in front of him. He blurted out, life is so shitty bro and as he was saying this, I saw some cuts on his wrist. I grew suspicious and asked him, from where did you get those cuts from. He said, “ ohh that, I tried to cut my wrists but see I cannot even do that properly, I just wanted her sympathy, so send her a pic of my bruised wrist but she hated me more after I did that”. What he said made me angry, very angry and I slapped him hard and shouted at him, have you decided to remain an idiot for the rest of your life, you ass or have you decided to keep licking her heels for your whole life. He started crying, I know nothing, what I know is I love her and I love her a lot. I said, you sure that you love her. He said, yes I do.
I said, if you do, then just let her go, she does not want to be with you, if you want her to be happy, just let her go man. Don’t stalk her.

When he heard what I said, he broke into tears, I cannot…she is just into me very much..i cannot separate her from me….her, her memories, her photos, those moments spend with her, they all torture me so much…
I hugged him and said, yes I know its difficult, but you have to, there is no other way, have some self esteem, wake up please for God sake, be a man”
He said,” I will try bro, I will try”.
I said,” I know how hard it must be for you, but you have to face it, there will be times when you would feel lonely, there would be times when you would just break down but hard times shall pass away because they have to, life is like that man, you just need to hold on”.
He was nodding on everything what I said
I said further, and for heaven sake, stop texting her, stop following her, stop stalking her, there are better things to do in life, try them life is too big bro, experience it. you surely will get a better girl who will love you with all her heart, body and soul”.
At this he reacted, I want no one now, I want to stay alone for the rest of my life.
I laughed at what he said, as you wish, now cheer up, we are going out now.
He said, no need, I am not going anywhere”.
I asked him in a proper way, you coming or shall I give you a kick.
He nodded “ok whatever you say, but where are we going.”
I said,” bar, toddy bar….we are going to celebrate your breakup.”
He laughed and hugged me, love you bro….you are the best.
I called all the members of our boys gang, biby, anish, jerry, robin, jophy and asked them to join us.

My small gesture cheered him up, whole afternoon and evening..i spend with him laughing and cheering him up. I bunked my college that day, he was laughing again and i Thank God for that, I followed what my heart said and I don’t regret it now. Taking the right turn was the right decision.

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