He had promised her, he would surely come. They had a huge fight the previous day and a meeting was really needed to bring back their relationship on the path of love. Differences do happen at times, arguments do occur, where there is love there will be fights, anger and overload  of expectations. She was an angel  and looked gorgeous, he loved her and loved her a lot. For him she was priceless, a gem in the collection of ordinary stones he possessed, a rose in his garden of flowers.  He could not afford to lose her , so he went to meet her to pacify her anger, to win her back, to make her understand how much he loved her. she was waiting for him, she knew he loved him and she too loved him a lot. She likes it, when he obeys her, gives her the topmost priority and pampers her always. She loved it when he accepts defeat after every argument and apologizes to her for no mistake of his. He was so sweet, so caring. She eagerly waited for him. When he came, they talked , discussed and then finally he apologized, like it happens always.  And apology was accepted and then they hugged each other and the next moments were spent in love and peace. They talked sweet things, they planned and dreamed together of a future, where he will be a husband and she will be his wife. It was wonderful. Its so much fun to dream, to dream of wonderful moments that was stored in the womb of future. We are so eager to live those moments, enjoying the moments of present.

It was time for him to go and depart from the palace of his lady love. For every meeting has an end, for every love making has an orgasm. He bid her bye and went his way. He was fully charged up, anyone would be after a pleasant date. He was speeding up and his speedometer crossed 40, 50, 60, 70, 90 in no time. He was smoothly going, still under the spell of her, his lady love . thinking of her, thinking of all those moments that had happened just a few moments ago. It was getting dark and the sun had gone for sleep half an hour ago. He was speeding back on his way and that was when he saw a big pothole, potholes are characterstic of indian roads. He thought his 180cc bike would cross the barrier and he jumped his bike into the pothole but bad luck, his front wheel got stuck and his bike came to a halt and the back side of his vehicle was pushed above ground to 70 degrees. Throwing him forward with tremendous force, for a few seconds he remained in air and then he tasted dust on the ground as he travelled some metres rolling and skidding,He was on the ground, injured and bleeding. he was in deep shock and his whole body was shivering, as he lifted up his head and looked on the road, he saw a red coloured spherical object rolling on it, he instantly remembered his helmet was also red in colour and he panicked, his head was rolling on the road, his head was rolling on the road and suddenly he realized ,he was not wearing a helmet and checked his head, his head was at its place. He felt relieved and tried to stand up, but his leg had gone numb, he felt as if a part of his leg must have gone away, but then he stood up and looked, even his leg was alright. He tried to walk but stumbled after a few step, he had got bruises on both his legs. He experienced a brutal truth of our society that day, even though people saw him injured and lying on a corner of a road, no one came to help him, no one came and helped him rise on his feet. People were going past him, as if nothing happened. He called a friend of his and instructed him that if ever my parents call you, tell them I was with you. His friend agreed and he was safe when his parents would question him.

He somehow stood up, lifted his bike and noticed that his mask was missing. Then he understood, actually the red object, was the mask and not his head. He thanked God for saving his life and went to his home with shaking legs and a damaged bike. 

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