After a month of chatting and romancing virtually, we had finally decided to meet. Something that i had longed for so long. I was actually going to meet her. I was so excited. The testosterone level in me had reached its peak thinking of her and i was going mad with happiness.

After a long discussion,We had decided to go for a movie. She had desired some personal private place to talk to me.....meeting anywhere else would have been controversial as she feared her ex-boyfriend. So we opted to Go for a movie.  Where we could actually sit together and talk and may be get intimate too...who knows....anything can happen. My mind was thinking of numerous possibilities and it kept thinking until i fell asleep.

The next day, I woke up early in the morning and as soon as I woke up, the only thoughts that were occupying my mind was just to get ready for my first date. I wanted to look perfect, I wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted my first date to be memorable. I waited for my parents to go away. As soon as they went away, I jumped with happiness and I text'ed her,”hey you there, whats the time we would meet up.”. She said I would reach the mall by 9 am and you please be on time. I would be waiting for you in the parking lot. I said,” so you excited”. She said,’ ya very much”. Then she teased me saying,” but don’t get overexcited when you see me and please don’t get desperate to touch me. I will only allow you to hug me. I gave a big laugh when I read that message of hers, I replied back,” ha ha ha ha ha, ya I surely will behave like a good boy. She replied back,” ok then, now go and get ready and please be on time”. I texted her a kiss and then started my preparations. 

I brushed my teeth not once, not twice but thrice. Even though it was my first date, I believed I would get a chance to steal my first kiss too. I then had a shower. I Put on my clothes that I had selected out last night for this romantic day.A dark navy blue t-shirt and a sky blue jeans. I sprayed my favourite deo on my t-shirt and I was all set to charm this beautiful girl whom I was about to meet in just a few moments. 

I kick started my bike and started my journey. On the way, I stopped to buy a chocolate for her and a mouth freshener for myself. I was hoping to get my first kiss on my first date itself. I reached the mall in 15 minutes, I was 10 minutes late but still I managed to reach on time. I parked my vehicle and looked for her. I saw a girl sitting with her back faced towards me.  A guy was trying to talk to her, but she was reluctantly sitting facing the other side....not even looking at him..... in between cuddling her mobile. I ran my eyes all around if there was any other girl sitting and waiting for someone. I saw none. So it was confirmed that she was the one. 

My heart was beating…It was pumping blood more than the body needed and i was sweating... As I walked towards her, I went close and called her “Hey”. She turned her head towards me. I saw her face to face for the first time. She hugged me tightly. I was pleasantly surprised at the turn of events, she had asked me to not act like a despo and now she was acting like one. I thought that may be its the axe effect. 

I gave a “ She is my girl” types look to the guy who was trying to talk to her and seeing this he quietly went away. After he was gone, i teased her, " Hey you despo, now leave me he is gone". She punched me hard and said “couldn’t you be on time, i was so scared, i was all alone in this parking lot and that idiot was irritating me, looking at me as if he will eat me straight away , asking me all sorts of silly questions, are you waiting for someone, what’s your name and all that. I felt like laughing aloud but then i controlled myself and said," so what, chill yaar...he was just trying to talk. She cut me short and said, " Oh really,i was all alone here, what if he had tried to molest me. Hearing this, i started laughing and said," see calm down, If he had tried to do that....see it would take at'least around 15 minutes to tear away all your clothes...and you would be shouting...kicking him..punching him...and to control you..it would have taken an extra 10 minutes for him...by that time i would have definately reached and saved you. See problem solved, you are just over reacting".

She looked at me with her eyes wide apart and said, " hawwwwwwww, you bastard, first of all you came late and now you are making fun of me...i will kick your balls". Saying this she started punching me and i was having a great time laughing. 

Acha..ok ok...i am sorry...i finally asked her to forgive me. She said, " First tell me, why were you late".  I took out the Dairy milk, i had bought for her and gave it to her, " May be this is the reason". She blushed," aaawwwww, so nice of you, love you so much.......... but baby never ever be late again, promise me that you won't". I said," ya baby, Promise..i won't be late again". She gave me a tight hug. She was in my arms and i thought ( STUPID GIRL.....DOESN'T KNOW A UNIVERSAL TRUTH THAT.....PROMISES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN...) and i had an evil smile on my face.

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