I’m voting for Arunima Sinha, Bhakti sharma, Rufus d souza, Manju devi, Satender sharma, Geeta phogat #WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help him/her get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.


 In April 2011, Arunima Sinha, a national level volleyball player, was thrown out of a running train by robbers who were after her gold chain. Her left leg crushed by the passing trains had to be amputated. This did not stop her from dreaming the impossible, on May 21, 2013, she became one of the few to climb Mount Everest.

Bhakti is the youngest female swimmer in the world to swim in 5 oceans (Indian, Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic and Antarctic) and 7 seas. Coming from the desert state, Rajasthan (India), pursuing the audacious dream of open water swimming has never been a cake walk. She has practiced in lakes, rivers and swimming tubs in her bid to be the best in the world. Today she has proven her Will of Steel by doing what very few others have managed to do and is clearly an inspiration to all like her.

A bachelor man, aged 84-years, highly committed in training young boys to become better footballers, living in Fort Kochi, Kerala. Destiny never favored Rufus. He was sent a telegram in 1954 to return home while he was attending a selection trail for Mohammedan Sporting Club Calcutta. He was responsible for taking care of his ailing parents and his younger brother who had down -syndrome. For the past 42 years he has been training young kids at the parade ground, Fort Kochi. His motivation is what pushes these kids to get the best out of themselves on and even off the field. Stories of his methods have spread far and wide and his ways have helped many realise their true dreams.

In a country where deep-rooted patriarchy persists and the woman's roles are still largely seen as home-makers and child bearers, one rural Indian woman is defying the odds. Widowed a year ago and with three children to support, 30-year-old villager Manju Devi left her drought stricken village to work among 200 men as a porter or “coolie” at Jaipur city’s railway station.

At the age of 13, Satender Sharma was forced to leave home because of his abusive father. On the streets of New Delhi, he scavenged for a life between sex trafficking, drug abuse and child labour. After years of struggle, he found solace in the Salaam Baalak Today, he has grown up to become a citizen who instead of chasing success has dedicated his life to bettering the lives of thousands of street children like himself. He believes that no one deserves to go through what he had.

Geeta Phogat's story is no less than that of an underdog movie. She pursued a male dominated sport like wrestling in a male dominated society like Haryana. Despite the lack of belief from her community, Geeta worked hard to become the best she could ever be. She proved that she was the best by winning a gold at the Commonwealth games. This medal did much more than bring her to the limelight. It transformed how women were looked at in her community. Geeta Phogat is an inspiration like no other. She personifies having a Will Of Steel.


This stories of men and women who against all odds overcome the obstacles that life threw at them is so inspiring. My sufferings look so small before what they suffered, life had been so cruel to them but still they emerged victorious.  They never complained instead trusted themselves and came out with flying colors. Nothing can stop a person with a strong determination, the one who possess a will of steel, success will surely kiss their destiny one day.

I voted for Arunima sinha for she came out of that episode of horror to make her own movie of success and glory. Even though she lost her left leg because of a cruel incident that happened to her, her will to walk didn’t deter, she kept walking and this woman who possessed a will of steel became one of those few dare devils to conquer the Mount Everest. The highest peak on this earth was conquered by this lady who had lost one of her legs in a horrific incident.  Kudos to this great woman who despite losing a limb conquered the highest peak of challenge!!!!!!!!!!

I voted for Bhakti Sharma for at a young age as she jumped into the ocean of challenges, she crossed every ocean of despair, every sea that looked impossible to cross with her will of steel. Coming from the deserts of rajasthan her affinity towards water bodies is quite natural but to be the youngest swimmer to swim in 5 oceans and 7 seas needs hard work, determination, perseverance and a will as strong as steel. Kudos young lady!!!!!!!!!!!

I voted for Rufus D Souza because though destiny spoiled his dreams to be a footballer, he challenged his destiny by raising an army of boys who either became footballers or are potential footballers of future. A man who had to put aside his dreams to take care of his ailing parents and a young brother who was suffering from down syndrome, how painful his life would have been, how many times he must have burned himself in mental agony but depression and anxiety never overtook him, even though he could never fulfill his dreams but  he now has become an architect to shape the dreams of young kids who aspire to be footballers by training them at fort kochi. His motivation and training methods help the kids get the best out of them. kudos Rufus d souza…Football needs men like you….Society needs men like you…India needs men like you…who though themselves suffered in their lives but are giving hope to others.

I voted for Manju devi because she instead of accepting her destiny as it came upon her decided to change it. In a society dominated by men, this woman who was widowed a year ago and has three kids to support took the bold decision  of leaving her drought striken village to work as a porter at jaipur railway station. In a society where woman cannot take their own decisions, live their own life according to their wish, this brave lady took this brave decision to feed her children so that they don’t die of hunger. She overcome all hurdles in her way through will as strong as steel. Kudos!!!!!! brave woman…society needs more women like you who too possess a will of steel like you.

I voted for Satender Sharma because his story touched my heart, I was deeply moved by his story . he had to leave his house at the age of 13 because of his abusive father. He had to lead his teen life fearing fears of street life like sex trafficking, drug abuse and child labour. Life was hell for him until he found solace in an orphanage. Now that he has grown up to be a responsible citizen of Mother India, he has dedicated his life for the cause of street children. He lives each day to make a difference in the life of this poor kids, for he wants no one to go through what he went through.  A man full of mercy and compassion, he could have easily found a job and lead a normal life chasing success for the rest of his life but he chose the road less taken, he decided to live for those who live a life worse than death. Only a man who has a will strong as steel could take a decision like this, kudos!!!!!!!!!!!! Young man….the society needs men like you…we need more mercy….more compassion….God bless you.

I voted for Geeta phogat because her story is no less than an inspiration. A girl in a male dominated society takes up a male dominated sport and wins a gold in it….wow!.  Geeta phoghat wrestled her way through all odds, defeating all hurdles that came her way, her dear ones never had belief in her but she worked hard to be the best and went on to the win a gold medal at commonwealth games.  What makes her achievement more sweeter is that it has changed the way people look at women. Now no one doubts the ability of a woman, now women can also dream in Haryana, they too can dream big. A perfect example of women empowerment…isn’t it. It was her strong determination and will as strong as steel that made her get up everytime some one pushed her down to wrestle her way to success. Kudos Geeta phogat..India needs fighters like you. Keep up the fighting spirit.

Like i voted for them, you too vote for them to make them the Will of steel achievers.

When I read this stories, they made me cry and they made me realize that my sufferings are so less but still I have so much to complain. They all suffered so much in their lives, so much more than me,  someone lost their limb, someone lost their precious teen years. Someone had to sacrifice his dream, someone had to fight the whole society to accomplish their dreams but still rather than complaining they worked hard and overcome all these hurdles to become winners in life. Someone has rightly said, its your attitude that decides how far you will go in life. One can change their destiny by working hard without losing hope on oneself, you have to keep moving no matter how many times you fall down. This kind of attitude comes when you have the strong will power to do something, a strong will power to accomplish your goals. You must have a will power as strong as steel, unbreakable, unshakable. No amount of negativity, no matter how hard life becomes, no matter if people make fun of you, no matter if people criticize you, you must keep doing what you want to do until you get what you desire . You must  keep walking until you reach your destination .  Complain less and work more and be the change you want to see in this world. 


  1. Wow! Those are some really amazing people and amazing achievements. It kinda reminds me of a quote when someone said - don't just rely on the achievements on the popular people, they are just fabricated. The real achievements are in front of us, in the form of lives of people like the ones you have mentioned here. True inspiration indeed..

    1. Just loved your comment Vinay......well ya....agree with the quote u stated..don't just rely on the achievements on the popular people, they are just fabricated. well yeah...we need to look around and observe...and we will find so many unsung heroes....:-) who have suffered so much but still enlightening the society with hope and optimism

  2. congratulations on winning ;)
    cheers, Archana - www.drishti.co

    1. congratulations on winning....what did i win actually...

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