Their eyes met, for a while they kept staring at each other.......Cherry didn't knew what to say...Newti was too excited to say something....Newti broke this uneasiness and said "Hiii". Cherry gave a smile and said Hii in return.

Can i sit here ? he asked.
of course you can, she said.
He said, hello baby, to the child sitting next to her, her facial features resembled to that of Cherry. She must be her child, he thought....same eyes, same smile and that same naughtiness...she is cute like her mother...he thought...
"So"...he said
"so what" she asked....
"Is she your child ?" He asked
No, child of Queen dumbo of course she is my child", she said

and they both laughed. The un easiness between them was slowly vaporising away. So you are a mother now, i should call you an Aunty right, ha ha ha ha ha. 

"Shut up.....that was a bad one, so tell me how's life ? what are you doing this days and i am surprised to find you here, someone told me, you were not here and you were working in Mumbai, she said

"Oh so, someone keeps a track about my where abouts and i didn't knew....he he he he" saying this he winked at her.

ohh please...will you be serious now with some irritation in her voice.

Ok ok...well ya i am working as a Scientist at CSIR in mumbai pursuing my research on geo polymerisation and I am here for a holiday...on leave..just came to visit my parents and what about you ?

CHERRY-well i joined as an english teacher in St mary's convent school.

NEWTI-Oh that school near your House.

CHERRY-ya the same.

NEWTI-so you are planning to settle here.

CHERRY-Don't know.

NEWTI-hmmm....hows your married life and where is your husband, he didn't come with you.

This question pricked Cherry like a thorn gets pricked when you are walking , a question she wanted to avoid....she didn't want to answer that......she felt bad but controlled her self and said, ya its going well and my husband, he is ok....well now i need to go....getting was nice meeting you..see you soon....saying this, she took her bag and with her child started walking.

Newti was surprised with her behaviour..he felt odd but then he calmed himself and calmed her, " Hey Cherry" . She turned back and he asked for her contact number. She gave it and asked him to give his no. too. They exchanged nos and went their ways.

On his way, Newti kept thinking of her...she is still the same...beautiful...elegant..cute....but somewhere she was changed..her way of talking was different..may be she was married..she had her own restrictions..but wait a second....when i asked her about her husband and her married life, why did she gave a strange reaction....why was she so there any problem....this questions kept his mind involved...

on the other hand, Cherry was upset when Newti asked her about her husband and her married life....she wanted to forget it..she just wanted to run away from her past....meeting him made her feel more guilty...she remembered her college days when they were hooked up with each other..he was one of those many guys with whom she was involved....thinking all this, she felt pathetic...bad very bad....even though she had deep respect for him...even though she loved the way he cared for her..but she felt guilty of the fact that she used him.....she used a guy who really loved her....and that feeling made her feel sick....The next day she woke up....she was high with fever.....

And there Newti...asked his friends about Cherry and got to know, that she was divorced and is living now with her parents...he felt bad..he felt sad of her thinking what a tragedy has befallen her but somewhere he was happy within...that now he had a chance....a chance to make her his own...

To be Continued...

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