Sherin was a 14 year old girl who just wanted to make friends and roam around like any other girl but She was always bullied in school, insulted, abused and was called names because she was overweight. Comments like , there goes a buffalo, the child of an elephant were quite common to be heard. She remain depressed because of such behavior from her school mates. She could not concentrate on her studies and never wished going to  school but she had to. Every time she went, she always met with those same abuses and insults. it had become really intolerable to her. She had started hating herself , no one liked her. Never did boys find her attractive and no one ever asked her out for a date.

She liked a guy named Rony and always found herself attracted towards him.  She always dreamed of Rony asking out for a date, so nice it would be, she thought. Rony was the best looking guy in her batch and once Rony asks her out, her fellow classmates would be so jealous. No one would tease her again and everybody would respect her because she will have the best looking guy beside her. She always tried to find ways to talk to him. She succeeded, and they became friends. To impress Rony she used to complete all his assignments and projects. She believed Rony would start liking her, but one day she heard something she would never have wanted to hear, One of her classmates asked Rony,” what’s cooking between you and Sherin, you both like each other”. Rony laughed, he laughed aloud and said,”  How can you even think of that, no way I would like that Fat ass, she doesn’t stands anywhere near me” and all his friends started laughing. Their laugh made her feel sick,she couldn’t take those insults anymore.  She couldn’t control her emotions and She ran away from that place and went to an isolated place. There she  cried, cried and cried and no one could console her that day. No one understood, why she wept that day. But then no one cared. She left school once she passed her 10th board exams.

After 3 years,

Facebook happened, and everyone revived their once lost contacts of high school. Even Sherin got in touch with her old school mates who used to make fun of her. Times change and they do for good, Sherin got in touch with Rony too. Rony was impressed by the change in her, the once fat silent nerd was beautiful attractive girl now. He texted her and asked her out for dinner. Sherin was so happy, she now knew that her hard work had payed off. Finally the guy whom she liked had asked her out and she was more than happy about it.

That day finally arrived when they had decided to meet. Rony went to the restaurant and sat on the table that he had already booked for Sherin and himself.  He waited for her, but  there was no sign of her. That was when a waiter came and asked," are you Mr Rony ". he said," yes". the waiter handed him a letter and said, a girl had come and asked this to hand it to you. Rony took the letter and when he saw it, he got the shock of his life.

Dear Rony,

With due respect i apologize that i cannot have dinner with you, You remember that day when you made fun of me because of my weight. i guess you don't, but i do.  once i left school, i spent the following  3 years less than a apple a day. so i decided that today i will skip my dinner with you, to avoid calories you know. remember how disgusted you use to feel being with me, may be because you never knew how i would look in coming years. you and your friends made my life hell in school. you never treated  me like human. those year's in school , those memories still scare me and i can never forget them but in this 3 years,  i was determined to change myself. i went through hell to make myself fuckable. i went through hell so that people like you could treat me as a normal human being.

I thought i would send this letter as a reminder. ask the waiter, once you are done reading the letter, he will give you a picture of mine. That's how i used to look 3 years ago and that was the girl who liked you not me. i have changed, times have changed, 3 years ago, you never felt me worthy of you, now i don' feel you worthy for me. i said yes to you, to make you realize how i felt about all this years. it was a burden in my heart that had to be dumped. Good bye Rony.....hope we never see each other again....God bless you...have  a great life......

Rony had realized his mistakes . Sherin was sitting at her home, waiting and that was when her mobile screen flashed, it was a text from Rony, he had sent her an apology. Sherin knew she had took her revenge. She sat their smiling, looking at the stars.

This story is heavily inspired from the story of Louisa Manning, who works at the university of oxford and lives in New york.

How she looks now

How she used to look some years ago and that letter she wrote to the guy who made fun of her because of her weight ...

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