Last Saturday, I went to watch 2 states with one of my best buddies. I had liked the novel and I liked the movie too even though it had a simple story but it did touch some parts of my heart. Some scenes, some moments they were too good. after a long time, i saw a romantic family entertainer.

Things I liked in 2 states….

1.          Ananya’s smile and her naughty eyes
2.          Innocence of Krish
3.          The cute chemistry between them
4.          The possessive mother
5.          A Hitler dad
6.          A Mother who sings and respects her culture.
7.          A Father who drinks when his wife and daughter are not at home.
8.          Duke and minty…ha ha ha ha they were too awesome
9.         Its music specially mast magan and locha e ulfat.

Moments I liked

1.When two guys see Ananya with krish, one of them says with disgust, iske paas aisa kya hai jo mere paas nai hai, and the other one replies,’kismat bro, kismat’ ha ha ha ha…..this scene is too common in colleges where singles are jealous of couples.

                2.When Ananya confronts krish asking an explanation for ignoring her and how he pours out his heart with a rare innocence. And then when ananya locks her lips with him…wow man that scene was too good.

              3.Ananya asks Krish for commitment, he says. He needs time. She says, you guys are always in a hurry to jump onto beds but when it comes to commitment, why you guys have to think so much. Saying this, she walks out. Ha ha ha ha this too a common scene in relationships.

4. When krish proposes ananya for marriage interrupting her interview and tears of happiness roll down her eyes.

5. That conference in which ananya’s mother sings which becomes a pleasant surprise for her whole family and must say even though, I didn’t understand the song , it was pleasing to ears and that fusion with KAHO NA PYAAR HAI. wowwwww

6. When krish proposes ananya’s parents.

7. When ananya confronts Duke and teaches him a good lesson.ha ha ha WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, MUST SAY.

8. When krish opens the door, and seeing asks his dad, kaha they aap, and 
he gets a rude reply, tujhse matlab. Ha ha ha ha ha.  

9. when krish asks his dad, you went to Chennai for me and his dad says, I didn’t want to lose my son in this old age. Too touching

10. when krish and his dad hug each other burying their differences…. Wow the best of all moments. I then realized, its been years even I and my dad have not hugged each other for years.

11. The grand wedding climax and when Krish ties the knot and Ananya bursts into tears. finally they had  won the battle after so many ordeals.

What we the common people can learn ?

1. No matter what religion or what community you belong to, in marriage what matters is mutual understanding and compatibility.

2. Parents try to fulfill their unfulfilled dreams through their children forgetting that they too have their own dreams. They are different individuals with their own dreams.

3. If emotional blackmailing is an art, then women are the best artists in the world specially mothers.

4. Even proposals of IITians are rejected. Ha ha ha ha.

5.To be trapped between your mother and girlfriend, and not knowing whom to support. A situation enough for a nervous breakdown.

7. Love is not easy and marrying your love is also a herculean task.

8. A Love marriage with the consent of parents is the most blissful marriage.

What Problem its going to create ?

Ans. Now girls will demand their boyfriends that they also should gift diamond rings to her family like Krish  did. so party time for all the parents who have a girl child. ha ha ha ha ha

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