There was a post on facebook “Since sex got easier to get, love got harder to find”, a quote that drew my attention. I kept thinking about it and felt curious about it, I forwarded this quote to my friends and got a good collection of thoughts, opinions, and perceptions. Here are some of them:-
1) Maybe, I think people find no difference between love, infatuation, attraction or whatever they call it.
2) Hmmm, its all bullshit, sex is not the only need between sincere lovers.
3) People do so much sex this days that sex has lost its importance like it was making love isn’t it, now its just sex, the love part is gone. All are lust driven and there ain’t any love. After being physical throughout their relationship, when they get married. What is left to explore and it’s after marriage they realize the real face of their better half, for before marriage they were too busy into each other to look at each other.
4) No, I don’t think so you always have a choice to choose. If you want sex, you get it easily, if you want love, you will find it easily and good things are hard to find.
5) Yes, it’s the real fight between finding love, its all lust and amidst all this love has lost it’s meaning.
6) It all depends upon our mentality brother, if you want sex, I will deal like that, if its love I want, I would treat the other person the same way. We manipulate a person according to our needs, it depends on an individual what he desires.
7) Yeah mate, people are more into attraction these days, cause making love has got easier than staying in love.
And here comes the most hilarious reply,
“I guess so, earlier people had to at least pretend to love a girl to get into their panties. Now all you have to do is get on top of them while making out if they kick you in the balls. You can go find another or else lottery.

And when I was thinking, yes was winning and most people were nodding on the quote, came a twist, there came a barrage of no's:-
1) No for me, for some maybe its true but for me, it's just a side effect of love.
2) No, it's not that we love for sex, you can buy sex, but you can never buy love.
3) Love is harder to find because true love has lost its meaning, people have become more selfish and self-centered, that’s why love is hard to find.
4) Ha ha ha ha. They both have no relation.
And amidst all this came a reply a beautiful reply from a beautiful soul,
“Nope, having sex will never give you the fulfillment of being loved, sex has always been easy, love has always been hard. Do you think prostitutes feel loved, they just feel used up.”
Those words put me in a fix.
I started thinking, hmmm that rings a bell somewhere. Even in old tales, love was hard to find. Olden times were much harder for lovers, the current times are still better irrespective of all the sex happening around. All the vices mentioned were existent in all ages, it's just that now they are much more visible because of our highly enlightened minds which form its perception from the social media. All the ones who agree with the quote, I ask you, is love all about sex for you, ain't it more than that. When you say because sex is easily accessible, true love is hard to find, you make love equivalent to sex. Like someone said, Sex has always been easy, love has always been hard. Not necessary the one you have sex with you love them too, not necessarily the one you love, you end up having sex with them.Sex is sex but love ain't love, its much bigger its everything, a spring of joy that keeps flowing from the wells of your heart. You don't believe me, see the smile on the faces of an old couple, for them even a slight touch of their beloved is intimate. They are so joyful in the presence of each other. No matter how many times you have sex, it would never fulfill your lust instead the desire becomes more fierce with time, you are always in search and the fire in you consumes you one day. Instead, love fulfills you, those gaps between your fingers when intertwingled with fingers of the one you love is a delight that can never be matched. Small acts of love are the ones that make the biggest impact. Love has been hard and it will always be hard to find, simply because good things don't come easy, we have to wait at times, be patient but before the fruit ripens we throw the stone and pluck the fruit, it would taste bitter obviously. Casual relationships and hookups have always hurt, no pervert has ever died in peace. 

Let's have a look at ourselves, a deep look within. Haven't we all become a bit self-centered, a bit selfish, a bit egoistic. There is family, career, society, religion, caste, friends, they influence our choices, don't they. We ourselves are not strong enough to face all odds, just a heartbreak and we close all the doors of our heart and we refuse to love again. Maybe it was during this refusal time, true love tried to knock the doors of your heart but you didn't allow it to come near you. For you were too busy living the ghosts of the past. Sometimes love is just near you caring for you, talking to you, sharing your woes and joys, you just have to recognize it, maybe it's your best friend or just a friend. We fail to understand, that we need to keep loving shedding our fears and that's the only way to find love. We suffer, we bear the pain and that's how life is. Sometimes we need to take a chance, we need to get naked to experience sex, we need to break those walls of our heart and let someone enter inside to experience love. Yes at times love destroys you but it never kills, it only makes you stronger. You always have a choice, either to cut your veins, live in the past or start from the scratch. Efforts never go in vain, the love you gave will come back to you, its a law of nature but if you fear love and never loved, how does love bless you. We all have heartbreaks and we all have wept and cried whole night, nothing new, rise up and give love a try again, that's what brave souls do, that's what we all need to do. 

Seek Love and love will seek you.

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