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My Mother is a shy woman like very shy to express her desires, very timid to say what she exactly wants.  She would wake up early in the morning and wake us all up, there would be morning tea ready for us, she would then prepare breakfast for all of us, that is for herself , me, my sister and my father  and then  would leave for office. From 8 am to 5 pm she would be at her office working for us,  sitting in front of the computer continuously for hours. Then she would come back home, rest for a while and get busy with the household chores. Once she enters into the kitchen, she wouldn't come out unless the dinner is made.  She would be free by around 9 to 10 pm and once she is done, she would ask all of us to gather for the family prayer. Then we all would have dinner together watching TV. From the time when I was 5 years old, I have seen my mother follow the same routine , working hard, praying for us, sacrificing her wishes for her family. I never saw her buy a saree for herself or a piece of jewellery for her ownself, everytime I asked her,” amme how come you never buy sarees but still your almirah never goes empty, always filled with shiny and beautiful sarees of different colors”. She would say, “ son, I never felt a need to buy a saree for myself, your dad, your granny, my mother, my sisters, my brothers they keep gifting me sarees, so I never needed any, my dear ones are enough to fulfill my needs”.  I was speechless and in my heart, I thanked all of them who take care of my mother. She has always been caring and loving to all of us and always kept our needs, our wishes above her desires.

One day while going through my news feed, I saw few photos which were uploaded by my friend of mine. Those snaps were taken during his mother’s 42nd birthday.  Their family looked quite happy, the pic showed he, his brother, his dad and his mother smiling, feeding pieces of cake to each other, there was so much love, there was so much fun. After peeping into those birthday snaps, I wondered we never celebrated the birthday of the most important lady of our family-My Mother. I wondered why it never happened, such a beautiful occasion passed by for so many years and no one noticed it. I celebrated my birthday every year without ever missing it and my mother would be like never even bothered to tell us, that yes its my birthday today, wake up kids lets celebrate. That never happened, so this time I thought of celebrating the day my mother came on this earth. She is not going to do that, I knew it  because I am her son and have been living with her for the past 20 years, when it comes to herself, her happiness she is very lazy to do something about it. She has become addicted to this monotonous life and if anyone tries to change it, he or she has to face her inertia. Today is 9th of march and her birthday falls on 28th march and she would be turning 44 this year, I decided that this time I would surprise her with cakes and chocolates. I included my sister in my plan and she said she would buy chocolates, so I was left with the job of buying cake and candles.  We shared our plan with dad and he too got involved, he decided that now that chocolates and cake are already booked, he would buy the birthday gift for his wife. After a lot of discussion, we decided we would buy her a pair of sandals.

All three of us eagerly waited for the day when we would surprise our lady with gifts of happiness, when she would least expect it.  After 19 days came the day when the plan had to be executed, now was time for some action, enough of rehearsing had been done.  It was decided that no would wish her in the morning and all will act as if it’s a normal day as we do every year unknowingly and this time for a change, we would do it knowingly. Like every other day, my mother did her duties on time and left for office. I had took a leave from my college, my sister would be back by 1.30 and dad would take a half day from his office. I had ordered the cake and as my mother would be back by 4, I had asked them to deliver the cake by 3 pm, so that the cake doesn’t lose its aroma. My Sister decorated the house with balloons and on the wall of the hall, it was written HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GUARDIAN ANGEL OF OUR FAMILY.  Dad cooked payasam for the occasion (payasam is a sweet pudding eaten during special occasions).  My dad is an awesome cook and as I smelled the aroma that was filled in the whole house, I knew payasam made by dad would be another sweet gift for my mother.

The clock struck 3 but the cake had not arrived yet, I called them and they said, the delivery boy was on the way and the cake would be delivered in 5 minutes. I told them to do it fast and disconnected the call, as soon as I kept the phone, there was a knock on the door, I opened the door and I felt relieved that the delivery boy had arrived, finally the cake had come.  We all smiled with happiness, the day was going as per our plan, My sister had bought a dairy milk silk and Cadbury celebrations, my dad had bought a pair of sandals , the room was decorated, payasam was ready. Everything was ready and now we all waited for our dear lady, as the clock struck 4, our hearts pumped blood with excitement . We waited for her and the clock showed that time was 4.30 now, irritation took the place of excitement. Wait is a tiring thing to do, it kills all the excitement in you, as per the plan we were not to call her, so we waited  and the clock now showed 5 pm. 

Our souls were running out of patience, so I finally decided to break the rule and call mom and ask her where about's.  As I dialed her number, there was a knock on the door, I knew it was mom!!!!!! Yes she had arrived finally. Me and my sister jumped in happiness, as father proceeded to open the door. He opened the door and saw his wife who was extremely tired standing outside, he asked her to come in, mom was surprised to see him so early and asked him, “ hey you came a bit too early from office, had no work”. My dad looked at us and we looked at him, together we all looked at mom and screamed “happy birthday to the most beautiful woman on earth “. She stood their stunned, speechless had no idea what to say, her face was expressionless and that was really cute. We all laughed at her as she looked happily embarrassed, we all ran towards her and hugged her,giving a peck on her cheeks. She blushed and gave us all a hug, there were tears in her eyes as she saw the message on the wall,” HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GUARDIAN ANGEL OF OUR FAMILY”. We all took her to the dining table where cake was kept, on the black forest cake was written,” HAPPY BIRTHDAY O DEAR FAIRY”. She laughed reading the message on the cake and pinched my cheeks, she took the knife and as we started singing the universal birthday song, she dissected the cake and took the first piece and gave it to dad, he took a small munch and gave it back to my mother,  and I captured that beautiful moment. Then came my sister for whom mom cut a small piece and poured all her love as she put that little piece of cake in my sis’s mouth. I captured that beautiful moment and next  came me, I gave the camera to dad and as mother put that yummy black forest in my mouth, my dad saved that beautiful moment in my camera. My sister then went and opened the fridge and took out her treasure of chocolates and presented it to mother. Mother was surprised and thanked her and like always she said, it was not needed, thou we all  knew she love chocolates. The biggest surprise was yet to be revealed as Dad gifted her a pair of beautiful sandals. She looked so happy and in that lovely moment hugged my dad, I and sis passed a smile to each other as we witnessed this glorious moment. I had never seen my dad and mom hugging each other or kissing each other or showering love at each other, they rarely showed affection  to each other  though they cared for each other a lot. For me that was indeed a novel moment. I didn’t capture it because some moments don’t need to be clicked, they remained hitched in our hearts till the last breathe of our life.

For dinner, Dad had cooked his special spicy chicken curry, we all relished it to core. As the dinner was over we together enjoyed eating payasam,  I noticed my mother was smiling, yes she was and something was very special about that smile, a smile which oozed immense happiness. I had seen her happy after a long time, the hard times and that monotonous routine had made wrinkles on her face, I hope this night, some of them will vanish away, for her smile was a broad one. Her happiness was a real one. I was proud of myself, yes I was and I was happy to see my family so happy together. My mother is an integral part of my heart and I followed what my heart said, to make my mother feel special because of whom I came into this world.

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