Yesterday i was reading the very famous book, "The adventures of Tom sawyer" written by the very famous writer Mark twain. Though i had read that book several times in my school days but still to read again gave me great pleasure . Yesterday my sister had issued that book from her school library, so i got a golden chance to turn the pages of it once again. 

What i liked the most apart from those adventures.....was the relationship of Tom sawyer and Becky Thatcher. Their relationship had that fresh essence of school romance...that innocence in those early teen days when a boy and girl played together with attraction towards each other hidden in their hearts, when having sex didn't matter, when physical attraction never existed....just smiling and blushing worked wonders...those were cute days....days of making promises that could never be fulfilled...

Tom sawyer and becky thatcher reminded me, of how innocent people could be...

here is the timeline of what happens between Tom and becky in the book adventures of Tom sawyer...

  • Tom sees Becky outside of Jeff Thatcher's house and is immediately struck by her beauty. He attempts to gain her attention.
  • Just before she goes inside, she throws a flower to Tom.
  • Becky shows up at Sunday school with her parents, and watches Tom make a fool of himself.
  • Becky ends up sitting next to Tom at school the next day – thanks to top-notch trickery on Tom's part. He woos her with his sub-par drawing skills; the two arrange to meet after class. She hits Tom on the hand when he writes "I love you" on his slate and shows it to her.
  • During recess, Tom flirts with Becky, and induces her to kiss him and promise to love him forever.
  • When Tom slips up and mentions his previous love, Amy Lawrence, Becky begins to cry.
  • Tom attempts to rectify the situation by giving her his prized andiron knob, but she throws it down in anger.
  • By the time she starts to feel bad and starts looking for Tom, he's long gone. She reconsiders just as quickly, and decides to hate him forever.
  • At this point, Becky disappears from school, sending Tom spiraling into depression.
  • When word spreads that Tom has drowned, Becky begins to regret throwing away his andiron knob.
  • When Tom comes back from the island, Becky is elated, but she is just as quickly infuriated when he passes her over in favor of Amy Lawrence. In order to get back at him, she invites everyone within earshot to a picnic – except Tom and Amy.
  • When this doesn't work, she begins reading a picture book with the dweeby Alfred Temple.
  • This does get to Tom, and Becky soon stops associating with Temple. Temple gets angry and ruins Tom's spelling book – while Becky watches – but Becky decides not to tell Tom.
  • The next day, Tom tries to apologize to Becky, but she won't hear of it.
  • Becky takes a look at Mr. Dobbins's anatomy book, but she rips a page when Tom comes up behind her. She begins to cry, because she knows she will be beaten for ripping the book.
  • When Mr. Dobbins starts asking who ripped the page, and Becky begins to fold under pressure, Tom stands up and takes credit for the misdeed. Tom is whipped, and Becky falls helplessly back into love.
  • A long time passes. The day of the picnic arrives.
  • Becky arranges to sleep at the Harpers' house – without telling the Harpers, of course – so that she and Tom can spend more time together.
  • The two go into the cave, but they soon get lost.
  • They spend days in the cave. Becky becomes weak and cries a lot.
  • Tom manages to find a way out and save Becky.
  • She is incredibly grateful, and the two live happily ever after.......

Cute isn't it...better than all those novels who preach fake love....he he he he.....

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