My love got rejected........

This is the story of Robin....his story in his own words
Today was a really special Day of my life. I had decided to propose her. That beautiful gorgeous girl i loved for the past so many years. I had got a rose and some choclates to gift her. It was our annual youth convention going on. All around there was bliss and youthful energy flowing all around. I called her and asked her to meet me personally. She agreed even though we were not in talking terms with each other for the past 6 months. May be she thought that i want to get into friendly terms with her once again. I asked her to meet at sharp 8.30 pm. I went back to my room and looked at the clock, it was showing 5:15. I had time to prepare, i skipped the evening session and sat alone in our room allotted to our unit. I was really tensed. I feared her Rejection even though i knew her answer would be surely a No. But i wanted to take a chance, a last chance so that i never regret it afterwards that i could never say it to her.
i took out my earphones and plugged it into my ears. As songs travelled through my ears, i went into a trance thinking about Reena....the gorgeous gal..beautiful who had a charm on her face, naughtiness in her eyes, smile full of Romance. She was 3 years elder to me.
I fell for her in the 7th std. She was at that time in 10th i guess. Our families went to the same church. During Sunday school hours i kept stealing stares at her. She never came to know about my strange Romance or may be she knew or may be she thought i was still a kid n my Manhood was not developed...years passed by and there was no change in my love luck. Things were the same as i entered into my 11th std and she was at that time doing her in her 2nd year. The youths of our church got a chance to go to Goa for the annual youth convention. I was there, she was there and the whole bunch of friends. For the first time i got a chance to be with her. Yaa there were idiots to poke their nose into my Love story but who cares when the damsel you love is before your eyes. In the train i got a chance to sit with her, my God after so many longing years of wait.
I could feel her touch,
smell her fragrance,
it was divine. Sprinklers of romance started flowing through my heart. We became frends the same day itself. During the night she gave me her bedsheet as i had forgot mine. The God of love finally was with me. I slept a peaceful sleep with her body aroma. We reached Goa and there we had a hell of fun. We played blindfold, truth and dare and so many games. Among the erotic beaches of Goa and beautiful churches, i found her to be more beautiful. The bonding between us increased. From friends we became good friends. In those happy hours, i touched her so many times never letting her know or may be she knew. Every time she touched me, it was like magic.
I thought it was easy, i thought i was winning. After 5 days of Goa trip, we came back. We exchanged numbers, her number in my contact list increased my mobile bills. I had long chats without any reason. Then came the season Christmas carols, we sang together, clapped together the melodies of our Lord Jesus christ. Christmas carols lasted late nights to early morning. In those hours i always tried to steal some lonely time with her and by luck i got that too. Even though i was a dumbass in communication and i was someone who lacked sense of humour. I still caught her in my talks. We got more closer with time. Her best friend was like a sister to me in relation. While talking to her I told her that i love Reena and want to make her mine and this was i think a mistake i did. I should'not have told anybody. Still all went well. I once asked what type of guy she wants, she gave a big description and said her Hubby should be elder in age to her. I got a wave of shock. At the age when Shakira is dating Gerrard who is 10 years younger to her..when Aish can marry Abhishek..why this stupid girl wants to marry a guy elder to her. Somewhere i guess she had realised i was in love with her.
I had to go to Kerala for 15 days as my grandmother was sick. I lost contacts with her in this 15 days. I could not talk to her as i got busy.i missed her and remembered her evry moment. When i came back, i called her, she did'not pick up my phone neither did she reply to my messages. I was perplexed with her behaviour, she was changed altogether. When i met her, she showed a disinterest in talking to me. She was full of attitude and ego, she talked rudely and never left a chance of ignoring me. I was hurt,i never expected such a thing to happen. I guess she knew that i love her but the way she treated me i did'not deserve it. Her behaviour became unbearable for me...i decided to propose her in the upcoming annual convention... A phone call broke my trance..i came out of my thoughts.i got prepared..i wore the best attire..sprayed the best perfume..then i gave her a call. She was ready waiting for me at the terrace.........

She was waiting on the terrace, i was really nervous and tensed. But somehow i had to do it, i wanted a decision to be taken, i wanted to calm the waves of pain and loneliness in my heart. I hurried up and there she was looking simply awesome in her black jeans and pink top. She was looking beautiful as usual. I went towards her and knelt on my knees and i gave her the Red rose in my hand and the chocolates i had. And said I LOVE YOU, she said i don't and threw the Rose from the terrace but she kept the chocolates for herself. She said i knew that you love me but i don't and i really feel embarassed when i see you, when you are around i feel odd. Don't expect such things from me...and she went away, leaving me heartbroken. I cried and i cried a lot but her reply was expected so it was less painful. I was totally disturbed, i went back to my room and wiped my tears. I saw my friends sitting there...i told them everything that had happened. They gave me strength and moral support. That night i could'not sleep, i was going through deep mental trauma. But i was happy that now i knew she hates me and its time that i move forward. The next day was a fresh day and it was Diwali, whole day i avoided her and in the night camp fire was arranged. In that fire i burned my Love for her, in the noise of crackers my ears became deaf to the music of her love. It was a painful decision but i was happy that i took it.
I danced a lot that day as if new life was infused into me. I had fun that day after a long time,i was dancing in peace. And der i caught a girl staring at me. She was staring at me for quite some time. I winked at her and she smiled. It was time to find someone new to fall for.....

The End......

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