Yesterday she uploaded a pic of hers on face book in her office dress. I saw it and pressed the like button. I thought of pulling her leg. So I commented,” ha ha ha ha ha….woww..for a change you looking like my neighbour aunty. After around 10 minutes. My phone screen glowed. I checked it, she texted me on whatsapp, “ Acha so according to you, I am looking like an aunty and with this she added 3 angry look vaala smileys. I laughed aloud and texted her,”see you know na, I never lie so of course, if I am saying you look like an aunty..then of course you do babe. Then for a while there was silence. No reply….after a while I texted,”hey you had dinner”. No reply. I texted,”hey felt bad kya”. No reply…tension grew…I guess you slept..i texted again…no reply…her chat box was showing her online. I understood the joke had gone out of proportion. I panicked…but then I thought may be by morning she would be alright. So I just went and slept texting her good night.

When I woke up in the morning, I checked my phone to see if she had texted, still no reply. I wished her a good morning but still no reply. I was having a important presentation today, so I texted her, dear today I am having an important presentation, so please do forget about yesterday and pray for me ok. And please now wish me luck. Still no reply. Now her behavior was getting onto my nerves.  She replied to all those people who commented on her pic yesterday except me. Her behavior was enough to evoke my anger. But I kept quiet and went to my college. I gave my worst presentation ever, with all the teachers brutally dissecting my efforts and scolding me for the mistakes I did. I was really upset by now. 

As I went back home, I kept thinking of her. I pledged that I am not going to text her whatever may happen to our relation , I just don’t care . My male ego was now in top form. She simply cannot do this with me just because I called her an aunty. I have complimented her so many times but I think she forgot all the good things I said about her.
I kept myself busy in playing “Winning eleven” a soccer game on my lappy, as fifa world cup fever was spread around everywhere, i too suffered from it. 

At around 10 p.m in the night, she texted,” I hope your presentation went well”. I don’t know why, as soon as I saw her text, all my ego vanished in thin air. I felt so happy and I shared with her everything what happened. 

I asked her,” yesterday suddenly what happened to you, you were angry with me kya ?”. 

She replied,” Yes I was and I am still angry”. 

I said,” sorry dear”. 

No reply….

I send her a reply…

I texted her a pic saying sorry…
still no reply…..

i send a pic in which a cartoon character was crying. I texted her, “ see now I am crying, have mercy on me now please”. 

Still no reply….

i thought I was losing the battle…..
i was clueless what to do…suddenly  something  clicked and I texted her, hey I will give you a chocolate….ummm… a dairy milk silk and 

then she replied,” Pakka”. 

Woooo…..finally  the bullet had hit the target. I got some relief and then 

I texted,” haa baby…..pakka”. 

She texted, “promise karo”. 

I texted,” haa baby promise…..”. 

She replied back,” so chweet muaaah……”.  

I said” acha listen, wanted to tell you something”. 

She said,” ya say na…”. 

I said.” You are so beautiful.” 

She replied” chal jhoothe”.

And it began all over between us and then we lived happily ever after...ha ha ha ha...wink wink

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