The Mother and the daughter

Once upon a time lived a girl with her parents, As she grew up, she fell in love with a man and eloped away with him. Her parents disowned her as she brought shame to her family. She started her new life with her hubby and lived happily, she became pregnant and bore a girl child. Her husband dumped her and left for he never wished to be faithful to her as he was done with her. He had enjoyed her to the fullest and now that it was time to take up responsibilities, he ran away.

At the other end, her parents were living a distraught life. Her father died after two years since the day she left. Her mother after living alone for a year thought of her daughter and thought of living the rest of her life with her. After continuous searching for months, she found her in the slums of a big metropolitan city, living with her few months old daughter. Her daughter was glad to meet her and welcomed her. As days went by the mother realized something has gone wrong with her daughter, as during the late hours of the night she would simply scream and would say, o see my husband has come back let me open the door. Her mother would tell her, o sweet daughter there is nothing like that go and sleep in peace. But peace wouldn’t be restored in her life as her condition worsened with every passing day. Now her mother thought let me take her back to our village and I would marry her off to someone. Maybe she would get normal then. She conveyed her thoughts to her daughter. Her daughter said I am fine with it but I don’t want anyone who comes into my life to live in a lie, he should accept my daughter and must know what I am going through. Her mother simply nodded.

As they came back to their village, they looked out for decent proposals.  The first few proposals that came rejected her saying, who will marry such a psycho she is mental, I cannot spoil my life with her. Mother was quite distressed with all the rejection that came up but her daughter was aloof as she knew no man in his sane mind would accept her as a wife.

Until one day came a man in their lives and asked her hand. He was ready to accept her in all her flaws and was ready to treat her as her own. They got married in the temple the next day. The mother was alone now but was happy her daughter is finally married but one thought would always trouble her, what if the man gets fed up off her daughter, of her lunatic ways. How in the world is he going to deal with her eccentrics?.

To find that out and quench her curiosity, she paid a visit to the newly married couple and was surprised to find her daughter extremely happy. It deepened her curiosity, even more, she called her son in law and asked for a few minutes of solace. He simply obliged, she asked him, son, she has this habit of screaming in the middle of the night, I hope you would have experienced the same. He said, yes I did. She asked, then how did you deal with it and how is it that she is so cheerful. Didn’t you have any problem, every night when she would call out her husband who left her? What did you do?

He said, well mother, every night when she would scream out that o yes, he has come back, he is at the doorstep. I would simply take her to the doorstep, open the door and would show her, that see dear there is no one out there. I would do this each night until I heard no screams from her and nights became peaceful finally.

Her mother was quite awestruck and looked at him with confusion in her eyes.

He further said you couldn’t understand your daughter mother. Every problem should be dealt not ignored, every time you ignore the inner wounds, they simply deepen and become difficult to heal, that’s what happened with your daughter.

As he ended his words, came his wife, you guys are quite into a serious discussion, what’s the matter.

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