There was a girl in our class and her name was Sonam gupta, a guy in
our class had a secret crush on her. He used to stalk her every day
until one day he found out that she had a boyfriend who was our senior
in school. He was heartbroken and depressed, the crook he was, he
wrote on one of the desks of our classroom, that “Sonam gupta bewafa
hai”, no one knew when did he write this, probably in the lunch time
may be. After lunch, it was our Maths period, the message was by then
spread to the whole class and it became a talking point, Sonam gupta
was enraged and was very embarrassed seeing her name being taken in
such a filthy manner, Our Maths sir was briefed about the whole matter
and he felt embarrassed too, Sir looked towards the whole class and
asked “Who did this”. The culprit got up and accepted the crime. We
lived happily ever after.

As you all guessed, that is not true, the boy refused to owe up. Our
Maths sir came up with a brilliant strategy to find the culprit. He
decided to beat us all as he could not catch the culprit. After the
whack, when we were nursing our hurt, came the words of wisdom “For
now this will hurt, but this is for your own good.” We were all angry
at what just happened, we were punished for something we never did,
but surely the guy who wrote it must have got the whack too and even
his hands would be paining.

Does this example ring a bell, something same is happening in our
country right now, the PM’s move to get rid of black money by putting
500rs and 1000rs notes out of circulation is indeed a great step, when
I first heard of the announcement, I lauded our Prime minister for
such a great step and felt pride within that I voted for him, I put on
few quirky status and shared a few trolls on my facebook timeline, I
was quite happy that now the menace of black money would be over and
all those who had for all this year’s collected enormous wealth
through illegal means would be punished. It all went good for me until
a couple of days passed by and I started facing the repercussions of
the decision, as I ran out of cash, I moved around from ATM to ATM to
draw some money, but they all were crowded, there were people eagerly
waiting for their chance to draw some money in long queues. There were
ATMs who were devoid of such long queues but they were cashless, so
were useless to me. When I got my salary, I had to wait for almost two
days to get it deposited in the bank, two days of confusion about what
to do with the money i have because they were useless pieces of paper
unless i took an half day or a leave, stand in queues with the rest of
the crowd, wait for my chance and get my salary deposited in my
account and i wasn’t ready to do any of it though the third day I got
lucky and could deposit my money in a nearby cash deposit machine as
it was less crowded, I escaped the ordeal of standing in long queues.
In the evening as I called home, my sister took up the call and said,
Mumma is sleeping bhaiya, she is very tired, I said why what happened
?. She replied, Mumma had to deposit some cash in the bank and she had
to stand in the line for several hours but still all her efforts were
in vain, she didn’t get her chance as the counter was closed. My heart
pained when I heard this, at that moment, i simply lost my cool, for
my mother has been working hard for all this years and she still is
but she is getting old, her joints are getting weak and age is
catching up on her, with all those old age problems she had to stand
in queue for hours for the money, that was right fully hers, the money
she had earned toiling hard typing. I kept the phone and let out all
the curses I could say out from my mouth, because i am young, a
bachelor who stays away from his family in a city like indore, i still
can bear and go through the chaos the country is going through because
i live alone and can manage well even with limited cash, but the same
is not true for my parents. The turmoil in the country
didn’t spare my parents as well, thats were i felt the heat, the pain
of being helpless in such a situation.

I do believe, the step taken by our Prime minister is a great move, a
bold one indeed in fight against corruption but it wasn’t a well
planned move. The great move by the Prime minister as hailed by many
including me wasn’t followed with great measures resulting in
disruption and confusion all around. Only if the Goverment was well
prepared, the situation would have been much better. I really don’t
understand how can ATMS go cashless during such tough times, when the
situation is grave and crunch. I don’t understand what was the rush
when your logistics, infrastructure and manpower was not sufficient ?.

One thing i don’t understand is when the Goverment had said Hospitals
and petrol pump can accept 500rs and 1000rs notes, there are many
petrol pumps and hospitals who are refusing to accept old notes,
strict actions should be taken against them. Atleast hospitals, be it
private or goverment should be merciful to the cries and pain of the
common man, yes i do hear news of some deaths happening just because
people were not treated on time as hospital administration refused to
accept old notes. I do hear about suicides happening, about people
breaking down, marriages being postponed and its sad, really sad. Whom
do we blame, whom do we ask answers from, for greater good, do we
sacrifice the lives of our fellow men and rob them of the rights of
using their own money.

Your intention to wage war against black money and punish those
hoarders of ill gotten wealth was a great move but people at lower
strata have become worst victims. What are they being punished for
lord knows. A week of no cash and no business now means nights without
food or kadak chai. No ATMs working. Try telling the mother of an
ailing child that her child does not deserve treatment for ‘greater’
good. Parents and wives of soldiers are also in queues, try telling
them it’s for national interest. Try telling them, I dare you. Try
telling them their loved ones deserve to die because the govt was
hasty to make announcements when it wasn’t prepared. Bankers are
helpless but who really cares when you are far away from the limelight
of big towns and fancy cameras. Your loud TV debates won’t feed
people. Your patriotism won’t buy medicines. People walk long
distances to reach bank, public transport is abysmal and even a costly
affair for millions of folks. Demonetisation is the worst nightmare
come true for millions. This is a sad, really sad.

In the example stated in the first para, only if the classroom had a
CCTV camera, the culprit wouldn’t haved dared to write something
against his classmate, even if he had dared, he would have been
caught. The same is true in case of demonetization as well, only if
our infrastructure was great and if the decision was followed with
well planned measures, this decision would have been a historical one,
but now it needs to be seen, what lies in the womb of future, but for
now, along with corrupt even the honest are bleeding. 

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