Once upon a time in Bhopal the city of lakes...a guy from Xaviers...a gal from carmel met each other...bcame frends...n fooled themselves...d story goes lyk dis Anoop was randomly sending friend requests to all d beautiful gals dat came his way on Fb n one request went to evening a message came into his inbox hey do v know each other:/?. D guy replied na yaar, v don't know each other but we can know each other. There talks began..they discussed n shared info about each other.within three days they exchanged their numbers. After two days they talked about love n about der love interests. Both enquired about der previous life. Tina had two bfs in d past n Anoop was yet to open his account. The gal had witnessed a fresh breakup n shared her loneliness wid dis guy. Friendship flourished between both of dem. The guy was good in academics n d gal took keen interst in music n loved to take part in extra curricular activities. Flirting was der hobby. The only difference was gal was a bit much experienced. There flirts began..there were never ending chats which lasted till early morning. They acted as if they r so much in love wid each other. There was a shower of sweet words between them. But d boy fell for dis gal he started believing dat dis gal loves him...d guy thot dis gal will never break my heart bcoz she herself is heart broken. He started loving her. Der families were conservative so too meet each other was a bit difficult but dey occasionally met at a nearby church to light candles. Slowly d gal realised dat dis guy is getting serious for her. So she started neglecting him...ignored his msgs n stopped receiving his calls. The guy got perplexed wid dis behaviour of hers. But still did'nt lose heart n kept msging her day n nite. One day d gal got furious n msged him dat will u stop it elder sister has read ur msgs..n bcoz of u em in trouble..em under house please no more talks...em not interested...the guy was shocked as his emotions were shattered...he realised dat d gal is lying but cud'nt convince himself dat d gal wanted to get rid of dis relation. He cried dat day n filled buckets full of tears...his grades in academics also dipped..he pledged never to msg dis gal again........... After two months a msg flashed on his mobile was from Tina she apologised Em sorry dear...i behaved rudely wid u...i shud'nt have.. I knw em very bad but em sorry yaar plzz forgive me...d guy easily forgave her..the flirting season began again with a new vigour...dis time d guy was in no mood to be serious..he enjoyed dis tympass relation..he constantly proposed her to marry him..but d gal refused.. But d guy never stoped n always said tujhe hamesha khush rakhunga yaar..shadi kar le mujhse..but d gal refused saying no need..hum aise hi ache hain...all dis crap went on for a day d gal said em going to kerala for my higher studies...d guy asked her to meet him for d last time..he requested her...d gal agreed..n d day came soon when d gal was leaving for Kerala...they met at d station..the guy gifted d gal a box of choclates..der was silence for a moment..d gal was looking beautiful...d guy said yaar tu chali jaayegi to main shadi kisse karunga..the gal said kar lena yaar kisi se bhi..u hav so many gfs..the guy said Acha jaise ki mujhse tu shadi karne ke liye taiyaar baithi thi..Two tears rolled from her eyes..wid wet eyes she said TUNE KABHI MUJHSE SERIOUSLY PUCHA HI NAI..KAISE HAA KAR DETI HMMM.....EK BAAR SERIOUSLY PUCHA HOTA...saying dis d gal went away n disappeared in d crowd...d guy got a shock..he called her Tina listen Tina listen...but in vain..:/

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