I was there sitting at her house, talking to her.  We were good friends, very good friends, and just to confirm that we are friends and not lovers, let me tell you two things, so that you have no doubt about our relation :-

1      1) She was standing at her gate waiting for me, wearing a tshirt and pyjama and no makeup. And above that she was wearing a weird sweater. If I had been her boyfriend, she would have wore something sexy isn’t it.
2      2) Her hairs were shabby, even though she had made a pony and looking at her, I could make out, she hadn’t taken a shower . I also thought, shit why did I take a bath in this cold weather. If she had been my girlfriend, atleast she should have cared to take a shower.

Ok, coming back to the story, so she was sweet, simple and cute. Her smile was her best asset that reflected her innocence, I liked her. even though she was a bit weird, did things that were beyond my understandings but she was a good human being and cared for people around her. couple of days ago, I had a fight with her and she decided we part ways but then after two days, we realized we should talk and solve our differences. So I was there sitting with her, resolving our differences and once everything was sorted out. We were our normal self once again and began cracking jokes on each other, pulling each other’s leg. That’s when she said,” I got a haircut”. She sat beside me and showed me her pony. I asked her to untie her pony and let loose her hairs. She said,” no way, I am not gonna untie it”. I said,” ok then I will do that for you”  and saying that I untied her pony and her hairs fell down, like curtains do on stage when a particular act gets over. Her hairs were shabby and I took the pleasure of arranging them, putting those orphaned strands of hairs behind her ears was a temptation too big to resist. I had started getting an erection and the size of my manhood increased as I kept playing with her hairs. The situation was getting tense with each passing moment and that was when she said,” give my rubber band back”. I said no, you look beautiful when you let your hairs go free. She shot back and said,” keep your romantic thoughts with you, I need my rubber band” and put her palm forward. I took her palm in my hand and squeezed it. I looked at her and our eyes met,  with a husky voice she asked,” what are you doing”. I said, nothing and pushed those strands of hair to the back of her ear. Her cheek were staring at me, inviting me to kiss them. I couldn’t resist and gave a peck, she closed her eyes and i followed it with more pecks on her neck, her ears, her nose and her lips. She moaned and whispered,” hey what are you doing, leave me naa”. I continued and reached the back of her neck, pushed her hairs aside and planted a kiss there, she moaned . I rubbed her lips and we kissed each other, our kiss was an Indian version of French kiss. I then explored her neck and smooched her passionately.  I went down further down and that was when she stopped me, what are you doing, leave me, saying this she pushed me aside, stood up and walked away to her bedroom. I was stunned but was happy about what had happened, I was filled with joy and I was smiling, smiling like a teenager who had kissed someone for the first time.

I was sitting there, thinking about what had happened some moments ago. She came back and sat in front of me. I looked at her and I noticed she was not looking at me, she sat there staring at the floor and hitting her legs on the table. I got a bit confused and asked her,” hey what happened, you ok”. She said with a lot of sadness in her voice,” yes I am fine”. She was still looking down, not ready to look at me. I said,” hey look at me and talk”. She refused and said,” I don’t want to”. I said,” why, you angry with me”. She said,” yes very much”. I said,” why, what did I do”. She gave me an intense stare and said,” what happened few minutes ago, don’t you remember that”.  What she said, gave me a minor heart attack.  I felt like someone who accidentally had sex with his gf and she was crying, like why did you do this to me and all that stuff  that happens in bollywood movies. I said,” look I don’t know what’s the matter with you and why  you are behaving like this because I am not feeling bad about what happened, infact I am feeling good, very good….i am feeling so happy you know”.  She was like, what, you are mad, totally mad, you say a word more and I am gonna kill you.  She took a pill and throwed at me……….TO BE CONTINUED 

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