In life you meet so many people, but only a few stay with you and leave you with immortal memories. Same is with books, you read so many of them but there are some which have a lasting influence on you. They take you to a different world and reading books is always a great experience for lazy people like me....he he he Coming back to the topic,  My top ten favorite books are :

1. The holy bible

From my childhood itself  my parents used to make me read the holy bible and in the beginning i never used to understand what ever was written, but as i entered my teens, some incidents changed me and i started praying a lot and that was when i actually started understanding the word of God and that was when i started loving Jesus christ and began fearing God. Everytime a trouble comes in my life, i read the bible, the gospel and the proverbs written by Solomon, when i am joyful, i read the psalms and when i have to write poetry, i read the bible. The bible shows me the way when i get lost in the journey of life.

2. The Alchemist, aleph, by the side of river piedra i sat and wept, winners stand alone and The fifth mountain

The Alchemist was suggested to me by a dear friend of mine and i was told that its a must read and to my luck one day accidentally i found it in the bookshelf of my library. I issued it and when i read it, i was mesmerized by this man called Paulo coehlo....The Alchemist tells the story of a shepherd boy who follows his dreams and goes on a treasure hunt in the land of pyramids Egypt and during the journey how he overcomes all the difficulties by following his heart and having faith in his dreams is what forms the rest of the story. 

After i read The alchemist, i knew his books are the one that i cannot miss. His poetic style of writing...the way he shapes up his characters and how his characters follow their he uses religion into his story telling is an art in itself....the canvas of life in his stories is always large and crosses boundaries from one city to another...from one country to another and he teaches you to dream big......when you dream do great things and we all are here for a purpose... A PURPOSE GOD HAS ASSIGNED TO US...

3. The monk who sold his ferrari

This book was itself praised by a great writer Paulo coehlo, If paulo coehlo has praised it, it must definately have something interesting in store and of course it does.....It tells you the story of a highly successful lawyer who leaves his riches behind and goes in search of peace in the himalayas and what he experiences there is what forms the words of the book. Here the lawyer is the monk and ferrari is a metaphor used to signify the riches and luxury he possessed.

4.Sherlock holmes by Arthur conan doyle

Now this book needs no introduction, we all know who is Sherlock holmes and why we love him so much. A genius of the rarest kind and a man who could solve almost any mystery with his side kick Dr Watson. My Favorite sherlock Holmes stories are A study in scarlet, The sign of four and the adventure of the speckled Band.

5. Oh yes i am single, so is my girlfriend

This book introduced me to Durjoy datta and his books even though are not classy but are romantic entertainers, his books resemble the Indian version of Mills and Boons, and i loved this book because it tells you a story of how a Nerd transforms himself into a casanova and its climax actually made me feel horny.

6.The 3 mistakes of my life

"The three mistakes of my lifte" is one such book that i read it in one go just because the plot was too engrossing. For me its the best book that Chetan bhagat has written till date. Rest all books of Chetan bhagat are masala entertainers which will have a lot of drama and some sex added to it but i still read his books as they are a good timepass and you get a taste of different indian cities. Two things are always common in his book: A nerd and a beautiful girl with a mole above her lips...ha ha ha ha...

7. The secret of the nagas

Amish tripathi is the "Paulo coehlo of the east". Although i am yet to read the two other books of his trilogy, " The immortals of meluha" and "The oath of vayuputras" this book was gifted to me by a friend of mine and it literally blew my mind when i read, To see Shiva the destroyer as a mere warrior who is depicted as a Human who rises to become Godlike through his karma in this trilogy is simply marvellous. The story telling of Amish tripathi leaves you spell bound.  

8. The power of your subconscious mind

This book even though is a bit boring but still is a good read and the techniques mentioned above actually does wonders. How i got this book is an interesting incident, i was moving through the book section of The Shopper's stop at a mall near by my house and i saw this book. As soon as i read a few pages, i felt a desire to possess it but i was penniless at that time, but was determined that it will be in my hands someday. Two days later, i had to meet the Priest of our church because of some work and i found this book lying on his table. I was happily surprised and began reading it. When he came, i asked him," Father can i keep this book for a few days" and he said," He said," keep it with you my Boy, its all yours" and that was how i got this book.

9. Men are from Mars, women are from venus

This book written by John Gray has helped me in understanding Women better and becoming more tolerant towards them even though you cannot completely understand them. It has helped me in solving a lot of relationship issues faced by my friends. I would say at least 90% of what John gray has written is true. My PERSONAL EXPERIENCE......Ha ha ha ha ha....even though you still cannot judge a woman but at least you can make your life better with them after reading this.

10. Love, life and a beer can should be served chilled

When i had issued this book, i had never thought, it will become one of my all time favorites but it did. I don't know how many people have liked it but i liked it because of the humour it has all the way. The perception of a boy towards life, how he has certain dreams but he has to make certain compromises due to pressure of society and how he finds happiness even in those compromises. Prashant sharma narrates the story with a sense of humour you can relate with among the college going youth and he sums up the story with a great ending. The ending actually gives meaning to the whole story. For me its a must least for all boys. 

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