Some years have gone by when Nirbhaya gang rape happened and I remember those were winter days, Christmas was near. Those were the days of Christmas carols where we used to visit houses and sing songs celebrating the arrival of our Lord. We would all travel in a bus to different places of our city and when this news broke out, it was quite shocking for all of us. When I went through the details and read about the sheer brutality a girl and a friend had gone through, shivers ran down my spine. Somewhere I was thinking too much about the matter, imagining the gruesome pain they might have gone through. My mind kept thinking how can someone push an iron rod into a girl’s genitals, how can someone be so cruel. The case was all around and then someone said, she was raped so brutally that her intestines came out and I couldn’t stand it any longer. In the bus, after the Christmas carols, still obsessed with the matter, I just broke down and cried. My friends had no idea what happened and when I told them the reason, some didn’t believe and some came and consoled me. It was really terrible and I felt the same for days to come. 

In the coming years, countless rapes have happened and they have just became numbers for the common man, there is no feeling that a soul of a girl has been butchered by someone. In those three years fighting my own battles, I too grew up to become a bit insensitive. I started bothering less, I stopped thinking about such matters, though the sadness was till there and anger was buried deep within.

And now when I read about the rape and murder of this girl Jisha, somewhere the same feeling is evoked in my mind. A daughter whose father left her some years ago, a daughter brought up by her single mother. How much the poor lady must have suffered to bring up her two daughters, living in a one room house with hopes and aspirations for a better future, a better life ahead. But everything was shattered on 28th april when Jisha was raped and butchered mercilessly in broad day light, with numerable cuts in her body and her private parts cut open. She screamed a lot for help, but her  neighbours didn’t want to intervene. Respectful people of the society cannot intervene in such matters. Alas her screams fell on deaf ears. Her body immersed in a pool of blood was found by her mother, her daughter whom she fed with love and care for all this years lay dead in front of her own eyes. what to do , where to go she had no idea…her screams could be heard in the neighbourhood and in the hospital.

I don’t know whom to blame, the cops, the society, the politicians…I am quite confused in that matter but as a human being I was just thinking, a girl’s whose father left at a young age, a girl whose mother brought her up doing all kinds of manual labour, a girl who must have seen and experienced the perils of life for all this years, she already must have gone through a lot in life but somehow she still continued her studies and there was still hope. Alas some creep entered her small world and trampled it brutally with his cursed legs. How can life be so unfair with someone. As a society we couldn’t make her life better, when she was alive but  atleast we can seek justice for her.  For she is dead now, a death she didn’t deserve.


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