When you lose a dear some one , when you fail a major exam, when people reject you, when you become  a  subject of mockery and people hurl insults at you, does your life end there.

 Raghu loses his wife and kid for no mistake of his. A Robber kills both the innocent souls for they were obstructing his path as he was running away with the robbed money. It was an accident, no a murder that was not planned. Raghu  never comes to terms with his life again. A man who was filled with love, a man so hopeful of future and a solid blow from life shatters him completely. He breaks down to such an extent that he gathers everything and walks away, not to seek solace but to plan his cold blooded revenge.

And from there on, he commits one crime after another. He defiles himself by sleeping with a prostitute forcing himself on her. The scene where he kills Radhika apte with sheer brutality is where I start hating Raghu. That’s where I was dumbstruck and my mouth was wide open. The protagonist of the movie killing a woman just for sheer pleasure of seeking revenge , what the fuck man. That ‘s where my mind screamed, what have you done bastard, what were you 15 years ago and what have you become.  For the heinous crime he did, he has no remorse, no guilt. He confidently moves out goes on a date and sleeps with a woman.

He was the Hero of the Movie and you don’t expect a Hero to do that….do you…..Raghu wasted 15 years of his life in depression caged in his own world of anger and frustration. In the memories of his lost family. He never comes out of that cage and nurtures the devil in him. For we all have an angel and devil in us, when you feed your mind with noble thoughts you become a Angel, when you feed your mind with evil thoughts you become a devil.

May be If he had taken a different path altogether, he would have been a  happy man. Living with the ghosts of past will only make us sadder, depressed and violent. Life is about moving ahead, for whatever may happen. Ok, great he took his revenge but in process he lost his 15 precious years of life. He lost his peace, his very basic human nature.

I liked the character of Raghu because somewhere I can connect myself to him for even I have temper issues and there are times when I am not able to control my emotions. There are times when I have shouted at people, broken things. The things that I broke made their way into the dustbin but with relationships it was a different case, just one moment of anger used to make me repent for hours.  I used to regret those moments because it made me look like a fool. There are times when I misbehave with my parents only to regret it later.

In ‘Raghu’, we’ll once again discover familiar traits. Once observed under the muted glares of human existence, we’ll come to realize that he is a representative of a tendency that pushes people off the limit to lose their inherent goodness. A solid blow from life and we tend to throw away all that we had gathered, not just as individuals, but as a civilization.
Raghu is the unsaid representative of the affinity where we internally have accepted defeat today, yet we linger externally to an unrealistic tomorrow. We cover ourselves with red clothes of bravery and hit hard on external illusions, unaware of the fact that the blows are causing fatal wounds on the consciousness lying dormant inside.
We see people falling off the verge each moment. Every day we read about people ending their lives by dirty ropes of ignorance and pills of painful sleep. Who are these people? Are they not Raghu?

We all are the protagonists of our stories. We must remember here that the protagonist is called a hero. But the heroic qualities are steadily evaporating into steamy nothingness. A moment of quake is often misunderstood as an end. And this is a dangerous trait for the entire civilization. We see in the film that Raghu, on losing his wife and children, leaves behind all hope and goodness and slides into the easy pathway of darkness where the task of building a tomorrow is no more required. We see people taking similar decisions all around us, each day. And we too stand at a risk of making the same mistakes.

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