The 10th class CBSE results were announced and I had passed with 72.2%, it was one of those moments of my life that I could be happy about and make myself feel proud about.  I was really happy that my 10th boards were over and I had passed them with good marks. There was too much pressure during the whole year from my parents and relatives and now my shoulders felt light as the burden of 10th boards was removed. I was in kerala at that time and my whole family was happy. There was no tension for a few days, as I was someone who never planned his future.

 I had not decided that which stream I would opt for in my 11th standard and I really didn’t know what I wanted to be. Everyone used to say, there was not much to study in commerce and commerce students have a merry time, so I decided to opt for commerce  as I always wanted to lead a carefree life and that was in those joyous days, came the call of my dad who was in bangalore at that time. He asked me which stream am I preferring, so I said commerce. He scolded me and asked me to opt for maths stream, I said that I don’t like maths, he said that commerce is taken up by weak students and you are not weak, don’t be a coward. So after some discussion and debate with the whole family,everyone decided that I should take bio stream. I Accepted their decision as I had got good marks in science and it was an interesting subject too. My dad asked me to take computer as optional subject, I wanted to take hindi but Indian parents are difficult to convince. So I again bowed to what he said, and opted for computer as my optional subject, so in 11th I had to study Biology along with physics and chemistry and English as the language subject and computer as the optional subject.

11th Standard was something very different, the course changed drastically and you were not studying the same things that you were studying till 10th. The course was more complex , more detailed , more tough. At the same time. You feel like a free bird who is enjoying its freedom from the cage that was made of pressure, hopes and expectations.  You don’t give a damn about what the course is all about because its not at all interesting and there are several other interesting things to do. The conversations with girls and the football playground looks more tempting than the boring lectures and equally boring classrooms. 

11th is the base and when you ignore studies in 11th , you prepare yourself to get screwed. the same thing happened with me too, I neglected my studies and in my first term exams, I failed in all the subjects except English. That was a wake up call for me, but it was too late for me because even though I tried to study , I didn’t understand a single thing. Biology was ok, chemistry was tough , physics was very tough and computer went above my head. I didn’t understand coding neither did I understand C++.  My optional subject made things worse for me, I regretted my decision of taking computer as the optional subject and asked my parents that I wanted to change my optional subject to hindi but they scolded me and asked to concentrate on my studies rather than making excuses. I was screwed completely, no parental support and not understanding a thing in studies, I struggled throughout the year, though improved myself in biology. When the final results were out, I passed by God’s grace and got 42 %, I had failed in computer and chemistry but passed by grace because I had done exceptionally well in extracurricular activities. Computer had become a burden and I had to remove it,it had made my academics worse.  My computer teacher had scolded me several times and I had promised her that I would change the subject if she passed me with grace.

This time it was 12th, another Board exams were awaiting me and if I didn’t change my optional subject this time, I would screw my board results too. I shared my concern with my parents but as usual they again scolded me for not doing well and blamed my careless attitude for getting poor marks. "But everything has it’s limit and I had tolerated enough of it. I knew I was bad in computer and cannot continue with it and if I perform badly in my Boards, my whole future would be spoiled and the whole blame would be on me. This was the time, to take a decision and I had to take a stand. Without telling my parents, I went and changed my optional subject to hindi, for computer was not my cup of tea. I  manipulated my mother in favour of my decision. Mothers are sweethearts really and she supported me, even though she feared my father's wrath. My father was really angry and there were heated arguments at home because of this but i didn't care." 

I kept my cool and concentrated on my studies, for now computer was not there, i had to concentrate on two weaklings i.e Physics and chemistry. i worked hard on both of them and After an year when the board results were out, I surpassed all expectations of my parents and got 82.7%. even though I got a 65 in physics, I got  a sexy 84 marks in hindi and that was what made all the difference. The marks of hindi acted as a percentage booster and helped me cross the 80% percent landmark. It was a big achievement for me, my dad who was angry with me few months ago because of me opting for hindi, was now distributing sweets to the whole neighbour hood for his son had made him proud.

That one decision changed my life, one bold step it took and it helped me earn back the respect I had lost on my own terms. For if i had succumbed to their pressure, things would have been different. My family now valued what I said and eventually I got admission in one of the best science colleges of Bangalore on merit basis and also got a scholarship to pursue it. 

"For obeying parents is good, but ignoring your ownself and obeying them is harmful. Take your own decisions at times and back it with commitment and honesty."

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