Changing faces of a woman.

She was a good friend of mine. We knew each other for past 3 years and ours was a casual friendship. A Friendship not too great to be noticed and neither to small to be ignored. Last evening i had a chat with her. She had put a new profile picture. She was looking nice.  I texted her HI, to which she replied back. I complimented her, White angel and sent her a love sticker. Out of nowhere she texted me," mind your language". I thought may be she was texting someone else. I asked her, was this message for me?. She said , "yes. I don't like the way you talk. I was taken aback, at this sudden change of her's. I said," this is the way, i talk and i won't change it". She said, "so better stop it then". I said," chill, i won't text you ever again and bid her good bye. i thought it was the end.  

At night her boyfriend called me, asking me Whats your problem Man ? how dare you message my girlfriend. I was quite puzzled and surprised, never expected a call like this. I said, dude she is my friend and she is added in my friend list. I have every right to message her. He just Burst out in anger, so you will send her love stickers. You don't know me, i will break your bones, you asshole. Stay away from her. It was enough to boil my blood, i shot back, so you are her boyfriend, ha so where were you hiding all this days. if you are in a relationship, have some guts and say it to the whole world.  and see, i am not dying to talk to her and i don't give a fuck. He said, "but i do give a fuck, she is mine". I said, listen ,you insecure pig. She is just a friend and if you really have any problem, ask her to un friend me. and please don't you dare call me again, i don't waste time on idiots like you. saying this i disconnected the phone. I unfriended her, just to get some peace.

I was quite amazed after this experience,  i remember she was a girl who used to call me, and bore me for hours. There was a time, when we had long conversations. When we were great friends. It was true that after a stage we had stopped talking. Her company was quite boring and i always tried to avoid talking to her. I had limited her to just a hi at times and some occasional compliments.

I never expected this to happen. Even though it doesn't bother me but it amazes me that how a girl changes with time and how she turns from being someone you know to being a complete stranger. 

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