Like you all, i too dream and i dream a lot. There are several things that i wish to do in life. Too many things.....But Life is short....so here are the top ten things i want to do before i breathe my last:-

1. I wish to learn Guitar, violin and flute and singing

Playing a guitar and singing out your hand written poetry would be so much fun. Music is something that always attracts me towards itself. Its such a stress buster. Even though People do compliment me that i have a good voice and i do make guest appearances in the choir of my church but there has never been a continuity. So you can say i sing well..if not well...i am not that bad....people can tolerate my singing...it just needs some polishing. And i wish to learn all this 3 instruments just because they fascinate me and the music that comes out of them is so magical. 

2. I Wish to learn Martial arts

I want to learn it because i am a violent person and i lose my cool very easily. I vent my anger either by breaking things around me or by doing excessive Jogging  or by shouting at people. Many a times it harms my dear ones and i have faced severe consequences for it. People who are well versed in martial arts say its a good way of controlling anger as it brings out the anger in you and channelizes it in a proper way and of course i am a big fan of  Bruce lee, Jackie chan, Akshay kumar and Vidyut jamwal.

3. I wish to climb a mountain and drink tea over there, on the top of it.

Who doesn't want to conquer a mountain. Climbing it doing all the hard work and then reaching the top would be so much fun. And then drinking Tea over there would be like cherry on the cake....HE HE HE HE...

4. I wish to dive deep into the sea.

Wowww...Thinking of it gives me goosebumps. It would be so wonderful to swim within the sea seeing all sorts of aquatic life around you. The ocean is a beautiful world in itself and i wish to explore the beauty of it.

5. I wish to jump from a mountain, a helicopter a tall building...a high jump perhaps and land safely on earth.

It would be fun...That adrenaline rush...when you jump and fall so fast down to earth as gravity of earth attracts you towards itself...wowww...i just want to experience that thing...how it feels...flying in the air for a while.....sky diving...yipeeee

6. I wish to write books.

Storytelling comes naturally to me. I am a great story teller and i wish to tell some stories to the whole world. I wish to write books and want to see them get published.

7. I wish to Direct a movie.

I wish to make a movie....May be on a story that has deeply touched my heart and if  i want to tell it on a bigger canvas...i would surely make it into a movie and movie making is surely interesting. It would have an essence of romance for sure.....and more over...i can get an opportunity to date a beautiful actress.....he he he he...

8. I wish to roam around the world, meet different people, experience different cultures and taste different foods.

Now this is something we all wish to do. Who wants to get stuck at the same place for years. I want to travel....move around...meet people...have new experiences....and eat different foods......My first priority would be to explore India and then i will set my eyes to conquer the world.

9. Open an NGO for the hungry and unfortunate people around me.

If God has blessed me, i would surely share my blessings with the unfortunate around me. Its my duty towards the society. My first priority would be to provide food to the hungry because i believe two times meal every day is the basic right of each human being born on earth.

10. I wish to visit a buddhist monastery and spend some time living as a buddhist monk.

Christianity is what i follow....and i love my religion but i have an attraction towards buddhism...its such a peace loving religion...There is so much piece in it.....and Buddhist monks...woww i just love their look...shaved heads..simple clothing and peace glowing on their faces. I want to be one..and moreover it would be give me so much time to meditate and discover myself..my inner self......my soul.

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