She was waiting for me in the park, we had decided to meet after her college hours. I wrapped up my practice and went to meet her. She was there seated on her vehicle with ear phones plugged in her ears. She was looking gorgeous in her red top and blue jeans. She saw me and with a look of naughtiness,she said " so you are 5 MINUTES late. I said "SORRY". She laughed and whispered coming near me, "its OK". I held her hand and then we walked inside. We walked together to our favorite bench. We sat there, it was our third time, our third date. We sat there looking at each other holding hands. I looked at her, her long hairs flying over her face, her naughty eyes, her pinkish lips she was beautiful and it was tempting me. I caught her by her waist, pulled her towards me and planted a kiss on her cheeks. She gave me a pinch on my arms, a hard painful pinch it was. I was shocked at such a behaviour.

She looked at me with disgust,and asked me," you despo, we are here to talk, you always forget the talking part and straight forward your dirty mind starts executing its dirty moves. Now behave yourself and be a good boy. You boys, your thinking will never go beyond Sex. Hearing this, i laughed aloud and asked her, what you girls have to talk so much about, why can't you come straight to the point ?. Irritated and angered by my question, she stood up and said " i am leaving and started moving". I caught her by hand and said, " acha i am sorry. i was just kidding. She said," very funny". She sat down and asked me,'" How was your day." I said," The day was nice and the noon is awesome." 

"Noon is awesome, why",she asked.
I whispered in her ears, "you are with me na, i am spending my time with you, so noon is awesome."  and i caressed her silky hairs
She smiled and said," you flirt" and gave me a punch on my arms.
i was holding her hands, playing with her fingers, kissing her hands in between. She was talking about how her day was. A'midst all this, she got a call from her friend, she got busy on phone. I saw her college Id card hanging from her neck, i took it in my hands and started caressing her body below her neck slowly.Slowly, slowly round and round in circular motion. She grasped my right thigh with her hand and disconnected the call. She was breathing heavily.Her heavy breaths and her body smell intoxicated me.

 I took her face in my arms, Brushed her hairs aside and gave her  a peck on her lips. Our eyes locked, i leaned forward, she came closer and pressed her lips to mine and closed her eyes .She slid her hands on the back of my head and grasped my hair. 

 It began slowly, our lips explored each other. It went on and on. I was in a different world altogether. We then slid our tongues into each other and our tongues were exploring each other. That moment was wild, that moment was beautiful. I don't know how long it lasted. But we ran out of breath and we pulled our lips apart. I looked at her, she covered her face and blurted out, " what did we just do" and she blushed with joyful embarrassment. I asked,"how was it". She said,
" SHUT UP". She was looking so cute at that beautiful moment that i hugged her and held her tightly. It was peaceful. I Just wanted time to go still, i just wished that moment to become constant. It was my first KISS. She rested her head on my shoulder and i took her hands in my mine. The surroundings had become quite sexy. I don't know what provoked her, but she unbuttoned my shirt and slid her hands onto my body. She caressed my chest . i was getting high erotic vibrations and she was like teasing me," So now you understood, how it feels, when you do this to me". She came down. Caressing my tummy, she said," wow, Baby my kiss made you pregnant haa. Our baby is inside you, let me hear our baby's heartbeats and she bent down bringing her ears close to my tummy. I was like,"what nonsense, you are crazy.......ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....I laughed aloud and she did too. We together laughed aloud  

that day, i felt so happy, so joyful, i was dancing. i had achieved something that day, The intimacy of a woman.

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