Sneha always used to think,” All men are idiots, they think a woman who is plum looks unattractive, morons they are and don’t know anything about what does a beautiful woman mean. If I am plum that doesn’t mean I am unattractive. Bastards!!!!!!! Who are they to judge.” She was always ridiculed for her weight and obese figure. She was fed up of all those offending remarks, those advices of losing weight. Why can’t people accept her as she is. She never got dating proposals as everyone wanted a girl with chicken legs . There was  a lot of anger in her, a lot of frustration because everyday the world rejected her for being fat.

Who the hell decided that perfect stats of a woman would be 24’ 36’ 26 to make her life miserable.
Even though she was good in studies and had the beautiful ability to paint beautiful paintings. she was sweet and cared for others but people always looked at her external side, not taking the pain to look within, if they had, they would have known, she was such a wonderful person who was fun to be with.

She was stubborn that she is not going to lose weight for anyone. If someone has to accept her, he would have to accept her as she is. She waited for her Mr. Right and she knew, he is there, somewhere near her.

One day, when she came back home, a marriage proposal was waiting for her. it was from Andrew, the son of the vicar of their church. She was quite surprised, as Andrew was so handsome and she never in her dreams thought, she would get such a wonderful proposal. She was very happy and danced with joy. That was when Andrew called her, and asked her to meet in the evening. Her joys were doubled and her prayers were answered.

In the evening, She met him at CCD and they talked on a cup of coffee. She was curious to know, why he had chosen her and he answered that he loved her and wanted a wife like her. she was surprised and asked him, you could have found better girls than me who are slim and beautiful. He said,” ohh really, but for me, you are the best, and being slim doesn’t mean being beautiful, for me you are the most beautiful woman, the most beautiful woman, I ever met and saying this, he took her hand and kissed it.

Life seemed so perfect for Sneha. They dated each other and together they enjoyed food, music and everything they did together, they enjoyed each other’s company. Andrew never stoped her from eating anything and she ate to her heartfill whatever she wanted, pizza, pastries, cookies, anything and everything. For her it was like a dream come true, she was happy, very happy and soon the day came when they got married. They went to Hawaii for honeymoon.

That night, they made love and it was so wonderful. Sneha felt so complete and Andrew was lying beside her exhausted, she looked at him and thought, such a great man, she got. After a while Andrew got up and asked her to kneel down. She was surprised but thought, may be he wants to make love in a new way and obeyed him. He took out his belt and slammed her hips. Sneha cried in pain and was clueless what was going on. She shouted in pain and asked,” Andrew what are you doing” and Andrew said, just a small punishment for the sin that we did, baby, don’t you know sex is a sin…it’s a carnal sin. For the flesh is weak and has sinful desires, we have to strengthen ourselves through sufferings, through pain. Now that the punishment has been given, God will forgive us. She was shocked when she heard, what he said, he looked completely different and there was look of terror in his eyes.

Sneha was shocked and could not believe what was happening, but then she thought, may be because he is the son of a priest, he is acting like this. He will become normal with time, she assured herself. They both got ready and went out for breakfast. The sex was good, but she never expected, she never expected what happened after that. She couldn’t sit properly because her bums pained, they were hurt because of the severe beating they got. She felt embarrassed, she wanted to cry but controlled herself. Andrew said, order whatever you want sweet heart, eat to your heart fill. He was very normal, as if nothing happened. Sneha thought, he loves me, now that he is normal,he won’t hurt me again.

They came back to the room, her bums hurt and her back ached but she hoped everything would be fine. They made love again and it was wonderful, but after that, he again asked her to kneel down and whipped her ass with his belt and while whipping, he said, sex is sin, may the God forgive us for what we did and everytime he said that, he whipped her hard, harder and harder. She was crying in pain but he laughed. He wiped her tears, and said,” Baby don’t cry, its just a small punishment, a way of repenting for the sin we did”. She couldn’t tolerate it anymore, and shouted, back off you bastard, don’t you dare touch me now. He slapped her hard and said, shut your mouth, you ugly bitch…you are indebted to me for whole your life because I chose you…I married someone so ugly like you….never raise your voice against me. He turned back and started walking, she took a flower vase that was lying near by and hit him hard on his head and he fell on the ground screaming in pain. She kept hitting him, she could hear his screams, his pain but she didn’t care, she kept hitting him, blood was oozing out, gushing out but she didn’t care, she kept hitting him till he stopped breathing…..till he looked motionless…she kept hitting him until he was death.

She stood up and laughed hysterically, she went close to the death body of her husband and said ” Darling, you shouldn’t have called me ugly, I just don’t like it”.

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